Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie Mills

***Warning:  Spoilers ahead.***

A lost colony, an Apocalyptic plague and a jealous ex-boyfriend abound in the town of Sleepy Hollow this week, and of course, it was just as crazy—and awesome—as it sounds.

Abbie and the Lost Colony

I know, I know.  This sounds like the title to an Indiana Jones movie, but in this case, I think it's apt.

By the time we get to the meat of the story, we've got an out-of-time sick kid named Thomas, a curse, the Horseman Pestilence/Conquest, Middle English, black veins, a potential epidemic and the lost colony of Roanoke.  It sounds like a lot and it is, but strangely it doesn't feel that way.  I'm continually amazed at how much the writers are able to cram into forty-plus minutes without it feeling like too much.  Kudos to them.

Abbie and Ichabod work together seamlessly to thwart this week's evil, first tracking down the lost colony, discovering what they're dealing with and then figuring out what they need to do in order to stop the epidemic from destroying mankind.  Wait, scratch that last part.  If we want to get technical (and we do) Abbie is the one that figured out how to stop the plague, using plain old common sense and a little faith. 

I really like that she chooses to give faith a chance when it's clear that she struggles with the concept.  We can see that she doesn't want to be in that chapel praying to a diety that's she's not even sure truly exists.  She's clearly uncomfortable and would rather be anywhere else in the world, but she's doing this because people's lives are at stake.  Ichabod's life is at stake.  She's willing to test the limits of what she believes to save someone that is coming to mean a great deal to her. 

It's a nice beat for her character, and I'm glad the writers gave it to us.

Abbie and Ichabod

We get our first glimpse of our heroes at Corbin's cabin where Ichabod has decided to take up residence.  Judging by the bags in their hands, they've just finished grocery shopping and we all sit back and wonder why the show didn't include a scene of what was sure to have been a treasure trove of old-married couple hijinks.  I can just see Ichabod in a grocery store now.  The ensuing hilarity would've written itself.  Why are you being so selfish, show?  Now it's up to the fanfiction writers to take up the slack.

The banter between them is great (isn't it always?) and Abbie continues to take Crane's fish-out-of-water moments in stride while not making him look stupid or dumbing anything down for him.  It's a sign of respect that both he and the audience appreciates.

The scene of Abbie screaming at the CDC people not to take Ichabod away after he starts showing symptoms of the black-vein plague is heartrending.  For such an emotionally-stoic person to have this kind a visceral reaction was both powerful and moving.  As was the scene of her praying in the hospital chapel for a way to save him.  Nicole Beharie's acting continues to blow me away, and once again I thank whoever it was that made the decision to hire her for this role. 

She is Abbie Mills.

In what was probably my favorite scene from this episode, Abbie again loosens the tight reins she has on her emotions when she tells Ichabod outright that he belongs in Sleepy Hollow.  The parallel between what she says to him here and what Crane said to her in the pilot about their entwined fates couldn't have been an accident.  It's a very poignant moment, capped perfectly when Crane absorbs her words with a look of wonder and simply responds, "What do you say we go home?"  Her answering smile says it all.

Irving and Luke

When it comes to Captain Irving, Luke and Luke's tight shirts (as Orlando Jones hilariously tweeted out), I'm beginning to suspect that Irving is not a fan. 

He seems to (barely) tolerate the detective and this week, it was especially noticeable.  The side-eye was in full effect, and if I didn't like Irving before (which I did), I absolutely fell in love with him for that alone.  He pretty much told Morales to stand down when he started asking questions about Crane and more or less calling Irving's authority into question.  Irving absolutely wasn't here for it.

Luke, it seems, still has a bug up his ass about Ichabod and the amount of time he spends in the company of his ex.  He's determined to find some dirt on Crane so that he can...what?  Prove to Abbie that Ichabod is shady?  Show her how manly he and his awesome detective skills are?  Get her to fall in love with him all over again?  Because if that's what he's up to, Abbie doesn't seem to be in on the joke.  Nor does it look like she wants to be.  In fact, it barely looks as if she wants to be in the same zip code as him if she doesn't have to.  Which makes me think their relationship was going to end whether she'd chosen to leave for the FBI or not. 

In one last gamble to oust Crane, Morales takes it upon himself to call Oxford in an attempt to poke holes in Ichabod's cover story.  But he's quite disappointed to learn that Crane is indeed on the faculty at the learned institution and is currently on loan to the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff's Department.  Ha!

And if anyone doesn't think that Irving didn't have anything to do with that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd love to sell you for pennies on the dollar.

Bonus:  The Headless Horseman Rides Again

Funny.  I didn't realize how much I'd missed seeing old Headless until we caught a glimpse of him in the final shot of the episode.
I’ve got to admit—seeing him galloping out of the forest while leaving a trail of fire in his wake gave me the best kinds of chills.  The writers were right not to hit us over the head too often with the big fellow because if they had, this moment wouldn't have had nearly as much of an impact. 
And let's get real.  For those people who may have been contemplating whether to not to return when the show comes back from it's baseball-induced hiatus will now likely be there with bells on.

And yes, for those of you who skipped that last line, the show is on a three-week hiatus and won't be back until November 4th. 

I feel your pain.

Preview for Ep. 6 - "Join or Die"



  1. #EvilJohnCho is coming back. 'Nough said.

    People are getting upset about Ichabod's eidetic memory and his Middle English, etc., but I get it - he's the nerd. Every show/franchise of the this type has its nerd and Ichabod is Sleepy Hollow's nerd. He's Fox Mulder. He's Rupert Giles. He's Dr. Bruce Banner. He's Data.

    I get it.

    Captain Irving is really piquing my interest now, and I love how the writers are handling his character. There clearly is a lot more to him than we know but they're playing it off, and well.

    And Nicole really is getting into being Abbie. You can tell she's starting to enjoy this role more and more.

    1. He's Fox Mulder. He's Rupert Giles. He's Dr. Bruce Banner. He's Data

      Exactly. Show me a show that doesn't have a character like this. That's just them toenail-biting heaux looking for reasons to shit on SH.

      I'm so here for Captain Irving that it ain't even funny. I have always loved Orlando Jones' stroll, and every time he swings his dick on this show, I tingle. Love him.

      And yeah, why couldn't we see Ichy and Abbie at Kroger; Ichy wanting to be in the store 9 hours because he's so damn fascinated, and Abbie's like, "Dude, would you come on???"

      Another fascinating point: We've not seen Abbie's house. And I didn't get the impression that she was just dropping Ichy off at Corbin's cabin either.


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