Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope (#MamaPopeLives)

What the...?

***So, like, spoilers or whatever***

Um...can we talk?  What was that last night?  What was that?

First, let's start with the whole Fitz's-dad-raped-Mellie-thing (yeah, you read that shit correctly).

If so, then why were they all huggy-friendly-kissy in Season 2 back when no writer in their right mind would even think to come up with that fucked up, creepy-ass storyline?

Look, I know that Rhimes & Crew want to keep the story going, keep the momentum, well, momenting, but I think this is one of those subplots they're going to regret. And how does Bellamy Young feel about this ish?

Oh wait...somebody already asked her:
I found out at the table read -- publicly -- and it was harrowing, I won't lie. It's the chance of the lifetime to have material like this and to have such a rich episode for them to trust me with is humbling and terrifying, wonderful and a blessing. But that scene, to find out cold and reading it with everyone else at the table was like life -- not to say reading it at a table is going through it in real life by any measure -- but you numb out. Those events in life are so shocking was you numb out, those events in life are so shocking that you're not reading it with grace or aplomb; you're just getting through it. Barry is such a beautiful actor, and it was written so viciously -- [showrunner] Shonda [Rhimes] was clear in her vision of what she wanted it to be. It was a sobering table read.

So there's that...and the fact the Prez's son may actually be his brother.

Moving onto Quinn. Why was nobody watching that child? Huck is going to live to regret shutting her out "for her own good" and Harrison is going to regret he didn't do more than just "ground" her.   Quinn is now the property of B613 and this is most certainly not going to end well. And since when is Charlie back on good terms with Rowan? Did I miss something? I mean, last I checked, didn't Rowan put a hit out on Charlie?  And the kissing...*shudder*.  I hope Katie Lowes is drawing a big check for that!

And now...the big thing that's on everybody's lips: Mama Pope Lives.

That's right; y'all called it.  And I can't really say much more than "Liv's mother is still alive", because the show promptly at that revelation (including the fact she's being held in a maximum security prison under some guy's name).

And by the way, in the flashbacks, Cyrus mentions his "wife" which, I felt, was akin to hearing blasphemy.

Oh, and can we talk about Sally Langston's husband being gay?  And hitting on James in full view of Cyrus????


  1. Shonda's going to force me back into watching this crap. Bad weave and all, I love me some Khandi Alexander.

    Rape and/or abuse in general as a plot device is indicative of the ridiculous state of Hollywhite. Shonda needs to give her writing staff a good kick in the tush. Then again, she might be too distracted by her other jobs to even pay that much attention to Scandal.

    1. Rape and/or abuse in general as a plot device is indicative of the ridiculous state of Hollywhite.

      I mean, really...WTF???? This show has entered full dysfunctional soap opera mode. I don't see it lasting more than 4 seasons if it continues to do shit like this.

      I mean...if they want to go with the "it's not his baby" storyline, why not just give Mellie a sexy fling of her own?

    2. I know! But, you know what? Something I've seen tossed out on forums that *really* bothers me is this undertone that being a rape victim is ok, but if you want to date around/sleep with someone then you're basically the scum of the earth, you "need to respect your body", "show people how to treat you", "have dignity", etc. They'll backpedal and say "whores/sluts/bitches/cunts can be male or female!" but it's bull. All it takes is for one woman that they don't like to sleep with one guy and she becomes a whore. I've seen this attached to black women (obviously), but in this case, Mellie is a female character that some fans don't like, and isn't "nice" so she's a whore. If she cheated on Fitz, well, an even bigger whore! Oh she was raped? She didn't mean to do it? Oh, we'll it's ok then. I feel like the subplot gave into this mentality… maybe this should be in the bitchfest, lol, but I totally agree with you.

  2. You told us so.

    I just thought that Olivia's mom was going to be done through memories. I didn't think that she was alive because one it was said that her mom died and Millie ? Wow! someone on TwiTter joked about Fitz's son being his little brother. I wouldn't be surprised if that would be the case. Ya just never know what will happen with Scandal..lol!

    1. Girl I knew she was alive as soon as I saw Khandi Alexander. You don't put Khandi Alexander in a dollar store wig for a cameo...

  3. I hope the shows main focus will be on the Popes, especially what mama Pope has been doing all these years. That was about the only plot that made since to me. Mellie being raped by Fitz's father, I was like, "What was the point of that?" I guess it was to give Mellie more of a background as the self sacrificing wife. I too think they will regret that plot, if it doesn't really go anywhere in the present since his dad is dead now. Cyrus mentioning his wife, I think he was just hiding the fact he was gay from the republikkkans or possibly just being sarcastic about his partner at the time. Quinn's an idiot. I don't see her actually becoming part of B613, she too dumb. As for The Langston's, I got kind of a swingers vibe from them. I think they're both hiding something.

    1. I hope the shows main focus will be on the Popes, especially what mama Pope has been doing all these years.

      Ooh, preach. Like these side plots are nice and all, but come on. We all know why we're here.

      As for The Langston's, I got kind of a swingers vibe from them. I think they're both hiding something.

      You think maybe Sally doesn't bat for the opposite team either?

    2. I think both Langston's go where the spirit moves them; same sex, opposite sex, group sex. You know how some of these ultra conservative Christians are.

  4. This woman gave up her job, her ambitions, her morals, all in pursuit of this man's dreams and is constantly treated like shit. The rape scene honestly came right-the-fuck outta nowhere. tv-tropes would call it "gratuitous rape". it seems like every show now is using it as some demented sort of writing shortcut.


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