Black Girls' Night Out: Sleepy Hollow Addendum

I didn't include the Katrina bits in my original BGNO because, well, except for the fact that she's probably hiding something from her husband, her storyline is just not all that interesting so far.  This recap of the most recent episode ("John Doe") sums up my feelings nicely:
Meanwhile, Ichabod ends up in Purgatory with Katrina. At last, a reunion between the lovers, wrenched apart, longing for one another across time and space!

...Sorry, I fell asleep. What was I saying?
Here's the thing: Katrina Crane is cool on paper. She's a powerful witch who kept her coven affiliation a secret from her husband, saved his life, made sure he'd have a series of quasi-custodians before she was trapped in another dimension, and when that failed, she summoned him into supernatural turf that isn't even hers (using a bird that's apparently a hawk of some kind and not a majestically patriotic bird at all, how could you do this to me, show and Google search), and has been watching over him and giving him what aid she can in a desperate bid to keep him alive long enough to avert the apocalypse. On paper, you'd buy her a drink! 
But what we've gotten so far is occasional, deliberately obtuse bursts of exposition from someone who's as much a cipher in episode 5 as she was in the pilot. I'm assuming she's morally compromised to be stuck in Moloch's realm with the souls yet to be judged. (Uh, are we gonna riot against Heaven to break her out? I'm into it, I just want to check.) It would be the most interesting thing about her, except the show can't even give us any real hints about that. They just don't care about her yet, and so neither do we; paralleling this scene with Abbie desperately worried about him in the chapel might be one of the biggest tonal mistakes the show has made so far.  (Source:  i09)
I'm assuming the writers have got something interesting planned for the Katrina storyline, but right now, I'm just not feeling it.  And I'd think that five episodes into a 13 episode season, I should be feeling something by now other than apathy.


  1. Yep!I thought that when Katrina was show, I was expecting something suspenseful, but so far, I wasn't feeling her.

  2. And I'd think that five episodes into a 13 episode season, I should be feeling something by now other than apathy.

    This is a good point. Whatever point they're trying to make with her is overdue. They don't have 22 episodes to play with, and they've got a 3-week hiatus throwing a wrench in their flow, so they they need to step on it.

  3. Side Alert- Jill Marie Jones will be joining Sleepy Hollow as Capt. Irvings ex-wife.

    She will play Cynthia, the former wife of Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) and mother to their teenage daughter, Macey (Amandla Stenberg). Like Stenberg, Jill Marie Jones' character will first be introduced in the Nov. 25 episode.


    I really think Katrina might be on the bad side why else are u in purgatory? I know they are setting up a story for her but I'm not interested in her unless it's really important to the plot.

    1. Jill Marie Jones? Fantastic. I thought it would be a white woman.

    2. Katrina's scenes are damn near nap-inducing. Talk about fuckin' up the flow.


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