Black Girls' Night Out: The Cast of "Baggage Claim" (2013)

Paula Patton as "Montana"
As mentioned At the Bar, I recently went to see Baggage Claim (2013) starring Paula Patton, and co-starring Jill Scott (my main reason to see the flick in the first place).

I'll start with the good: this film was okay.  It was really, really funny in some places, and it seemed the writers strove to be original with this romcom.  Tired of the pressure her five-time married mother puts on her to get married, Montana Moore (Patton) is devastated to learn her younger sister's getting married before her (*yawn*).  It doesn't help that the man she's been seeing for the past five months is revealed to be a shithead married man with a baby on the way.

Desperate to acquire a fiance by the time her sister's wedding begins, Montana lets her friends try to re-hook her up with one of her exes, basically by stalking them one by one.  Jill Scott's character, Gail, thinks the idea is idiotic - as does the whole damn audience.  She argues it didn't work out before with these men, so what's changed?  Adam Brody's character (forgot his name), argues that Montana is a different person now: ergo, new actions, new outcomes.

Jill Scott as "Gail"
I found Patton's performance charming and quirky; I like that she's such a tall, well-built woman.  And after watching her in a film with back to back brothas, I don't know why she's married to Robin Thicke...but that's neither here nor there.

I was glad to see voluptuous chanteuse Jill Scott cast as the sexy best friend who's not anxious to get married, and has no qualms about showing off her world-class cleavage to get a man's attention...even while on the job.  Gail is the friend who enjoys picking up guys in bars, hiring and flirting with masseurs, and internet dating.  As a self-proclaimed woman of the 21st Century, Gail doesn't understand why Montana's so eager to chain herself to a man get hitched.  Or why she turns down Djimon Hounsou's character when he offers to take for her a trip around the world while plying her with expensive gifts.  *nods* Million-dollar question, girl.

The film ends happily enough, which such films usually do, but I felt cheated.  I wanted Montana to end up single and proud.  Where are those films?  Why do we pretend they won't make any money?


  1. "Tired of the pressure her five-time married mother..."

    Didn't Amaya tell us the same story with her Aunts? Too bad Montana didn't blast her nagging mother to hell at the kitchen table, too....but I guess that would have made for a very short rom-com.

    "And after watching her in a film with back to back brothas, I don't know why she's married to Robin Thicke" - So it's not just me!

    1. No, I haven't. Broke as a mug. I haven't paid to see a movie in almost a year, and folks keep dangling job offerings that go no where. -_-

  2. I got to see Baggage Claim two weeks ago.It was pretty good.Although I loved Paula's character,it's Jills that got me the most.

    You also mentioned a great point about Montana.Near the end of the picture,I was under the impression that she would be a happy single woman but I was happy that her prince charming turned out to be her high school friend.

    It really would had been nice if Paula would have said that she was at peace being a single woman. That was what the message should have been with BC.If you're not happy with yourself,you certainly will not be a happily married woman nor will a relationship.Marriage isn't for everybody.Just because you're single doesn't mean you'll be unhappy .I have no boyfriend nor am I married,but I'm happy because its a responsibility that I'm not ready to handle.

  3. Jill. 'Nuff said. Love her; she's a goddess. I won't see this movie because I hate romcoms, and especially now that Paula ends up with a mate. Why are writers so afraid to tell a story where the opposite happens...and everything is fine?

    And why in the six-pack of Snickers fucks did she NOT go on that cruise with Djimon Hounsou? Dis dizzy beetch. I bet Jill woulda went!

    1. I bet Jill woulda went!

      She specifically states she would've. I am SO ticked the writers didn't make it happen.

  4. I think it would be funny if someone took all these different movies; Think like a man, Why did I Get Married, Baggage Claim etc. and made a spoof movie of them to show how cliched they've become. They can call it: "Another Single Black Woman Who Might Not Actually Be Single Just Not Married Who Also May Not Be Fully Black But Biracial That Needs To Date Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Shemar Moore, And Whoever Else Black Actor That's Hot At The Moment In Order To Get Married For Whatever Reason By The End Of This Movie" movie.


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