How NOT to Cosplay: A Pictorial in One Easy Step

A handy lesson for white folks who want to cosplay as Michonne from The Walking Dead (or any other black character in case that needs to be spelled out).

DON'T do this:

That is all.

(If you really want to have some fun, go and read the comments.  Most people gave her hell, but you know there always have to be a few ignorant souls who defend the indefensible.)


  1. These fools find any reason to wear blackface then whine, " How is it racist?" Maybe if the finally admitted that the hated themselves and wished they were black this wouldn't be as offensive.

    1. Yeah..we're suppose to be the ugliest people on earth but yet they want to pet our hair, mimic our physical traits and go tanning.. or do the blackface. To me people who are supposed to be anti Black seem to obsess in everything that we do and have..it's amazing.. lol!

      I remembered watching Superman and in one of the segments of the movie, Clarke's father summarized how being different should be seen as blessing. That is how I feel as a Black woman. I love being me and no matter how many folks down my community, I still love me. I don't see myself as a curse because if that people were freaks, as I said before, they wouldn't mimic who we are. I rather be "different" than part of the societal norm.

    2. It's like Paul Mooney says...
      Kim Kardashian has made $60M by transforming her body into that of a curvy black woman. They praise her figure but you couldn't swing a dead cat in Atlanta or Houston without hitting a black woman who had all of that and more naturally. Yet we are so gross.

    3. Lip injections $600, butt implants $4000-$10,000, tanning salon session $35, trying to convince the world that white women are the most beautiful and valuable women in the world that black women can't compete with... Priceless

      Blonde or red straight weave $8.99, blue or green contacts $11.99, skin bleaching cream $3.99, trying to convince the world that white women are the most beautiful and valuable women in the world that black women can't compete with... Priceless

      Thousands of dollars to look like us. You barely break a twenty to look like them.

    4. *flatlines*

      *hops in casket*


    5. Hear about the latest "trend"? It's short hair now. All of a sudden, people are wanting shorter hair. Funny, Black women have all hair types and lengths of hair. White (racist) society laughed and stereotyped for having short hair,now they want it. I'm thankful for Black women like Tony Braxton, Halle Berry and Amber Rose for always celebrating their short hair. Black women embrace all types of hair lengths and bald heads but it's the thing now.All of this just remind me ofBo Derek..with out the braids. Braid weren't pretty to society on our heads but the craze was there when she wore it.How hypocritical is that?

    6. M, I feel you. Tell me why when I typed in "dreds" on Google, pictures of all white people pop up in the images section? I had to type in "dreds on black women". Apparently, we're no longer the default for that either. A hairstyle that originated with us!

  2. Ugh....she looks beyond ridiculous! It's bad enough that shes using black face,but darn.. couldn't she at least made herself look good in it?(sarcasm). She looks like something had exploded in her face and the residue got splattered on it. Last year ,Neo-prodigy (I think) did a story about a Black cosplayer portraying a superhero and the racist didn't like it.Talk about calling the kettle Black?

  3. And we're going to have to go over this NEXT year. AGAIN. >_<


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