Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

So let me ask y'all this: do we really believe Olivia's mom is still alive?  I mean, yeah...there's Khandi Alexander in the flashbacks, but do we seriously believe she played dead for over twenty years and never thought to reach out to her grieving daughter?

Hm.  *side-eye*  Something's not adding up.

Though I hate to admit it, last week's episode raised more questions.  Fitz didn't seem to realize he helped ice the boss's wife, and since Daddy Pope's grief seemed genuine, I think her death was his punishment.

I mean, that's how it works, right?

In the meantime, I'm glad Liv decided to help Josie Marcus run for President rather than Fitz.  Fitz needs to go, and he needs to take Sally with him.  I like seeing Liv work for someone - anyone - who isn't the Prez. And I like the idea of her and Jake or, again anyone, who isn't the goddamn Prez.  I'm just hoping she doesn't change her mind and go crawling back to him, because if you read the comments on Hulu, there's a widespread concern about that ish.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party has invaded Scandal, y'all and it's starting to make the politics of the show seem more real.  At first I twitched, but then a part of me wondered what took so long for them to rear their heads.  Then I realized it's "election season" on Scandal and pretty much that time of the year.

As always, Cyrus and James remain my favorite couple, and Quinn is being "groomed" by B613, which is really cause for concern.  I can only imagine what they're conditioning this girl to do.  I'm truly at a loss; I can't even guess what they would want with her, but girlie ought to have more sense when Charlie shows up at her favorite firing range and starts saying all the things Huck won't say.  Mm-hm.

And can we talk about Mellie being all glowy and gushy on getting Olivia back?  How hilarious, especially when she's furious that Fitz drives her away.  I can't even describe the scene; you have to see it for yourself:


  1. mellie has finally cracked is what it is.

    1. It's so weird, but I think it's Mellie's competing interests, and her internal struggle. I think she wants to live out the dream of being First Lady b/c she gave up so much for it, and believes Olivia is the only way to keep that.
      But then there is the part of her that wants to keep her man, and the way he keeps banging his mistress in her face.
      I don't think it's crazy so much as she wants two things that are mutually exclusive and she doesn't want to accept that, and which one she wants more seems to vary from week to week.
      Sometimes I think she is willing to settle for the glamour of being First Lady b/c even if her husband won't divorce her, she has lost his heart (and it sounds like she's lost little Fitz too).

    2. Oooooh...good point. She's conflicted because the things she wants aren't in harmony. Fascinating.

  2. What?! No mention of Harrison possibly FINALLY getting a storyline? I was interested in that the most. Who is that guy ( cant remeber his name) and why does he want Harrison dead? Bigger question why does Cyrus want the guy in the country so bad.

    I do think Olivia's mom is dead but I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of the season Liv is pulled into another car and... "Mom?!"

    True, Liv need to get as far away from the prez as possible hopefully the revelation he killed her mom will do it

    And Mellie, she just wants to win by any means, I guess.

    1. oh yes! forgot about that bit! it really bothered me that everyone else had these comblex stories where it kinda HAD to be Olivia saving them, meanwhile Harrison is all...."i was gonna go to jail for whateverthefuck".

    2. Who is that guy ( cant remeber his name) and why does he want Harrison dead? Bigger question why does Cyrus want the guy in the country so bad.

      Cyrus is punishing Harrison for not getting Liv to work for the White House.

      And yes, Harrison is getting a storyline, but I'm neither intrigued nor impressed. It was poorly introduced, as though it was scribbled as an afterthought after fans clamored for more Harrison.

      Could we see where he lives? Whom he dates? What about his family? He spent 3 days in prison and Liv bailed him out - what a lame-ass back-story. Quinn was the Molotov Mistress. Abbie was the beaten ex-wife of a politician. Huck was in B613.

      When it comes to Harrison - arguably the best-looking and one of the best-acting men on the whole damn show - the writers are imaginatively impotent and their work is weak. Thus, a perfectly good actor with a perfectly needed character becomes one of the show's weaker links.

      And the mosty annoying part of it all is that OPA wouldn't function without Harrison. Like I said before, there are times when I have trouble believing that office even belongs to Liv. Harrison runs that shit. He worries about the bills and he tracks down potential clients. He alerts Liv when things are getting too "weird" at the office and that their staff is getting too colorful (ex-spies, etc). He reminds Liv to stop mooning over the Prez like a sniveling twit, and focus on her own career and her own life.

    3. Yeah but I'm not ready to buy that it was just thrown together, at least not yet. Had this show been written by anyone else I would've just chalk it up to "business as usual' token/background black character, but could Shonda Rhimes sink that low? Hopefully it will get deeper with Harrison.

    4. She's trying to juggle characters and ratings. Remember...this show wasn't initially about conspiracy drama, it was about fixing clients drama. But the ratings were low, so she had to revamp the show ASAP. Okay, well now, she's got all these characters and I don't really think she and her writing staff know what to do with all of them, especially when Henry Ian Cusick jumped ship (for which he's no doubt kicking himself now) after Season 1, throwing off whatever plan she initially had.

    5. Hope that Shonda isn't overworking herself. She's supposed to be doing a third project. With figuring out what she's going to do with the characters on Scandal, being/writing Grey's Anatomy and the project, that it enough to blow you over.

      Far as Columbus's character, I think that it would be nice if he becomes more developed. He's an interesting guy and not just some random Black to just be there. l like how his character plays a strong team leader( Still liked when he mentioned the Gladiators vs the Bs part). Somebody like him deserves a bigger role.

      I agree, they should have taken their time to fully develop Harrison. I think him and Kerry play well together.

    6. Well, if a man has a plane with nearly 400 people shot down to kill you, which I'm sure was Joe Morton's motive, I think staying underground actually does make sense, no matter how much you love your baby girl. If that man means for you to be dead and you wind up being not dead, well, he will throw you in a box and cut a piece of you off just a little bit at a time. And honestly, that man would threaten Liv to torment her mother if she is alive and he knew it. So It actually rings true for me.

      Lisa Kudrow is doing a good job but dang if she isn't a volatile client. You can tell that Liv is not used to people going off like that.

      Did Henry Ian Cusick jump ship or get booted? That is a sexy dude. He's no Harrison, but yeah, I think he's half-Peruvian which kind of explains that little extra I was feeling for him. For some reason I always thought he was fired. And that would have been a lot of people to juggle.
      I want Harrison's story to be where he marries me. That voice. Every.Day.Forever. Happily Ever After. Then End.

    7. Well, if a man has a plane with nearly 400 people shot down to kill you, which I'm sure was Joe Morton's motive, I think staying underground actually does make sense, no matter how much you love your baby girl.

      That's just it. I'm not sure he did. I think he got the Huck treatment (after all, Daddy Pope wasn't always "Command"). He thought he could get away with having a family, and his wife's plane was down as a warning shot. So he sent his daughter away to distant boarding schools, and once he became Command, he tried to rekindle their relationship.

      At least...that's my theory for now.

    8. Good point...but if that is the case, how did he get away with having a daughter. B/c we see that Huck so far has not been able to see his child except in the chance encounter in the subway.
      Joe Morton is a good actor. Daddy Pope is cold. Like 70's Blaxploitation villain cold.

    9. Compromise. You don't get to be Command by being mediocre or replaceable. You get there by being indispensable; I'm guessing Daddy Pope had the creds to negotiate. His daughter got to live on the grounds that she wasn't a visible part of his life and didn't distract him from his work.

      Again...just a theory.

    10. Oh right...she did get sent away to school early like a British kid. Well, not quite as early, I guess 12 (I've heard the joke that the Brits send them off as soon as they are weened but it really is amazing that kids will be away at school in like 1st or 2nd grade). She was out of the house after her mom died. I was going to say, was that a message to HIM, but 400 innocent people is a high body count ot teach someone a lesson.

  3. I kind of feel like they wouldn't use someone like Khandi Alexander if Mama Pope wasn't alive. You don't waste Khandi Alexander on flashbacks.
    Did people have other guesses about who Mama Pope would be...just from a stylistic perspective, I think I'd have thought Lynn Whitfield, or if she was younger Diahann Carroll. However, I could see Khandi playing the kind of woman that Joe Morton would get rid of b/c she isn't the kind of woman he can control, and he see how he deals with disobedience.
    But considering how high Kerry Washington's weave game is, I'm a bit disappointed how they played Khandi with that wig.

    1. But considering how high Kerry Washington's weave game is, I'm a bit disappointed how they played Khandi with that wig.


  4. Y'all know I don't watch the show, but man I love reading the recaps and the commentary.

  5. After watching the last episode again and remembering things from past episode said by Olivia's dad about her mother and now reading some of y'all's theories, I'm starting to think that Olivia's mom was B613 not her dad. Maybe her dad had to take the place of her mom to protect Olivia. Think about it, both Olivia and her dad went by the same last name, until he joined B613 and became "Rowan", but her mom used her maiden name, the scene where she's telling Olivia goodbye before she leaving to get on the plane, I got vibes as if she knew something could happen, and in one episode I remember Liv's dad telling Liv., now I don't remember the actual quote but it was somewhere along the lines of " funny, you think that was your mother's legacy". B613 knew about Huck's family but never tried to kill them, just him. So I'm starting to think maybe Liv's mom disobeyed orders and was killed.

    1. They did threaten Huck's family. When he tried to run wit his family they were outside and let him know that they knew about the family and what the consequences would be if he didn't fall into line and abandone them.
      So I count that as "threatening his family"...to the point that it made him crazy and he has never even tried to watch them...it's why he was watching OTHER families, and then that lady killed "his family". Poor Huck, I'm surprised he can function at all b/c he doesn't even work for those people anymore and they still won't let him even have the illusion of what they made him give up.


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