Black Women & British Toms, Part Deux

Okay, so I forgot Tom Hardy last time (my bad), so I'll rectify that here.  Also...I found some other vids which...just...*shivers*.


Onscreen, even in his most villainous moments, Hiddleston is still "properly" British, almost to the point of Shakespearean.

But what about when he's chillin' in a radio station?


When it finally hit me that the guy who played Shinzon Star Trek: Nemesiswas also playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, I went into a state of denial, trying to reconcile the disparate roles.

I mean, in addition to the weight and muscles, he added a touch of Caribbean to his accent.

And since Amaya thinks "Picard" and "sandwich" belong in the same sentence....

Mison & Beharie

...because their interviews are just so much more entertaining when they're together.

Notice how the interviewer dismisses Katrina again.


  1. Yeah , Tom . His character is supposed to be married but we know the deal with him..lol!Seriously, those guys really do have great chemistry,in the show and especially off the show. It's like they are long time friends. You can just see it. I,too , have noticed the lack of Katrina's name being brought into it. I was even more amazed that the interviewer asked about them having love scenes.

    I was listening to Tom H. I just love the way he talks..the accent and all and he just seem so cool and relaxed in his interview . I guess that was why he did Loki so well. That is someone else who cannot be replaced. He's the only who can pull off him to a T. It seems like he has a lot of fun being interviewed. I would probably enjoy interviewing him.

    I'm sorry ,but Tom and Nicole really do fit these roles. If something were to happen where one half of the team left the show, I really believe that the show will be doomed. When the interviewer doesn't bring up Katrina, it really shows you who rule the show.

    1. Hiddleston is a rare example in which the actor is more interesting than his character.

      Remember James Marsters (Spike on Buffy)? When Whedon & Co were putting words in his mouth, he was sexy as hell. But the moment he tried to talk on his own I was like, "Aw, hell no."

    2. "Loki just wants bitches to kneel."

      *waves and winks* Hey baby, I'll kneel right in front of you...

      Tom Hardy.

      Tom Hardy as Bane...

      Tom Hardy Shinzon screen test...


      Jeez, I need to finish "His Girl Friday." I love this man.

    3. I knew this was the post for you.

  2. Does anyone else wonder about Tom Hardy's voice and lips and where the fuck he got them from????

    1. "Six-foot-two. You gotta bring it as a god. Ain't no short-ass gods 'round here." ~ Tom H.

    2. Um, me. And yeah, he got something else mixed in there too, cause that voice and them lips be LIFE to me.

      BTW, I saw a clip of him RAPPING while holding his baby, Louis. And the way he sounded? I was like, "Tom, you got a couple of drops in there?" Now what he was rapping about...who knows and who gives a fuck? Here is this foine-ass man with the most suckable lips on the planet, spittin' some lyrics like he grew up in SWATs. And then you have the fact that Louis was holding on to his daddy's thumbs and did not let go of them once (even though Tom was waving his hands all over the place). It was ADORABLE.

      *squirts again*

      So yeah, Tom got some flavor.

    3. Ankh, do you remember the scene where Troi & Riker are getting it in and she opens her eyes and sees Shinzon instead of her husband? Girl, I was SCREAMING!

      Me myself personally...I wouldn't have had a problem with THAT at all. Just sayin.

    4. Well, we all know you wouldn't.

    5. BTW, I saw a clip of him RAPPING while holding his baby, Louis. And the way he sounded? I was like, "Tom, you got a couple of drops in there?"

      You know, I've wondered about this. Because the aspects/qualities which draw me to him aren't the same ones which draw me to, say, Hiddleston.

    6. Giiiiiirl don't get me started on those liiips. Jeezus they are perfection. I knew you were going to catch that he was in a Star Trek movie. If he did a modern Picard I'd be beating people down in line to see it.

  3. I saw Thor this weekend and boy Hiddleston did not dissappoint. I would happily marry him and have his glorious babies.

    Now about the whole plot for the last 3 movies. I couldn't help but wonder where Sigyn is and when she will make an entrance. Loki needs some female distraction. In the original mythology she is the "victorious girlfriend" and her orgions are unknown. It would be a great idea if they made her black. She and Heimdall could be siblings this making things that much more interesting.

    1. In the original mythology she is the "victorious girlfriend" and her orgions are unknown. It would be a great idea if they made her black.

      Never gone happen. And piss off all those white fangirls? Never gonna happen.

    2. A girl can hope. I still want to see Sigyn in some form.

    3. LOL - they'll probably just make her Asian, as a "compromise".

  4. They can spare me that one. We already know how Asian women come second to white women and they are portrayed as dainty little flowers. I would barf at another wm/af pairing.


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