Black Girls' Night Out: Lacey Porter

Oh, no.  No, no, no, no, no.

The mid-season finale of Twisted was 99% fail so I might as well just go over it line by line.

1) Lacey has to deal with the fallout of the video which violated her privacy and cheapened what she shared with Danny.  Yet she has to deal with this from the background, and we don't even get to see how her family reacts, or if her parents - oh, I don't know - try to sue that creep who filmed her.  Instead, it's still all about Jo.

2) Lacey is still being shown as needing to be popular, to fit in.  So much she and Danny orchestrate a scene that I couldn't sit through all the way where she chews him out in front of their classmates.  Only her ex starts to warm back up to her (um, why is he back in the picture?), but he turns right around and calls her bitch and implies she's a whore when she exposes the fact he poisoned someone and pinned it on Danny.

3) Peep this scene where Danny reveals he still cares for Lacey and just simply doesn't want Jo:

In other words, Lacey's just not supposed to be his love interest and how dare he want her instead of Jo. After all, how dare two brown people carry on without giving two shits about getting someone else's permission?  Telling Jo was never actually crucial or necessary; at the time they got together, Jo and Lacey weren't getting along and Lacey didn't owe her shit (scroll down).  If Danny really felt Jo was his best friend, then sure, he should've said something, but Lacey didn't need to explain, justify, or do anything else for Jo.  She didn't need Jo's blessing or permission - contrary to what some believe, Danny/Lacey has nothing to do with Jo.

Furthermore, these repetitive lines about how Jo is "more important than anyone else in the world" are forced and empty.  They only started coming out after Danny/Lacey was revealed, which I find convenient.  Danny's even spitting a variation of that line to Jo, here and now, even as he makes it clear he's into someone else.  In other words, Jo is soooooo important to him...but not enough to stop him from wanting to be with Lacey.

It's almost like the writers are at war with themselves.  They want to capitalize on the success of the Blasian romance on this show and the fact that's brought in a wider fanbase and level of credibility to the show, but they still want to adhere to the White Girl is the Center of the Universe Trope.

Obviously, they can't have both.

4) And this is a big one.  Jo loses her virginity in this episode and there's a tender, post-lovemaking scene which Danny and Lacey never got.  And while Jo is has been pure and virginal this whole time, the Black girl is presumed to have slept with at least two guys at the age of sixteen, and one time was even caught on tape and passed around.  She's the hypersexualized booty call who hops from boy to boy and can't keep her passion in check.  Sound familiar, anyone?


  1. It's almost like the writers are at war with themselves. They want to capitalize on the success of the Blasian romance on this show and the fact that's brought in a wider fanbase and level of credibility to the show, but they still want to adhere to the White Girl is the Center of the Universe Trope.

    They better pick a side and stay with it - fast! And I would suggest they stay with the side carrying the wider/diverse fanbase, but when has the world of HollyWTF?! been about sense?

    1. They were upsetting their white fans and instead telling their white fans to grow up, they gave in and effectively fucked up their own show.

  2. @Ankh

    It's all in the writing. They can write the story in such a way that there would be no reason for their white fans to get upset. It's not like Jo doesn't have boys falling over her. Itjust not the one that they wants. But because the writers set it up that she has this unrequited love for Danny, they're naturally going be on her side wanting her to have the happily ever after with the man of her dreams. Throw in that her Prince Charming doesn't feel for her the way she feels for him and that he's in love with her friend (her black friend no less), and the claws come out and the fangirls circle their wagons around her.

    Personally, if I was a white girl, I'd be insulted by all this too. Writers seem to have this constant need to cast young white girls as these naïve, dumb things that constantly need protection from the big bad world and their own rose-colored glasses. They make these characters look stupid and unrealistic. Jo keeps chasing a guy that doesn’t want her, but I guess it’s supposed to be cute and romantic if/when she finally wins him over. How is that supposed to be empowering to young girls? And where are the feminists to complain about how both Lacey and Jo (and by extension, other female characters in this genre) are being portrayed? They flap their gums for everything else.

    Lacey is the loose, stuck-up, selfish, back-stabbing friend and Jo is the uber-naïve, pathetic, whiny, selfish, clingy, dumb friend who can’t catch a clue if someone threw it at her head. And for the official Twitter account to actually start the #PoorJo hashtag tells me all I need to know about how much they respect her character. They don’t. From what I’ve been reading, they don’t seem to respect any of the leads.

    1. True, but ironically her white fans don't see her that way. They identify with her and put themselves in her shoes. And since they don't want to be analyzed and critiqued, they don't fully analyze and critique her.

      Jo's characterization is one of the absolute worst on the show and the actress needs to have a chat with her agent.

  3. Ankh,

    Agreed. I really didn't know how sloppy the writers of Twisted was. Its laughable how the story has been written. If I was an English teacher ,used this show as an example and taught my class about POVs, I would really be at a lost about it.Far as those so called" Janny" fans...anything just to keep Black women from good looking POC and White men.They know good and well Jo isn't a victim. She semi stalked Danny and acted like the ho that they accuse Lacey of being.

    I'm still trying to recover from the mess the show. I mean, Lacey was smeared. Danny still has feelings for Lacey. His words are supposed to be encouraging and somewhat, they are,but in real life if a girl is considered to Bethe town slut, most people will look at the disrespectfully as that. Guys will not treat them as girlfriend material. Though Lacey didn't do that, the writers made her look like a skank.Its something that I don't get over as quick.

    As I said before, I'm not to optimistic about the new writers for Twisted. Unless there is a Shonda like person in there, forget it. I read some YT comments about Janny fans wanting Jo and Danny to hook up. I will guarantee if that happens, the ratings will drop 32 below. I believe that some of the audience are more into Dacey than anything.I agree, looking at White only love affairs can get dull. Don't get me wrong I like all mixed unions but on TV, I desire the new. This is what I initially thought about Twisted.. until now.

  4. And it seems that train's arrived right on time...

  5. This storyline blows now. I am really upset about this.

  6. I love that dimple on kylie,makes her so hot....am on team dacey all the way


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