Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

(I realize this is a little bit later than usual, but I've been battling - and I do mean all-out battling - the flu these past few days.)

***As usual, spoilers***

Well...that was dark.

No, seriously; as we get more up close and personal with the B613 program, we watch Scandal take a very dark and demented turn.  After nearly strangling Olivia, Huck attempted to blow her father's head off.  Instead, he caved, and did his old master's bidding once again.  Huck fakes the suicide of a potential whistleblower from the ominous Operation Remington, and then comes home to Olivia, broken and trembling, confessing that Daddy Pope "owns" him.

But before all that craziness happens, we see Olivia negotiate a hostage situation which had the netizens wondering a how woman with a bomb strapped to her chest was able to wander into a Congressman's office on the Hill.  The part where she gains entrance is completely glossed over; in fact, we only find out about her because Quinn hacks her bank account (because she can) and finds enough question marks to send Olivia running after their client.  Olivia arrives on the scene to find the woman threatening the Congressman and his staff with the bomb, and the audience is left wondering if the Secret Service on Scandal is possibly the most incompetent batch of agents in White House history.

In addition to that particular bout of unrealism, there's a scene where Olivia runs to the window to "fend off" the snipers ready to take out the would-be bomberess, but upon seeing Liv they all stand down (Prez's orders, of course).  Um...whatever.  If Miriam Carey taught us anything, it's that Olivia Pope would've most likely been riddled with holes on sight.

The episode left me genuinely wondering where Rhimes is going with this.  I mean, yeah...#OperationRemington is the hashtag du jour, but where is this going?

I'm worried that B613 is about to become the Borg of Scandal.  For all you non-Trekkies, the Borg were one of the most feared, most chilling adversaries in the entire Star Trek franchise...until ST: Voyager came along and started putting them in every other episode.  B613 used to raise my eyebrow, but now it's like Huck's a spy, Charlie's a spy, Liv's Daddy is King Spy, Jake's a spy...I half expect a Mad Hatter-esque character to pop out in the next episode and exclaim, "We're all spies here!"

The term "spy" is supposed to invoke a sense of mystery, fear, and even a measure of awe.  It did in Seasons 1 & 2, but now all these B613 has-beens are cropping up, and for a "world with no outs" there seems to be an awful lot of people getting out.

So again I ask the question: where's this going?


  1. In that last episode, it must have been a slow day in the writing room and someone just threw some things together. The hostage situation seem so formulamatic. Also Huck pulling a gun on Rowan then ending up killing the other spy, they could've done so much more with that situation like have Huck kidnap Rowan or hey, take him hostage and have Liv chose, her client or her father, her job or her family. At the end of the show there's usually a Clift hanger that leads you into the next episode but that ending, Liv telling Jake her dad is dangerous ( like duh, he knows) just fell flat for me.

    1. Yeah...I feel this episode was weak. And I'm willing to forgive it; when you've got 22 or so eps, not all are going to home runs. I'm interested to see what tonight's episode does; hopefully, it'll mend a lot of last week's damage.


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