Black Girls' Night Out: Zoe Washburne Rewatch

"Bushwacked" is the third episode of Firefly, and the story is an odd one (quel surprise).  The crew of the Serenity are jostled when their ship strikes a corpse floating in space.  Nearby, a seemingly abandoned vessel floats.

So the crew starts wondering, Who's ship? Why's ole dude floating in space?  Why's there no distress beacon?  The hell happened?

Mal, the Captain, decides they should investigate and, if lucky, they might find some free valuables on board.  And since this is the Serenity's crew were talking about, you already know nothing will motivate them more than the possibility of acquiring free shit without the Feds getting in the way.

So the Captain and his stalwart First Mate Zoe strap on their space suits and head over to the other ship.  Of course, upon arriving, they see things which raise even more questions.

What the hell just hit our ship?

The ship appeared to have been ferrying several families, possibly to colonize a new world, and it was carrying all the essentials - food, equipment, other necessities. Yet in their haste to abandon ship, no one thought to take anything with them.

Thus the sci-fi show dips into the horror genre, complete with the darkened rooms, distant echoes, and ominous music.

Of course, in typical horror film fashion, the crew continues to explore until they find the central terrifying element.  In this case, it's bodies strung from the ceiling, and a single survivor with an all new level of PTSD.  Mal deduces the ship was hit by Reavers.

Being marginally civilized folk, the crew decides to put the bodies to rest and load up their cargo.  Of course, they get "pinched" (arrested) by an Alliance cruiser (same one from the pilot episode).

Random fine brotha.
The crew is interrogated in a hilarious scene.  The Fed interrogating them slings barbs about the ship's name and how the Independents got crushed at Serenity Valley. Mal shrugs it off, saying that while he may have fought on the losing side, he's not convinced it was the wrong side.

For some reason, the Fed insists on grilling Zoe about her marriage to Wash.  He asks why she's so resistant to discuss her marriage and she replies she doesn't see how it's his business.  I find this scene interesting because Zoe too is a decorated soldier; Zoe and Mal are the only two survivors from Serenity Valley, yet Mal is questioned as a warrior, while Zoe is questioned as a wife.  Hm.

"Not seeing how it's any business of yours."
Wash, on the other hand, can't shut up about why he married Zoe, going on about her legs and her backside and then pointedly asking the Fed if he's ever been with a "warrior woman" (thus redirecting attention back to Zoe's being a soldier).

Jayne's interrogation scene was my favorite 'cause he just didn't say shit.

The episode ends with Mal saving the Feds from the PTSD-survivor-turned-Reaver, and the crew of the Serenity not getting to keep any of the cargo from their illegal salvage.

So the rest of these pics are presented...just 'cause.

Husband and wife.
Like I said...it's good to be me.


  1. I suspect Zoe is questioned as a wife because a warrior/soldier is Zoe's element. She's a machine. So Matt/Tom Scavo thinks he can get an opening by appealing to her personal life.

    Mal is just raw and earnest it goes against being a soldier in some respects.

    1. I would agree, except he kept pushing the marriage angle. When he flat out asked if there's a reason a why she wouldn't discuss her marriage, I knew. The marriage angle died pretty quickly, but he wouldn't let it go.

  2. Nobody else got anything to say about Ms. Gina????


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