Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

*blink*  Didn't I just write one of these?

***As usual, spoilers***

Getting a little predictable there, Shonda.  I knew the Senator's wife murdered his side piece from the moment she stepped foot on the scene.

This was clearly a filler episode; it mainly reiterated a bunch of things we either already know or can obviously see coming.

We already know Liv's money and influence are slowly being eroded after she was initially outed for sleeping with the Prez.  And it's good stuff; we get to see the Gladiators enter financial straits while the press puts the once Infallible Liv on blast.

We already know Daddy Pope is dangerous and capable of anything, and we already had a feeling peeps like Jake Ballard and Huck would want to take him down.  And we already know something bad happened during Operation Remington (cue ominous music).

And Lord knows that we know the Prez is dumb as fuck enough to give a Presidential burial to a fallen Remington comrade (the one Huck iced in the last episode, in case anyone forgot), while forgetting something like that would make the papers.  I mean...he's the President.  Where he goes, cameras follow, whether they've been invited or not.  Ergo, the Prez risks bringing to light the very thing (we're guessing) he would rather keep hidden the most, perhaps even more this his affair with Liv.

Genius move, Fitz.  No wonder Mellie wears the brains in your so-called "marriage."

But let's be honest...this ep wasn't about the Prez, or Remington, or even the Ex-Spies Brigade and their possibly doomed crusade.  This is about Lisa Kudrow joining the cast of Scandal as the soon-to-be Democratic rival of the Prez, and the moment Mellie lets the words "trailer trash" slip while a mic's still on, we know the drama for the season is on.

By the way...Liv possibly back to sleeping with the New Guy...how do we feel about this?


  1. Jesus! a part of me feel bad for Olivia. I could imagine being in her spot; hair coming out, sleepless nights, biting her fingernails..wow! all of that drama..lol!

    Im cringing a little for Jake. If Olivia decides to invest her love him you know, someone is going to pay the price for it. Mind you, that he spied on her and in real life, I could ever trust a guy who spies on me ,but underneath his job, I really believe that Jake really care for her. I could be wrong,but he seems to have love for her. Although the Prez wants to be with her, I just think that Jake would be a better fit for her. Low down as her pops is, he did bring up a lot of good points that she should swallow. She's really foolish to think that a man in power is going to marry her.

    I cannot wait to see how Huck and Jake is going to take out Olivia pops..if they are successful in doing it. I don't know, somehow, I cannot see Shonda letting Joe's character go out that fast and Huck's and Olivia's frienship..idk. I almost thought that Huck did that last week and fooled us all. I gotta to feel for Huck. he's been through so much.

    1. Anybody but the Prez.

      That's where I am at this point: anybody but the Prez. He suffocated a cancer patient with his own two hands, and did God-knows-what in Operation Remington (in Iran, in a country full of brown people), and Liv doesn't need to be anywhere near him.

      As for Daddy Pope...when Jake says he would "slit your throat and drink your blood if he thought it would serve the Republic", I was like, Goddamn. I don't buy it, though; he's clearly very eager to win back his daughter's affection/attention, and loathes to see her live a mediocre life.

  2. I hope Lisa Kudrow's character is short lived. I hate when shows become about the actors and not the characters or the plot. I'll admit in season 2 I didn't care too much for Jake. it was until the end when he got thrown in the hole I felt something for him. Now that he's kind of down and out I find his feelings for Liv more believable, unless he still B613 playing her. I think Liv getting involved with Jake would be opening up a whole new can of worms for her. She'd probably have to go on the run with him to escape daddy.


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