Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Um...fuck American football.

I ain't shittin' on nobody who's a fan of the sport, but I cannot believe I had to miss this week's episode because of that shit.  I didn't even think it aired this week until a coworker told me.  I just finished it and I...am...speechless.

***As usual, spoilers***

Huck and Quinn

The opening torture scene between these two had my jaw on the floor (I didn't think he'd do it!!!!).  When he talked about his methods and started getting off on torturing "family" (hence his friends and family "discount"), I shuddered and felt really uncomfortable.  Like, I'm all about Huck being weird and the living definition of fucked up, but if Jake Ballard can still present us with some semblance of normalcy after 22 years of "being enslaved" by B613, then Huck really has no excuse.

James, Cyrus, and the Langstons

Daaaaaaaamn...Shonda went there, y'all.  Not only does Cyrus start to reap what he's sown (and though I love Jeff Perry, it's about goddamn time), we see he's overdone himself on this one.  By whoring out his husband, Cyrus has set things into motion he cannot control.  1) James wants a divorce.  2) Sally doesn't back down.  3) Her husband Danny Douglas ends up dead on her office floor, and for some reason, the first people she calls is Cyrus.

By the way, this wasn't a Mellie-centric episode, but she doesn't have one of the best lines about infidelity: "It hurts until it doesn't."  This was so poignant; TV and films make infidelity out to be like the end of the world; if your significant other cheats on you, then The Worst Thing's just happened, and you should kill yourself.  No.  This is how some people keep their SOs in check; that unspoken threat to be unfaithful if they step out of line.  This line killed all of that.  It hurts.  Then you get over it.  Then you get back up.

The drama is really ramped up during this episode. It’s like every storyline that has been building up (except Harrison’s, because…Harrison) is finally converging in this one hour. (Source)
Remember that ill-fated BGNO series on Granger and Kopelson (with Kelly McCreary and Aja Naomi King)? Kelly McCreary showed up to do a forgery favor for Harrison. After the two share a lingering look, she coyly mentions that Adnan Salif says hi.

Kelly McCreary as "Clare Tucker"

The Popes


Just when you think this family can't get anymore dysfunctional...woooooooooow.

Liv tries to rescue her mom, moving her from safehouse to safehouse, mobilizing Gladiators in the form of a resistance cell, and then even getting the Prez on board to rescue Khandi Alexander Mama Pope.  Meanwhile, Daddy Pope has put out a bulletin for "Marie Wallace" - not Maya Lewis - accusing her of various acts of terror.  After putting her mother on a military plane to Hong Kong, Liv suddenly realizes why she can't stop thinking about the morning her mother left.  The scene is on loop throughout the episode, with Michael Jackson's (RIP) "Ben" playing.  Turns out, after Mama Pope left that morning 20 years ago, her "friend" called back and Liv answered.  Mama Pope's friend asked to speak with "Marie."

And just when we think Daddy Pope will prevail, we find out Quinn bought her freedom from Huck by promising to kill Daddy Pope.  The show ends with Quinn manipulating her way into his office (by seducing Charlie, of all things) and we see her stealthily uncap a syringe.


  1. I didn't think Huck was gonna do it either. And he got a little too much enjoyment out of it too.
    I didn't think James actually did anything but I'm glad he did. I hope James does leave Cyrus. Cyrus is vindictive and conniving.
    Sally killing her husband then calling Cyrus, I think she's going to try and frame him for murder or at least I hope she does. That would be juicy.
    As for Harrison, I don't know what history he has with Claire Tucker but their meeting look interesting and perhaps this Adnan Salif business will become an actual storyline.

  2. Awww man.. I really didn't think he would torture Quinn like that. I had to keep one eye open and closed in case he did and he did go there OMG! Just when I thought Daddy Pope was the bad guy ,it actually turns out that it could be the mom.I'm hoping that they won't kill him and get the wrong guy. It wouldn't surprise me if that happened . Yep Cyrus is getting a taste of his own medicine but you know that the party is just beginning with him

    This weeks episode of Scandal was awesome and I could only imagine how the season finale will be. I was thinking about Kerry's pregnancy. I could be wrong, but it probably will not be on the show. I was reading where they're cutting the episode load from 22to 18 because of it. God knows it wouldn't seem right ..maybe unless it would be a show finale.

    1. Oops..there was something else I wanted to mention that I wrote on another blog story .It may be off the topic(again ,my apologies) but Rain Big is supposed to be working on another movie project somewhere in Alabama called The Prince. Its suppose to come out somewhere in 2014 .I read this in the Hollywood Reporter and The Clouds website.


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