Black Girls Behaving Badly: Jennifer Burke

"As a black Tea Party activist, I could say that there's nothing more offensive than equating the Tea Party with the Ku Klux Klan," Burke said in a statement. "The hate speech uttered by sitting congressman Alan Grayson is deplorable, even by the low levels reached in recent years when Democrats routinely call us racists and suicide bombers."

*rolls eyes*  Oh, whatever.

Every time I travel throughout the 'sphere I routinely see the Tea Party referred to as the "Tea Klux Klan" (seriously, it's a saved search phrase in Google); Alan Grayson's comparison is nothing new and everyone needs to stop pretending to be so shocked that a sitting Congressman - or any other politician in office - would come right out and say it.

The Tea Party is racist.  Saying so is akin to pointing out that rain is wet, the sky is blue, and "It must be [insert day that ends in -y]."  The Tea Party is racist and Rented Negroes like Burke need to shut up and get over themselves.


  1. Didn't Miss Lady read the news about Erica Harold? (A former Miss America)OMG! If the Tea Party wasn't so racist then why why she refered to as a "whore"by her GOP colleagues in Illinois. They are trying to do everything in their power to keep her from running for Congress. May as well own up to the racism it breeds and she's just their patsy. What a shame.

  2. The Tea Party isn't racist. It just thinks that the White House is ran by a Muslim Kenyan who wants revenge against slavery. That's all. But it's not racist...*sarcasm over*

    If you have black folks joining the Tea Party, you know internalized oppression exist. It's sad to say but some black people are so lost, they will kiss white ass and smile with glee with crap in their teeth. She and other loss brothas and sistas out there need to know that no matter how much you try to get in good with white folks, they STILL see you as just ni**ers.

  3. Jennifer Burke and other black people like her have internalized whiteness as the norm so much they've completely lost their own identity as black. They know they're black but they don't see themselves as black. They know they're not white but they live by white norms, creating one of those black people who "doesn't see race", refers to other blacks as "they" and "them" not "us" and "we", and not only do they CONSTANTLY defends racists whites, they accuse blacks of being the racists ones for POINTING OUT the racism. (Reminding you of anyone's way of acting?) They go around completely believing that they and everyone else has the chance to succeed base on " hard work" and " merit", then and only then, when some white person puts them in their place and denies something to them ( usually something the gives them parity with whites; a job, a title, living in a certain neighborhood etc.) do they see racism. You see in the political arena and the entertainment business all the time. She and people like her are just fooling themselves.

  4. Whenever I hear about Rented Negroes like these, I honestly wonder, "How much is the rent? Is it six figures? Seven? Did they through in - at least - a Bentley?"

  5. Replies
    1. LOL. For real! Where do they find these people?

  6. Rented Negros....that is my new term for them....


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