Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie Mills

***Warning:  Spoilers ahead.***

In the town of Sleepy Hollow this week, we learn the name of true evil and I'll give you all a hint:  it's not Congress.  We got a lot of Jenny, more backstory for Abbie (!!!...okay, I promise I'll stop doing that this week) and a nice fleshing out of the show's overall mythology.

Oh yeah, and Ichabod seduces the OnStar NorthStar lady Yolanda from afar in a scene so poignant that Orlando Jones himself has switched his allegiance from Team Ichatrina to Team Yolabod.

Abbie, Ichabod and Jenny

We finally get some interaction between our two favorite sisters this week.  And as expected, it was awesome.  The show picks up exactly where it left off last week and the hunt is on for Abbie's escapee sister.  She convinces Captain Irving not to bring the hammer down and allow her time to find Jenny on her own.  Irving consents to only a 12 hour head start before he calls in the
cavalry and wasting no time, she and Ichabod immediately go into Tommy Lee Jones-mode and go on the hunt for their fugitive.

After an interesting scene in which we see an incognito Jenny pick-up a go-bag full of guns and other illegal things from a dive bar in one of the seedier parts of town, we switch to the station and Abbie's unenviable battle with bureaucracy via telephone.  In between looking at files and trying to slice her way through red-tape, she confides to Ichabod that her father left when she and Jenny were kids, their mother couldn't adjust, and she and her sister were relegated to foster care.  She says it almost as if she's reciting the ingredients to a recipe, which makes it all the more heartbreaking.

And speaking of foster care, our heroes first stop in their race to find Abbie's wayward sibling just so happens to be the foster home from hell.  It's dirty, it's dark, it's depressing and looks like something a serial killer would call home.  It's clear from nearly the start that Abbie is itching to kick some foster mother ass, but Ichabod does his best to keep her reined in even though he looks as if he wouldn't mind getting in a few good licks himself.  After some not-so-subtle and much deserved threatening by Abbie,  Foster Mom of the Year finally admits that Jenny used to frequent a cabin on Trout Lake.

After Ichabod once again stops Abbie from doing the other woman bodily harm--with his own body, no less, as he physically steps in front of her to discourage what he knows is seconds away from occurring--it's off to Trout Lake and a rustic-looking cabin (Corbin's cabin!) where Abbie partakes in a little breaking and entering that seems to turn Ichabod on tremendously if the look on his face is any indication. 

We learn right away that Corbin and Jenny knew each other well (and later learn that she traveled the world for him Lara Croft-style, obtaining "rare objects").  Abbie looks both hurt and angry that her father-figure kept such a huge secret from her.  Et tu, Corbin?  In my favorite scene of the night, the sisters finally come face-to-face and after an epic showdown in which Ichabod gets downright angry with them for stubbornly holding each other at gunpoint, they get down to the business of giving us exposition and flashbacks. 

Cue Ichabod reciting the story of the Destruction of the Tea Boston Tea Party in which George Washington had tasked him with getting a super secret box covered in super secret engraving.  He never saw what was in it, but we all know that it was Very Important because of it's mysterious nature and the fact that red-coated Hessians were ready to kill (and die) for it.  And yes, they killed and they died.

Modern-day Hessians decide to break their groove just as they discover that the mysterious object was a sextant which Ichabod unnecessarily points out is also a projector.  They only get to glance at the image of the town of Sleepy Hollow circa 18th-century addition before all hell breaks lose.  A shoot-out ensues, Jenny, Ichabod and Abbie get their inner badass on and they capture and interrogate one of the bad guys.  The bad guy conveniently spills his guts before we all learn the name of the evil that is trying to bring about the End of Days. It's Moloch, evil of all evils, and everyone should run and scream and hide at his terrifying evilness.  Or something like that.  We also learn that the Evil of All Evils knows our heroes names and I'm sorry, that just creeped me all the way out.  But I did like learning that Abbie's real name is Grace Abigail Mills.

After the theft of the sextant/projector, Ichabod's eidetic memory skills come into play (who didn't see that coming?), and he is able to re-create the map with the worst drawing in the history of drawing so that they know where they need to go next. 

Here we get the obligatory shot of the creepy abandoned church sitting against a creepy-looking sky, Hessians speaking German and looking menacing, a big evil book that summons the dead (because really...what else would it do?) and some pretty decent special effects for a TV show budget.  The seventh circle of hell starts to open, bad guys and good guys duke it out and Abbie being the smart cookie that she is, throws The Idiots' Guide to All Things Evil into the lake of writhing, burning demons and the portal closes. 

And I really like what happens next.  Just because they slayed demons together, Jenny isn't ready to get all smooshy with her sister.  It takes a wonderful speech and some great acting by Nicole Beharie--and a promise to try to get her out of the loony bin--to at least move Jenny in the direction of trying to rebuild a relationship with her only (living?) relative.  It didn't come across as sappy or heavy-handed. It was well done by both actresses, and I hope we get to see more of their relationship in future episodes.

In the final shot of the night, Ichabod pulls Abbie aside to tell her that The Blurry Man, the horned demon that she saw as a child and that has Katrina trapped in Neverland, is in fact Moloch--Evil of All Evils.  #dundundun

Irving and Luke

Not much to say about these two fellows, except that we actually got to see them doing some actual investigative police work for a change.  And they were pretty damn good at it.  I'm still not positive what's up with Irving.  He seems to know much more than he's letting on, and he always looks like he's about three moves ahead of everyone else in the world's creepiest game of chess.

I hope he's not evil--that would be too easy--but I do hope that he's entwined in all this mess somehow.  Like the head of the good witch coven or he was sent in Corbin's place to look after Abbie and Jenny.  I'd love that.

And although Luke is still pretty, my feelings about him haven't changed.  I need to see more.  He seems to be a competent cop though, so there's that.

Bonus:  Ichabod and Yolanda

Katrina who?

For some reason, this episode felt really short.  I felt like I didn't even have that much to write about.  But I think it was just a tight, contained episode that moved along really quickly.  If there's one thing I've learned about Sleepy Hollow, it's that they don't waste any time.  They get to the point and then move on.


  1. I can't really comment too much about the show since from the time it has aired to now I've only seen about 35 minutes of it, but the last episode where we got to really meet Jenny, I have to say, I really like her, even slightly more than Abbie. Maybe it's just from the episode I saw but even though Abbie was asking for Jenny's forgiveness, Jenny came off as the more forgiving one. Even though Abbie is the cop, Jenny was more of the badass, when those guys started shooting she jump right into action. So far I am really loving Jenny and hope she is in more episodes. But like I said I've only seen 35 minutes of the series so I could be wrong.

  2. I do hope that he's entwined in all this mess somehow. Like the head of the good witch coven or he was sent in Corbin's place to look after Abbie and Jenny. I'd love that.


    Abbie partakes in a little breaking and entering that seems to turn Ichabod on tremendously if the look on his face is any indication.

    So it wasn't just me. He caught a smoooooth boner watching her pull a five-finger discount on a door lock.

    1. Not to mention how he turned into a dithering fanboy once Jenny started talking about being a demon freedom fighter.

    2. I'm really digging the chemistry between Beharie and Greenwood; though they don't look too much alike, they sure can pull off being sisters.


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