Bitchfest: "Belle" (#Belle)

What are y'all's thoughts on this?


  1. This looks like a film I'd enjoy based on the history (history nut in the house!) and me being a sucker for period pieces, but I feel angry for her already. She's given a privileged life, but not really. She's considered higher than the servants (slaves?), but not really. She's family, but again...not really. >_<

    Oh another note, I see Tom Felton let Draco out to play for this role.

    1. Oh another note, I see Tom Felton let Draco out to play for this role.

      That's what I said!!!! And why is he playing the asshole? Why isn't he the love interest?????

    2. I think it's cause he has near-permanent stank face(lets not mention the 5head-o-evil), so he'll be the bad guy for the rest of his career. Or maybe that's just the pigeonholing warping my perception. Either way, dude needs a new agent.

    3. It would have been nice if he played her love interest. He could use something good right now after that disaster of a series he was in ( Betrayal). I will guarantee you that like 12 years a slave, it will be nominated for an Oscar.

  2. It's not so much the movie but why the movie has been made. Another slave type movie! What is this the forth one? What are they trying to say? And the interracial couple angle in a period piece that in the trailer didn't seem too bad, makes me think; What is this really about?

  3. Don't some of Belle seem familar of what is happening today( and while I've mentioned politics, I congratulate Bill De Blasio for NYC'sbecoming mayor.)

    I agree. They are coming out with so many slave pictures. As you all have mentioned on here, it seems that White society loves movies that puts Black people in pain . Don't get me wrong, I happy that more blacks are being put in lead roles,but you know, they will be exposed to being reminded of the lowliness in some way.

    Not to get off the subject, butI was also thinking about the new Almost Human series which features Michael Ealy. He's supposed to being playing the almost human character. I admit, I struggle with him playing the it. All I can think about is how it wasn't that long ago when White society considered Black people to be 3/5th human.

  4. This seems like it might be a good film and I do want to see it, but I have to agree. I am so tired of seeing slave pictures. I feel as if 2013, the racists came out to play, people view slavery as a fantasy instead of history and that writers are running out of story ideas. I'm sure that someone could make a creative story and have an interracial love story.


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