Open Thread: Must be that time of year

(h/t Racialicious)

Soon to follow: a "Black women are still fat" article and the latest crime/unemployment stats involving Black men.

But here's what I think triggered this latest bout of Black People Suck propaganda:

Idris Elba in, well...anything.
The cast of The Best Man Holiday...which stepped all over Thor 2 in theaters on opening night.
The thundering success of Scandal.
The instant popularity of Sleepy Hollow.
Michael Ealy on Almost Human.
And the recent flood of articles like these:
Ask Matt: Race on Sleepy Hollow, Person of Interest, plus Grey's, Glee, Good Wife
Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow: Two new Fox dramas are silly enough to be serious about race
What every TV show can learn from Sleepy Hollow
Whitewashed TV isn’t just racist. It’s boring!
By the way...why are these articles always so heterosexist?


  1. I don't even bother focusing my time on stuff like this because if I did, I would be the saddest woman in the world besides, I just see stats like this as psychobabble. It's a way of keeping minorities down. There was a time in my life where such junk like this bothered me,but the older I got,the more I ignore it.

    If people want to judge me by my race, I'm not going to cry about it. I like men who do their" research".. men who put Black women in the same bag ,to learn about me as a person and who will ride down those narrow and wide roads with me. If they look down on me because of me,I would just see it as a blessing from god. Certainly he wouldn't want women to be with men who base one character on race.Eventually, the relationship will grow boring and old because of the lack of substance.

    It's funny how they can focus on "dismal" state of the Black people. Sure, there are some issues that should be concern to us,but man.. judging by these people is it really that bad being Black?I don't think so.For every Black person who they claim are single without hope, I also see some who reminds me that Black unity in families are not a figment of my imagination, for every one that are obese, there are more that are not and for those who are committing crimes, there are also Black people who are out making a positive difference in the lives of other people. They can say what they want, but I focus on reality and the reality I see isn't always what they portray Black people as being.

    1. the power in charge put black people (especially women) down because it's apart of their plain of control.

    2. Yep! and we're every thing but a child of god when they cannot dictate our lives.

  2. When I first saw the chart...it's bogus. With any stats, they are usually fake to begin with.

  3. I was hoping you'd do a post on this. How many of these dating racial preference surveys or whatever are the going to do? It's funny they're always trying to paint black women as un/least desirable but if you look at the diagram *holds in chuckle while smh* but anyway if you look at the 1st chart black women chose black men the most at 9.3% which means non black men were chosen at least 9.2% or lower and looking at women's least responses black women chose white men the least at 5.4%, ( maybe that will finally kill the idea some black and white guys have that black women are dying to be white guys) which means asian and latino men were chosen somewhere between 9.3 and 5.4 percent. Now if you look at that last chart at the men's least responses, and you do the math. Even though black women were chosen the least, although we don't know by how big a margin since white women's responses aren't shown ( hmm... In..ter..rest...sting) more men still chose us more than we chose them. So the black women even though chosen the least have more than enough men to choose from.

  4. *yawn*
    The only thing that survey says does is show (some) of the stats taken from one (1) dating site. And even if they did a wider sampling from all major dating sites, it wouldn't matter one bit. Here's why:

    1. First there is continued access to the internet that is needed. That is a privilege and despite what we think, not a whole lot of people have that in this country or globally for that matter.

    2. Then there is the pool of people who choose to seek mates via the internet as opposed to the myriad other ways people do that. Further lessening the numbers of people that this involves.

    3. When you go on these sites you are forced to think about things that you actually might not seriously think about as you go about your everyday life. Race, religion, politics and other more detailed preferences you might desire in your ideal mate. Perhaps some of things take on an importance that is false or not really there. Suggestibility must be factored in here.

    So as I, for example, go about my life, I might meet someone at work, not necessarily a co-worker, but someone who works in the same building - we bump into each other often in the elevator, or the nearly lunch spot or what have you. Or I meet a friend of a friend when hanging out with my pals. Or bump into someone at the bookstore, or start up a chat with someone interesting while waiting in line somewhere. Or being introduced to someone through family connections. Or at a bar, nightclub or singles event. You know those many other ways I might meet a potential mate outside of the internet.

    Now some guy who puts down that he wants a white, christian female as his ideal mate on a website, might upon meeting me (Black, Buddhist female) in real life in any of the above ways, might find me interesting, pretty, charming, attractive and want to ask me out.

    All I can say is the exact opposite of what the article and those handy dandy charts portray has been my personal experience and the personal experience of BW friends. Television and movies, media and everything else might portray POC and especially BW in these horrible stereotypes and negative ways, but a lot of that can and does get thrown out of the window, when these men meet you in real life and take the time get to know you as a person.

    So what someone says they are wanting and desiring in answering questions on a website, might end up meaning diddly in real life situations. I myself have dated the rainbow. I have had respectful, intelligent and creative "being hit ons" from men many colors, creeds and what have you. The majority being from white men. (And I'm leaving out the street harassment, exotification and race fail faux pas passes on purpose. Yes, those happen, but what I'm talking about is the pool of interested, available men who are obviously looking for mates, and when put in an interactive situation with me and other BW, they certainly don't look anything like those charts up there).

    Long story short, I'm with the first commenter: Don't sweat the small stuff, and certainly don't ever believe the hype. Your self confidence, beauty and affirmation of Awesomeness comes from within anyway and You Are Everything AND a Bag Lays Classic Potato Chips.

    Don't let anyone or anything make you think anything different.
    Love YOU my Sisters!
    (Sorry for the long post, these surveys and articles tick me off)

    1. Then there is the pool of people who choose to seek mates via the internet as opposed to the myriad other ways people do that.

      I'm glad you mentioned this because most of the time when I'm talking to Black people in person, none of them do online dating and find the notion of it distasteful. (I myself refuse to start). I remember in WV when I was talking to a Black coworker who refused to date non-Black men, she admitted to having opened an account on a dating site. Though we were alone in a car, she actually lowered her voice and stated she'd had to "stoop" to online dating to meet a Black man.

    2. Nope, I don't do online dating either. I believe in letting nature take it course. You're also right when it comes to dating. Like you said, most of the Black women I've come across with spouses didn't do online. Several of my family friends are in mixed relationships/ marriages didn't get their non-Black men from Match.com.I've never had a problem attracting guys from opposite races/cultures and Black men and I don't consider myself to be anything special. I also don't believe in being the first one to asking guys on dates. I'm old school and was raised to be that.

      I'm like this if it happens ,it just happens if not so be it. I'm about the BEST man whether he is Black or non black. I'm just afraid that will miss out on a great guy just basing men on their race.

    3. @M- I'm just afraid that will miss out on a great guy just basing men on their race.

      THANK YOU! It blows my mind how many woman have certain races that they will ONLY consider. I mean you are going to pass up a guy who has all you require in a man just because he isn't of the race that you like?!?!?

  5. So Asian men respond the most to Latina women, that's interesting. Wonder why that's not being talked about.

    LMAO BW respond the least to WM...all the other women in the chart respond to black men the least and white men the most and BW are like....NOPE. Is that the reason all of these BW suck articles keep coming out?

    1. Probably! Black women are the most-documented POC not stumbling all over ourselves in pursuit of white peen, and you KNOW white men take notice of that. They're pretty used to being everyone's #1 choice by default, so when they find women who aren't having that, the butthurt begins.

    2. Is that the reason all of these BW suck articles keep coming out?

      Yes, and I've actually said this before (can't remember which blog post). We're not falling in line, we're being disobedient/uppity, and this is meant to be our punishment.

      Remember when that article came out and people were shocked that Black women were the least likely to commit suicide? They probably read all these articles and other BWS media and bought into the bullshit. I mean, when you read shit like this back to back, you'd think the Black suicide rate was sky high.

      But it ain't. *pauses, tilts head* Now how about that?

    3. It is the Grinch Who Stole Christmas theory AKA my theory....lol.....after everything they have thrown at Black women they do not understand our natural resiliency..... that is envied.....they don't understand with having taken everything from us and trying to strip us of our basic human dignity we still shine......we're still here and we thrive.....and that is something they can not fathom.....

    4. If Black women aren't committing a lot of suicides, that should tell these "experts" about us.WE DON'T CARE! It's crazy how they use junk like this to bring our spirits down but they really don't know Black women at all. Let people like them tell us we're ghetto for being like that.

      As a whole, Black women don't let stupid stuff get in the way of their happiness. We can be the poorest (mentally) people in the world,yet we always perservere from any obstacles that may get in our way and be testimonies to others. Society joke about our looks, mairtal status and attitudes, but you really don't see too many of us bowing down. Too many people misinterpret the defintion of being a strong Black woman. Its not about attitude or speech, its about endurance. In a racist ,pompous world that constantly downgrade us, we have to.It's also a line of thinking that I'm proud of.

    5. Charle,

      You are absolutely right. Black women know our history of racism in America more than any other group. We have agency and choice. Our choice is to either have a Brotha, be single and happy, have a nonblack MOC, foreign, non-American influenced White man, preferably from Southern Europe, or just be happy period. We're not lamenting, we're going our own way and the powers that be hates that deeply.

      I'm glad Black women think outside of the box instead of conforming to America's definition of what's the good life.

      S. Baldwin

  6. I looked at all those circles and got confused, ergo I didn't read it.

    1. Stop being funny. I looked at those circles and my eyes start crossing without permission.

    2. I felt like I was in Maths class again, and my brain began to protest.

  7. I think it's heterosexist because the straight middle/upper class Christian male is trying to hold on to what power they have left. As in "Guess who's baaaack?".

  8. I just stumbled across this blog and thought I would reply I think 'statical' things like this are bullshit they took it from one site I think I also read on another site that statically fans of heavy metal are often more likely to be depressed or commit suicide which is bullshit

    Back to the subject of the 'black women are the least attractive' I know many white and non black men (including myself) interested in or open to dating black women some even prefer black women to white or Asian women,plus I think if they took statics from a website like afro romance or some other interracial dating site the results would be vastly different in the case of white men seeking black women as far as online dating goes. Also I think most of time when a person dates online they have things they look for such as race,money,character which would probably explain why they are using online dating they can't find that certain quality of a person in public so they opt out to online dating.

  9. *sigh*

    Same shit, different day.


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