Fic Update: Forever, in the Night

My dear Riddick sistren...I apologize for the loooooooooooooong delay.  Hopefully the muse is getting ready to kick things up a notch.  Until then...

"The bar was called A’nesh, and it was run by a Kathogean bartender known for his potent mixmaster skills.  Riddick perched on a stool, nursing a spicy, bubbling purple concoction known as a Mahd Dahsh.  He had already secured accommodations for the night and was on the lookout for someone interesting.  He wanted a good hard fuck before getting some real sleep in a real bed.  Tomorrow, he’d get the hell on.

But he was curious. He couldn’t help it.  Something about the events surrounding the jacking of Rocsi’s ship just didn’t sit well with him.  Perhaps it was the stirrings of the soul Fry’s untimely death had awakened in him.  Perhaps he had a deeper yearning that he didn’t want to recognize, but would be forced to acknowledge.  Either way, seeing Rocsi unconscious with her pretty face bandaged was more than enough to occupy his mind even as a woman occupied the seat next to him.  Riddick checked her out.  She was built in all the right places and had a cute little mouth…and her scent was practically a billboard.  He nodded, acknowledging her.  The second objective would be met, and that right soon."

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