Black Girls' Night Out: Lina Green Talks "Twisted"

Thank you, Lina!

Thank for you for calling out this hot mess!  I was concerned she might let stuff slide but she came out swinging from the gate.

And thanks to the rest of the panel who also pointed out the randomness and inconsistencies in the writing.


  1. I think that Lina and company was just as confused and disappointed as we were with episode 10. Not only was it very disappointing, but it really didn't make sense.

    Right now, I feel like a wife who is trying to recover from the infidelity of her husband. He wants you to trust him but you tell him that healing process will be long and difficult or you just don't trust him at all. After that episode 10,I'm trying to figure out how do you pick up the pieces from that? I don't know if I can see Lacey and Danny's romance the same as I have in the past. I mean, the writers of Twisted went from a struggling romance into conservative pornography.

    Don't get me wrong, what Danny and Laceys characters had was to me...special ,beautiful and magical,but after that sham it just really put a damper of the beauty of it.Though Lacey isn't a ho,the way the video tape is spreaded around makes it feel like that she is. Her reputation is damaged because of this.. and for the time being... for loving Danny.The growing romance they have changed into porn. If I wanted to look at that, I would go on a porn website and look at it. I wanted romance. I wanted Danny and Lacey to go through the storms and weather them out.What they had was supposed to be between them. I so much wanted them to be endlessly in love with each other. Now that this came out..idk. I hope that I can recover from it,but it's not going to be easy.

    If there is a bright spot to episode 10,I did like the part with Rico. I should have paid more attention to him because he seems like such a sweetheart. I mean, he is the friend that I would want. He seem to overlook your descrepinces and see you for you.As he's done with
    Danny,Jo and Lacey. Rico is such a great guy.

    Kylie,Ashton and Avan deserves better and hopefully they'll be on a show that will further bring out their talents...and will actually have Avan and Kylie be in a beautiful romance and where the POV will come from them.

    1. I think that Lina and company was just as confused and disappointed as we were with episode 10. Not only was it very disappointing, but it really didn't make sense.

      I got this impression as well. They seemed to be having a WTF moment with this ep.

  2. I still haven't seen the episode and probably won't since I don't watch the show, but I've seen enough commentary around the net to almost feel like I have. I get the anger and frustration. The writers have done a grave disservice to all of the characters IMO. To use something so banal as a sex tape as the Big Reveal to Jo that her friends were involved is laughable. The writing staff should be embarrassed. Hell, I've read better fanfiction than this. I expect this kind of over-the-top plotting on a soap opera, not a primetime TV show.

    To use such a blatant, horrible invasion of privacy as a plot device to out two of the characters affair to another character is beyond decency to me. Teens that age have committed suicide in RL when the very same thing has happened. What kind of message is the show trying to send here? And I won't even get started on the fact that Lacey wasn't upset about the tape until she found out that Jo found out and is now crying WWT. And from the previews that are floating around on Tumblr, Danny now thinks they should apologize to Jo? For what? She's not the one that had her privacy violated? Sloppy, lazy writing. ABC done woke up a sleeping giant. They better fix this fast. Hawthorne got cancelled quick because the writers pissed off the fans with that whole Christina/Nick affair/shooting storyline (terrible storyline). The ratings plummeted and the show never recovered. And that was an established show in it's third season. This one is still in it's infancy, right?

    Nope...gonna have to pass on this show. I'll check out Sleepy Hollow in Sept. Nicole Beharie is the only female lead, so...yeah. Same with Scandal. It seems that if we have to share screen time with a WW, we always come up on the losing end.


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