UG ~ "Forever and A Day"

Don't know much about UG, but he ain't the first Asian artist out of Europe to do the Blasian thang in his vids.


  1. Here's the thing about songs like this which bug the shit out of me.

    Before I continue, know that this is not an attack on UG. I don't know him or his story or what brought about this song.

    However, songs like these - the "I'm sorrys", the "I was weak, I was selfish, my bad" songs - all translate to "men are shit, and women need to shut up and deal with it."

    Meanwhile, when a woman takes matters into her own hands, and decides not to put up with it, she risks winding up in a dumpster in pieces...you know...because men are so emotionally detached and don't care that much about stuff.

    Men sing these songs conveniently forgetting they have the biggest problems with rejection. So I chalk songs like these up to mantasy - just more male fantasy in which they emotionally come out on top.

  2. Watch Sleepy Hollow the show on Fox--its filled with POC, with Nicole Beharie and John Cho produced by roberto orci and alex kurtzman. Just watch it and tell us what you think cuz your opinion matters, I'm not kidding :) It's the highest ranked show and Fox doesn't understand why, lol. Sorry for the derailing !


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