Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Y'all...this show is going to give me a nervous breakdown.

First, Quinn doesn't get to kill Daddy Pope because her intel is rendered useless at the last minute, and Charlie drags her off to meet a "client".  Which client, you ask?

Well...after Sally Langston snaps and kills her husband during an argument (in a very psycho-thriller-esque scene, by the way), for reasons I can't understand, her first instinct is to call Cyrus Beene.  Cyrus, in typical Cyrus fashion, reasons that there's a "dead closeted hillbilly on the floor" so the best thing to do is "clean it up".

Meaning, of course, have Charlie and Quinn clean all traces of murder and make it look Danny Douglas died of a heart attack.

En route to nab his daughter Daddy Pope is kidnapped and shackled by the Prez who tries to use screwing Liv as a interrogation tactic.

Um...yeah, no...wrong move, dude...wrong move....

And right there, ladies, is the crowning glory of this episode. Everything else almost seems irrelevant compared to this scene (read more about it here).


We later find out Marie Wallace (Mama Pope) capped everybody on board her little plane before it could reach Hong Kong.  Liv and her father seem to semi-reconcile, bonding over the fact Mama Pope lied to them both (and as it turned out, she cruelly tricked her husband into shooting down that plane full of innocent people for no reason).

In the meantime, Cyrus makes it clear to James he ain't goin' nowhere.  He ain't got no job and he can't defeat Cyrus for custody of Ella.  He apologizes that James didn't see the 666 branded on his forehead when they got together, but the reality is, Cyrus is the Devil and he's finally coming to terms with that.  He also confesses James is the love of his life and he's terrified James will leave him once and for all.  So James agrees to stay...so long as he's made White House Press Secretary.

Mellie tells Sally Langston she ain't goin' nowhere because, quite naturally, Cyrus told Mellie all about whole murdered-her-husband snafu and now the White House basically owns Sally.  Understandably, this triggers the ire of her fixer, Leo, who's furious that she called the White House instead of him.  He goes off, reminding her that he's supposed to be her first call, no matter what...even when she kills someone.  Especially when she kills someone.

Quinn returns to Huck, only to be shunned and told she's not a Gladiator anymore.  So she goes back into the arms of her Devil, Charlie.  'Cause we all know how well that's going to end.

Now, at the beginning of the show, Jake Ballard tells Liv he loves her and asks her to remember that "no matter what happens" because he's leaving.  I blinked at that point, knowing Scott Foley had signed on to be a part of Scandal full-time, so I knew he wasn't leaving the show.  And I was right.  While Daddy Pope was being held hostage, Jake Blaard was being crowned the new Command of B613.

And the Prez, the ever-naive Prez, honestly thinks it's a good idea to put Jake in power like that.  Um...why?  He's made it clear he doesn't like how spoiled and entitled the Prez is.  He's made it clear he loves Liv and feels he's a better match (generally doesn't lie to her, treats her with respect, you know...crazy ish like that).  Why doesn't the Prez realize that Jake will have him friggin' assassinated ASAP?  And he won't fuck it up like those amateurs back in Season 2; he will make certain Fitz is dead for sure.

Meanwhile, a coworker of mine is convinced the Pope couple will reunite now that Daddy Pope's been dethroned, and both Mama and Daddy Pope are no fans of the White House.  After all, the show ends with Mama Pope calling Liv from a burner phone (like Liv), rocking a fine white coat (like Liv), standing outside the White House and promising to see her daughter soon.

It's just the kind of crazy Shonda Rhimes would go for.


  1. That was a lovely message for white America :3

    1. pfft. they'll just try to "universalize" (Re-appropriate) the message like they tried to do with his speech in the first episode of this season or the black girls rock campaign. If it's not centered on their experience as they see it, they'll try to change it to fit that experience.

    2. pfft. they'll just try to "universalize" (Re-appropriate) the message like they tried to do with his speech in the first episode of this season or the black girls rock campaign.

      I thought of this right away. I wondered how many white people watching this tried to figure out a way to incorporate Daddy Pope's wrath.

  2. Oh god was the season finale ever so good... it was plain outright epic!

  3. OMG, Joe Morton continues to give me life. His acting is stellar. I bow to his awesomeness.

    1. That man really showed out on the president.. oooowee! Though Kerry has been nominated for a Golden Globe award, Joe should also be nominated too. Joe was awesome! That was the performance of his life.

  4. I'll bet that the president thinks that getting one over on pope somehow invalidates his observation. I think that you're right in that Jake will demonstrate how wrong he is VERY soon.

    The president hasn't been likeable to me since he nearly ruined Olivia's career/life, and that "taste" comment made me hope that he gets killed off so that we can get someone else in that office. I've BEEN tired of their "romance".

    1. A while back, a commenter on Jezebel (yes, I know) had a really good analysis of how one of the show's central themes is the deconstruction of tired ass het white male privilege as embodied by the Fitz character. That is, Fitz's entire orbit is composed of people who are somehow, some way better than him--they're smarter, more competent, better strategic thinkers, more resourceful, whatever. His presidency is an actual fraud, and is being propped up by a brain trust of two white women, a gay man, and, most exceptional of them all, a black woman a decade his junior.

      The show has been chipping away at him from the beginning, and Daddy Pope's speech was the most thorough, direct takedown of symbolic Fitz thus far. And the look on Fitz's face during that exchange gave the impression that, on some level, he understood Olivia's father to be speaking the absolute unvarnished truth about his character and motivations. And for me, it was Daddy Pope's declaration that Fitz was unfit suitor for his daughter that put that scene over the top. When have you ever heard anyone on television declare a black woman too good--too bright, too talented, too beautiful, too exceptional--to be with a white man? And it was a powerful, equally exceptional black man saying this to the POTUS? That was an upset to the apple cart, right there. And Shonda Rhimes deserves full credit.

      I, too, think that Fitz has gotta go, or at the very least be knocked down several hundred rungs. And I hope that Olivia is the one who does it.

    2. http://www.glamour.com/entertainment/blogs/obsessed/2013/12/scandal-winter-finale-recap-th.html
      "...He gets further props for chuckling and reading Fitz to filth. Never before in my whole life have I seen someone get read and highlighted for later reference like a freshman's copy of Beowulf." *dead*


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