Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie Mills

***Warning:  Spoilers ahead.***

Things are really heating up in the town of Sleepy Hollow.  Headless is getting restless, Luke is getting bolder in his pursuit of Abbie, and Ichabod is getting an eye-opening education on Internet porn.

But if I had to choose a theme for this week's episode, I'd pick "All About Abbie" because she had at least three men falling at her feet. 

Abbie and Andy

We finally got a return of John Cho's still-dead Andy Brooks and if there was any question before, we definitely now know that has feelings for Abbie.  And not only does he care about the lieutenant, but he has no effs to give about letting both Luke and Ichabod know it.  Because of his desire to protect Abbie, he tells her that the Horseman can't be killed, only trapped. 

I felt kind of bad for old Andy.  Despite the fact that he sold his soul, he really seems like he regrets it and wishes to do some good before he meets his final fate.

Abbie and Luke

Luke finally works up the nerve to ask Abbie out as friends (sure, Luke...friends) and after some fast talking on his part, she agrees.  She does tell him to temper his expectations, but agreeing to meet your ex for coffee and telling him to not to get too excited about it is like telling a kid not to get excited on Christmas Eve.  It ain't happening.  And judging by the ecstatic look on Luke's face, he's hoping for a reunion sometime in the future.

Fanart by aseieybarbie on Tumblr
He also gets a little visit from Andy, who basically threatens him and tells him to stay away from Abbie.  Poor Luke was so shaken by the visit (he was literally shaking) that when Abbie calls him later to cancel their coffee date, he won't even answer his phone.

Abbie and Ichabod

As usual, the two Witnesses work seamlessly together to capture the Headless Horseman.  Along with Captain Irving (who now fully believes everything because he finally saw Headless with his own eyes), they lay a trap for Death using paper-mache skulls and UV light.  It's a pretty ingenious plan and it works.  The team now has Headless where they want him, but we'll have to wait until next week to see how it all shakes out.

They also share a really lovely moment where they admit their loneliness--Abbie because of her Witness status and Ichabod because of his man out of time status--and Crane tells her all they get is each other.  The look that he gives her after these heartfelt words is so chocked-full of romantic tension, that if the writers aren't careful people will start shipping them despite his marital status.  Oh...wait...
And bravo to whoever it was that decided Ichabod needed to get a lesson on just what Thomas Jefferson was really doing with this slaves.  The Sally Hemings conversation carried into three scenes, with both Abbie and Irving schooling Crane on his friend's proclivities.  (But really.  He had absolutely no idea whatsoever that this type of thing was happening on the regular on plantations all over the place?  Sorry, I find that hard to believe.)
Bonus:  Captain Irving
So given Irving's utter shock at seeing the Headless Horseman in the flesh, and saying outright that he now believes everything, I'm more confused than ever.  I was under the assumption that he always knew more than he was telling and was possibly part of one of covens, but now I'm not so sure.  Either he's a really good actor or he knows nothing.  I'm still not sure which yet.


  1. You know Abbie keeps bringing up the fact that she wish they had a Witch to help out, because Ich wife is in purgatory. My thinking is Captain Irving's wife will be premiering soon played by Jill Marie Jones. I wonder if she is going to be a witch.

  2. aseieybarbie just won the internet.

    Did anybody else laugh at the montage where they're trying to destroy the skull?

    1. We finally got a return of John Cho's still-dead Andy Brooks and if there was any question before, we definitely now know that has feelings for Abbie. And not only does he care about the lieutenant, but he has no effs to give about letting both Luke and Ichabod know it.

      Strange, by the way, that it took me this long to realize it.

  3. All I know is that Orlando Jones went into the Matrix with that drop-back move.


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