Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Jesus Christ, Liv.

I mean, we figured a while back that Olivia Pope had Daddy Issues, and yes, I did mean to capitalize that.  At least now we know how and why.

Joe Morton needs an Emmy. No one puts the fear of God into Liv like Daddy Pope, and no one else sets her straight like he does.

This week's episode feature flashbacks of their estranged relationship in which they come to an agreement; in order to gain Liv's forgiveness for constantly shipping her off to boarding schools,  Liv and Rowan agree to meet for dinner every Sunday...while he pays off her law school loans.  He's clearly trying to win her back, but that doesn't change the fact the relationship is sorely strained, and there's only so much Rowan will take from his child.

The flashbacks also include Huck and the first break-up with Edison, finally explaining how Huck has managed to stay alive thus far instead getting shot on sight by B613.

And Huck puts his hands on Olivia!!!!

Like...a part of me deep down wondered if this day would ever come. Huck has been Olivia's most devoted protector, and for him to be willing to almost strangle her in a parking lot came a deep place.

In present-day, Liv attempts to salvage Janine Locke's life as the White House continues to throw her under the bus. And she does a great job until Wifey steps in and does an even better and offers Janine a cool $2 million...tax-free. Shit, for that kind of dough...right now...I'd confess to sleeping with the Prez, his Wifey, his Joint Chief of Staffs, and every one of his Secret Service agents. So three guesses what Janine chooses to do?

Of course, to save the New Guy's life Jake Ballard, the Prez beats her to the punch and confesses to the faux affair, mainly because Cyrus explains to him that as President, Fitz is an ant, and B613 is the boot.

The episode ends with Olivia agreeing to resume her Sunday dinners with her dad, which in part persuades him to release Ballard. I don't know about the rest of you, but the whole exchanged really creeped me out.

***Bonus Vids***

Five - ten years from now, we're going to find out these two were totally sleeping together on set, and ain't nobody gonna upset or surprised.


  1. "Joe Morton needs an Emmy."

    Joe playing the heck out of this roll, when he told Liv, "If you push, you will know me well…" Welp!

    "And Huck puts his hands on Olivia!!!!"

    I had a moment where I screamed "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" at the TV.

    It's all Quinn's fault. That woman has no chill time. Even Huck was like you need to quit being nosy. Now Liv might not have Huck in her corner anymore. Damn!

    I believe Harrison is a spy (part of B613) for Liv's daddy Rowan or is actually her brother, as we can see her dad is very controlling, so it makes sense to have a spy looking out. It's like Harrison is not surprised by Rowan.

    Now that Rowan let Jake go, I don't trust Jake. As Huck said they put you in a hole and either break you first, then they will kill you.

    All in all they tied up the questions that needed answers but at the same time created more questions. LOL It was a good episode.

  2. I have to say Olivia's dad is nothing like I thought he'd be. At first I got the impression that he was this cold calculating person who just wiped out anyone that got in his way, including his own daughter. But now I see he has a lot of fatherly qualities, although the almost demand that Olivia has dinner with him every Sunday seems a little suspicious.

    I'm also glad we got to see more of Olivia's past with Huck.

    At this point, of all the Gladiators we've learned about Huck's life, Quin's life, and Abbie's life, which only leaves Harrison we haven't learned much of anything about his past other than that Olivia saved him from doing prison time. With that said I've watched all of seasons 1&2 and been able to predict some things, such as, around the middle of season 2 I started thinking Jake is probably part of B613 (I also think Fitz is or was too) and knew Rowan had to be Olivia's dad. So, anyway, with that said, let's get back to Harrison. When it comes to Harrison I think there's something more scandalous there so to speak. Some people think he may be part of B613, and possibly Olivia's brother, but with Olivia's daddy issues, the revelation of her past jumping from relationship to relationship and the fact she was sent off to boarding school after boarding school from, I think, the age of 12, could it be, just maybe, go with me for a second on this, just throwing it out there, that Harrison may be Olivia's... Son.

  3. " that Harrison may be Olivia's... Son."

    If they would have went with someone who's younger to play Harrison than my mind could have excepted it. But Columbus & Kerry are about 5 years apart in age, so they look the same age on the show around 30 ish. My mind in reality wouldn't accept that Harrison might turn out to be Olivia's son, that's why Harrison being her brother sounds more plausible. But that's me, no telling what Shonda might cook up.

    1. I was thinking about the age thing too, but I don't remember the show ever revealing how old Olivia is. And some strange things have been known to happen in Shondaland.

  4. Scandal just get better and better with each episode. Between dirty daddy and Huck..oh my! I was also shocked at what the president did. I mean...how he ruined Jen's life.To be honest, I almost thought it was the end for Olivia.Maybe,I missed out on something,but I didn't know that Millie used her as a decoy. Wow!

  5. I don't know about Kerry,but Mr.Tony jokingly said that he has a crush on her. He may have meant it as a joke but you gotta keep an eye on her.It was said that Tonys wife is not comfortable with him being raunchy with Kerry.With Kerry's beauty and Tonys "crush" on Kerry..you can understand the wife's feelings,though I'm praying to god that it never becomes a LeAnn Rhimes/Eddie Cibrian situation.

    1. I read the opposite (but how often can we believe these things?). Tony says the attraction is erotic and mutual but they've remained totally professional, and his wife is cool with everything.

      "When asked by M magazine if he gets “aroused on set” while getting down with Kerry, the actor artfully dodged the loaded question.

      “It’s not really about that. It’s weird. Our sex scenes are really intense,” Tony told the mag for their Fall 2013 issue. “But so is our relationship."

      “For Kerry and me, it’s no different than doing an emotional scene. It’s just awkward, almost in the anticipation of it. Once we start doing it, we commit,” he continued. “You’re lost in the scene.”

      When asked if he and Kerry are physically attracted to each other, Tony replied, “Yeah! Of course. But our chemistry is much more complicated than that, which is what I think makes it erotic.”

      Adding, “Kerry and I connect on a lot of levels.”*

      Tony has been married to production designer Jane Musky for 25 years and the couple has two college-age daughters. Despite the “erotic” chemistry between Olitz, Tony said his wife doesn’t mind his on-screen romance."

      *Um....yeah. I'm sure they do.

    2. You can't deny the chemistry these two have. There was a photo shoot they did in Feb/March and someone did a gif set and i went back on my tumblr to dig it up. I don't know if people will be able to see it. BUT! This is just from a freaking photo shoot and they look like they about to get it on.


      I know Kerry is supposedly a married woman now, she did it on the low over the summer, but you have to wonder.

    3. Dag Gone, excuse my words, But I mean to say keep and eye on him ..not Kerry. I can't picture Kerry doing that and I'm not going to say he is that type either. Though I believe that they have a professional relationship, like I said before, I would be feeling like his wife. I believe that Kerry's husband has nothing to worry about,but Mr. Goldwyn..him he may have been joking,but.ya never know..May not be with Kerry,but with someone else. My bad if, I implied that about Kerry.


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