Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

~ Special Edition Post ~

For old times' sake.

***As usual, spoilers***

Sorry for the 'bout of nostalgia, but I have a slight confession.  In recent weeks, I was thinking of new avenues for Black Girls' Night Out, and I was curious about what had happened to Det. Joss Carter on CBS's Person of Interest.

But then I noticed a couple of things: 1) No one was emailing me about this woman.  No one was posting updates on our Facebook or reaching out to me on Twitter, and in the Black Girl 'Sphere, that's usually very telling.

2) If you go to Person of Interest on Wikipedia,you'll notice there's pretty much the same info on Carter that there was, like, two years ago.  This told me there had been zero character development since I'd stopped watching, and that Taraji Henson's presence on the show was on borrowed time.

And then, out of the blue Andrea emails me about this show and boy...do I hate when I'm right.
Taraji P. Henson knew about her shocking "Person of Interest" fate for years.

"I knew when I signed on to do the project the character would have a beginning, middle and end," Henson said on "Late Show with David Letterman. "Because for me, I do more feature films and television is really not my thing."

Henson's character saved the day, but paid the ultimate price in the Tuesday, Nov. 19 episode of "Person of Interest." The Oscar-nominated actress said she knew her character would die, but just wasn't sure when.

...Henson told EW she was sad when she got the final script. "You portray a character for so long, you care about her and her life. But art imitates life -- it comes to an end unexpectedly. It was bittersweet, because I enjoyed portraying Carter. What a strong, powerful woman on television," she said
. (Source)

RIP, Detective. I wanted so much more for you on that show. But like I used to say...thank God for Scandal.

Rhimes & Crew are tryin' to kill us, y'all.  I'll start with the big stuff: Mama Pope chews through her own wrists to land herself in a hospital, where she kills the doctor and escapes to meet Liv at the end of the episode.

But before all that craziness, there's some other craziness we need to go over:

1 - Cyrus sinks to yet a new low with James.   Instead of putting a hit out on him this, Cyrus covertly whores his good-looking younger husband out to Sally Langston's husband, while a hired photographer hides out in the bushes and gets the goods to keep the holier-than-thou VP in check.  Why you messin' with my favorite couple, Shonda?  There weren't enough other dysfunctional couples to mess with?

And what's hilarious is, Mellie warns Cyrus against this, to which he replies, "My husband is not your husband."  At least...not until he realizes he's being used, Cy.

2 - Speaking of dysfunctional pairs, let's talk unnecessary pairs.  Why is Harrison screwing the Congressman's daughter/sister?  What was served by that non-twist?  I get that we've been harping for more Harrison, but this was not the way to go.  And do we really believe she's resigning after her idiot child-sister faked the campaign burglary?  After all the hype about Lisa Kudrow joining the cast, this is how it ends?  I think not.  I think this is just a flimsy excuse to reunite Olitz and put them back on the campaign trail together.

3 - And speaking of, Olitz returns with the drama and star-crossed romance.  Apparently, the Prez did buy land and did build a house for him and Liv in Vermont for that stupid Norman Rockwell fantasy of theirs.  When he summons her (again), he reveals the home to her, saying she should see it at least once before he sells it.  Which, of course, leads to yet another Olitz sex scene.

So there they are, screwing each other's brains out (slowly, tastefully, airbrushed and to romantic music, of course), while the Prez is supposed to be campaigning for re-election in New Hampshire, and Liv is supposed to be figuring out what happened to her mother.

Great way to prioritize, you two.

4 - Huck is on to Quinn.  And when I say "on to Quinn", I mean the episode ends with her finding him in her apartment, and the winter finale promo shows he has a power drill with her name on it.

Of course...I'm in denial and I seriously doubt Huck is really going to torture Quinn.  And I'm going to spend two weeks holding onto that doubt.


  1. And another thing, I want more couples of color. The interracial theme on here is nice and all, but I'm seeing plenty of white couples - happy, unhappy, functional, dysfunctional - and no happy couples of color. I want to see happy black couples, happy blacktino couples, happy blasian couples. Now, please.

    1. Very true...one thing I notice too is that in MOST of the interracial couples, it's a BM with a non-black (usually white woman), so Scandal is rare in that the woman is black (although she's a mistress so clearly not a great situation).
      I just can't think it's an accident when TV has no problem showing black men pursuing white women but not the other way around. I've been watching Season 3 of Luther and I hate how the only black woman on the show hates Luther but also hate how he is always bending over backwards saving white women and his love interests are always white.
      It's like, okay, if we are being color-blind then some of these black men should occasionally find a black girl. Sometimes.
      So I love me some Columbus Short but I feel like if they flesh him out (I haven't watched this week's episode so don't tell me if I'm right) he'll have a white women he is pining for somewhere.
      And if you watch Arrow, they have two black male characters, one who is the rich husband of a white lady and another who just got tortured to save his white lady (2 weeks after dumping a black lady b/c he didn't have enough time. So you do'nt have enough time to handle the local black lady but you have time to go to Russia and get kidnapped and tortured for the white girl).
      I swear, I need to catalog all of the interracial couples I've seen recently and see how often they involve a black woman.
      Here's to hoping that we see Abbie hitting the sheets with someone. I'll have to post my thoughts on her on the Sleepy Hollow threads..

    2. I love the idea of IR couples being on Scandal but it would be nice if the did have more non-White mixed on there. I wouldn't mind if Huck was involved in it somehow. I remembered an episode where he was involved with a woman and they had a kid together. I was sure if his ex wife played a Black woman or Latina( Im assuming Black),but he seems to always seem busy and about the crack up. He's needs a social life..lol.

    3. Huck's wife was Latina(and since Huck is Cuban American in real life I assumed his character was Latino too) but definitely had some African roots. His other lover was the white killer.
      There aren't a lot of non-black minorities left on the show. The only other one was that hot Peruvian guy who used to be on Lost, and he was white enough to "pass" and I think most of his characters are just plain white.
      I still say that if people are chasing, some of them some be chasing black women for more than just being a side piece. I'm a black woman and see us getting pushed to the bottom of the beauty pyramid way too much which is totally laughable, so I will not apologize for being very selfish with my preference here.

    4. Damn, Nicthommi. And I was just about to start watching Luther. But I'm over this BMWW shit. I am.

    5. Yeah, and he's like a producer on that show so I'm like, really Idris?
      I mean, he doesn't run around talking trash about BW like Taye Diggs and Terrance Howard and Tyrese, but again, it's like, why did you find the RADA trained black actress and use her as the person who is fueling a blood feud against you?
      It's a great show but it's odd to me that way. And we know London isn't some color-blind utopia so it's kind of weird that they don't acknowledge race at all.

  2. Yeah, Shonda has a thing with interracial couples, especially involving blacks. These superficial story lines, if you can call it that, she keeps giving Harrison are insulting. They don't even last more than one episode.

    As for Liv's mom, I'm not gonna lie, I almost threw up when she started biting her wrists. I couldn't watch, but hey the woman's determined. You mentioned not seeing any black couples but Liv's mom and dad, as bad as their secrets are, they did seem to love each other. Watching them I was thinking they look so sweet together, until of course work kicks back in. I wonder how the interaction between Liv and her mother will go. Can't wait until next week. I hope we start learning stuff about Liv's mom right off the bat and not dragging things out until the end of the season. i don't need to know everything but at least why she was taken off that plane.

    And the last thing I'm gonna mention is Cyrus and James. When Cyrus basically used James once again I was hoping James would find out and cheat on him. When Sally Langston's husband told James all those things, I was like, I would have slept with that guy, took pictures of it and sent it straight to Cyrus. Which is what happened, sort of. I don't think James actually did anything with Sally's husband, but just staged it to get back at Cyrus. I think Mellie, being the ever so mean girl, completely set that up. When she warns Cyrus about cheating spouses and he completely full of himself replies, " My husband is not your husband." She went in for the kill with the whole open marriage thing. I loved it.

    1. You mentioned not seeing any black couples but Liv's mom and dad, as bad as their secrets are, they did seem to love each other.

      They're not a happy functional couple. I want to see a happy functional couple where all the members are POC and nothing bizarre is going on.

      I think Mellie, being the ever so mean girl, completely set that up.

      Really? That would be interesting.

    2. True. And could it not be a comedy. It seems the only time you see a loving black couple/ family it's in a comedy show, so there's always that excuse for the dysfunction, comic relief. Its like they're saying this couple/family isn't to be taken seriously just laughed at. Like blacks loving each other is a joke. They're only serious about their love for each other in the "very special episode". I would like to see a drama series featuring loving, multidimensional black couple or family that go through trials and tribulations, happiness and triumphs, a final true depiction of us.

    3. Thank you...how could you call Liv's parents relationship functional when for some reason he has had her locked up for 20 years and was pretty nasty in telling her that she couldn't know anything about her daughter and didn't know anything about her (although he doesn't either since he packed her up as soon as her mom "died.")
      Tell me again how a couple where one person knowingly has the other locked up and is about to send her to oblivion is a nice black couple.
      Hollywood definitely promotes the idea that the white couples or white women are the ideal and that when black people get a chance, they marry white.

    4. Maybe it was just the chemistry between the actors I was seeing. We still haven't heard Liv's mom side of the story. Liv's dad could have had her locked up to protect her for all we know. Look what happened to the other passengers on that plane. I just would prefer to see a black couple on tv that has multi dimensions. I want to see the couple go through a range of emotions; love, joy, hurt, anger etc. Not a couple that always fights but a not a black "Leave It To Beaver" either. I'd like to see a multi faceted realistic couple.

    5. I feel like you're reaching b/c again, he was WAY too hostile with her for me to see any POSITIVE chemistry. They do not come off like they were every a happy couple. If that looks like positive chemistry to you then I don't know what to say about you.
      And the problem with showing that when black people are together they are always dysfunctional and even our relationships with others are dysfunctional (unless it's a BM and WW) sends a really bad message.
      White people get represeted in enough ways and in general are assigned the MOST positive stereotype. On TV, we actually probably do need to be a bit lighter b/c anything negative will be pathologized...black people don't know how to have functional relationships, their men make babies with their women and don't marry them, if they someone get married the men cheat or are abusive.
      So we actually might need to go back to a Cliff and Clair Huxtable kind of marriage in a drama. Just for people to get that it can happen.

  3. I was so angry about Carter's death. The writers gave us that beautiful moment between her and Reese. Each showed the other their battle scars and John kissed her. It was revealed that the kiss was unscripted and the actor, Caviezel, surprised Henson. So the basically canonized John's feelings for Carter and promptly killed her. Can't have black women being happy and loved, now can we?

    And I felt it was so cheap because it was almost like they killed her to give Reese man pain. I couldn't see the purpose her death served, not even for John's development because, if the previews are any indication, he's basically reverted to old S1 John.

    A waste of a brilliant character.

    1. Yes. Careese is canon. At least on his end. And he basically tells her repeatedly in the last episode that if he died, there is no one he'd rather be with. He essentially told her he loved her. She died in his arms with him sobbing over her.

    2. Yeah, I'm feeling ya about Reese. I just felt that she was just there and nothing else while they put other female guests on the show basically taking her place.It made Carter look useless. I wonder how many times Taranji felt duped with them doing this?Why bother to put her on the show if she wasn't going to be properly utilized for anything.

      I was reading where the ratings on the show was beginning to slip but it didn't surprise me. POI was a good show,but it couldn't have even better if they would have let Carter played more of a role in the series and there are some people who are scared that this show isn't going to do well without her.Now I really believe it's going down the toilet.

      A couple of weeks ago, I seen a little of Carter and thought that maybe the shows producers were going to do something her because I seen more of her in it. I wished that I would have seen that POI when Reese and Carter kissed. Why bother? that isn't enough to make up for the absence of her character. Far as I'm concerned, it was a blip on the map just to please us.

      On another post, I' ve mentioned that there are supposed to be some changes on Twisted. I think that a lot of these creators of these shows are coming to the conclusion that they cannot take their minority characters for granted. I was reading on Imbd.com where the Twisted is supposed to making changes surrounding Kylie Bunbury's character( Lacey) after her fans wrote their displeasure of her of the portrayal of her character and her storyline behind it.

      Although I still haven't looked at almost human yet, I'm just happy to know that Michael Ealy is getting a lot of accolades for the show( though I still struggle with him being the humanoid). These days it just seem that there are more successes of minorities being on these shows. the last time I seen quality shows was when the Cosby show was out. I haven't watched a lot of TV since then and you can imagine how long ago that was.

    3. Oops..meant to say Carter in the first line of the first paragraph

    4. @ llama

      Yes. Careese is canon. At least on his end. And he basically tells her repeatedly in the last episode that if he died, there is no one he'd rather be with. He essentially told her he loved her. She died in his arms with him sobbing over her.

      These assholes...what the point? If they were just going to play the "Careese" card, then kill her off...what was the point?

    5. Which is precisely what many poi and Carter fans were asking. Folks were pissed and deeply saddened, myself among them. Many vowed to stop watching. I was one of them.

      The moment that they shared was beautifully done. There was a part where Carter was talking about her c-section and the camera cut to Reese...the man practically had hearts in his eyes. Why create something so beautiful and heartfelt just to destroy it? Misery porn, I suppose. Next episode, John is out for blood.

    6. Well, I got to at least seen some of the last episode with Taranji. I'm so pissed,but maybe I shouldn't so shocked considering that she was hardly seen on POI. In spite of the tragedy that took place with Carter, it was sad but beautiful..at least it could have been.

      What could have been *sigh* but wasn't. I mean, I will have to agree with you on a post you wrote in the past when you were watching POI. It's unbelievable that between all these guys ,she couldn't get a flirt or one of the guy feeling uneasy around her because of a crush they could have had on her? I'm sorry, it was evident Reese had feelings for her after he kissed her. You just don't mention those kind words and kiss your colleague unless there is a little something. Far as I'm concerned , that was a waste of time.

      I like Taranji's character and she's going to be missed. I don't think it would be easy to replace her if they could. She had a great personality that cant be duplicated. I see that show going -32.

      I concur. John had feelings for her and maybe...just maybe they'll let him be pissed off with her killer after Carter's death. I wonder about Carter's son. Will Reese protect him?

    7. I haven't watched POI because thanks to this blog, I found out Taraji was hardly utilized in the show. Yeah, I was so not there for that BS and have seen enough black "leads" relegated to glorified extras to last a lifetime.

      I only managed to catch Carter's last episode because my grandma happened to change the channel a few minutes before the end. The kiss definitely caught me off guard considering I thought the writers were trying to pair John with that emotionally vacant woman --drawing a blank on her name atm. But I thought it was done nicely and then boom! She's gone. Like... What even...? What was the point? Although I believe, as another commenter mentioned, that this is nothing but a gateway to a season full of man pain.

      All I have to say is I'm glad that I wasn't invested in this show or else I'd be completely gutted. Thank God for this blog!

    8. I haven't watched POI because thanks to this blog, I found out Taraji was hardly utilized in the show. Yeah, I was so not there for that BS and have seen enough black "leads" relegated to glorified extras to last a lifetime.

      ...Thank God for this blog!

      *blushes* We try.

  4. I'm grateful that you put the Hulu.com. Otherwise, I would have missed out on a goody.

    Let me start of Olivia's mom.My god, I was surprised that she didn't bite her jugular vein while she was in jail. Yuck! I almost got sick looking at it. Just when I thought that Olivia's father mom seems content with each other it was snatched away. I cannot wait until the next Scandal to see where Candi and Olivia's meeting will go.

    Speaking of Miss Olivia she made me soooo mad ! I can't believe that she fell prey to Mr. Obsessive( the president) againand again. I know that she didn't fall for him because he built a house for them,but it just seemed like...oooh!...how could she?! I hope that one day Jake will help her to wake and smell the coffee because she is about to make me sick! As I said, the president gets obsessive and obsessive everytime he isn't with Olivia and that is scary. I don't know if i would want to be with a man like that President or not

    I've always liked Harrison,but I think that I'm falling in love with him..lol! I don't know...he seem so authoritive, talk about a commander in chief, though he's a senator. It just make him seem kinda of sexy there, especially when he Candice "staying up past her bedtime." Hee-Hee Cyrus was right about Daniel for good reason and Cyrus is going to misinterpret that. He( Daniel) is a plain snake in the grass.
    No I also don't think that Huck is going to do in Quinn. If anybody that Huck would have hurt was Olivia's dad and he said that he wasn't going to kill him, though by right ,he deserves what is coming to him but he probably will disown her as a friend and confidant.

    1. Well, since your jugular is in your neck I'm not sure how you'd bit it...
      If Harrison wants to keep my love he better not step out with any homely white girls again.

    2. I really could see Harrison with Sanaa. Both of their character personalities are similar and she can play wife, girlfriend, mistress etc..I just love her acting. Harrison really needs to be placed somewhere and I hoping that he will.

      Gotta a point about the jugular vain..lol, I can only imagine that. but I'm just amazed of how Olivia mom could do that.OMFG! I can't wait to next weeks(or the week after) to see how the reception of them will be.

  5. Nolan said that nobody on the show was safe, but I think that the ratings are going to tank after Henson's departure. Creators and writers better recognize.....

    And I agree. A beautiful and intelligent woman like Carter would not go unnoticed. I could have seen Fosco and even Finch developing a crush on her. Shaw too if she liked women.

    I can only hope that Caviezel and Henson get to play characters that fall in love in another story perhaps. Their chemistry is incredible.

  6. Olitz. *shakes head* Why, Shonda? Why? WHY? Is the dick THAT good? Is it worth all of the hell and heartache Olivia goes through? Sweet baby Jaysus, that makes no sense. Didn't Liv lose money over this relationship? How can any reasonably smart sistah fuck with her paper like that? Lawd...

    1. I find the timing of this love scene between Fitz and Olivia suspect. It's sort of out of the blue and doesn't make sense to the storyline we've been shown from the latter half of last season up until this point. Shonda has been pretty careful in the past to show us Olitz as flashbacks as a way to keep that chemistry front and center, but not put Olivia in the situation as the "current" side piece.

      When they slept together in the present before, it was because Fitz had literally made the decision to leave Mellie and was presumably not going back (not that it made it right mind, but at least the audience knew where her head was at and could excuse it). In this instance, she and Fitz just straight up cheated. Out of left field and for no apparent reason other than they couldn't control their hormones. Storyline-wise it doesn't really make a whole lick of sense because it's not like they've been building up to this moment since the season started. It's not a natural extension of anything we've seen on screen over the past several episodes, imo. I say all that to say that I have a sneaking suspicion that Shonda may be setting it up to write Kerry's unexpected pregnancy into the show. I could be wrong of course, but that would make the most sense. Otherwise, I can't for the life of me figure out what the point of that was. Not from a storytellng standpoint anyway.

    2. I'm sorry, I'd be all over Agent Felicity. He doesn't have a woman and he saved her life...plus I get that she kind of saved his career but again, how is this woman working with HARRISON every day and hasn't at some point thrown him down on her desk. Is she BLIND? And DEAF? B/c yeah, that voice...

    3. I say all that to say that I have a sneaking suspicion that Shonda may be setting it up to write Kerry's unexpected pregnancy into the show.

      That could quite possibly be the death of the show.

    4. Excellent point...one that I'm not comfortable with.I pray to god that it won't be the case.

    5. I hope not, plus Kerry Washington is skinny enough that they can hide her pregnancy prety well if they want to. A baby would make no kind os sense. I hope they don't do that.

    6. but again, how is this woman working with HARRISON every day and hasn't at some point thrown him down on her desk.


  7. Also..there was another interesting thing behind that Reese and Carter kiss. Nolan said that it was unscripted. Wow! I knew something was different about it because it didn't seem forced. With that, he said that Taranji can( or supposedly can) come back to the show whenever she feel like it.

    Man, that don't make a bit a sense whatsoever. I even think that the interviewer was just as baffled as I in asking why they didn't he let the romance or her stay? Supposedly, Carter is supposed to be dead,but let say that she decides to come back on POI, I wonder what they are will do with her: bring her back from the dead? IDK. I'm just hoping that it won't be what I call a "Days Of Lives "kind of thing,,where the Stefano dies and lives millions of times..which is why I stopped watching this soap opera years ago..lol!

    1. She can return, but only in flashbacks. So she's still going to be dead.

      Nolan said that all of the characters will bite it at some point. If that's the case, I would love it if Reese's final thoughts were of Carter. I wouldn't mind her returning that way.

    2. She can return, but only in flashbacks. So she's still going to be dead.

      So she can return pre-unscripted-kiss. That's mighty convenient for the writers.

    3. Yep ,really nice of them to do ...yay! *sarcasm *

  8. Interestingly, Carter had the most to do during Season 3 until her death. Her character was utilized the most. I guess the writers wanted her to go out with a bang. She was a super badass during her last 9 episodes. Great character, and many viewers have complained about Nolan's decision to kill her off the show. Although she may still have had some detractors at the end, Joss Carter actually is still loved by the Person of Interest fandom overall. That is interesting because fandom usually hates black women.

    I think what pisses off the POI fanbase right now is that the writers wrote such good material for Carter in Season 3 and Taraji P. Henson's acting was excellent, so to kill her when she is FINALLY being utilized to the best of her abilities...gah.

  9. **Update**

    This post now includes the unscripted kiss.


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