There's Something Wrong With This Picture...Literally

I was standing in line at the grocery store, staring blankly at the rows of magazines that I usually just skim with disinterest when I spotted this:

As hard as it is to believe, that's Kerry Washington on the cover of the December issue of Lucky Magazine.  I remember blinking dumbly as I took in this cover, pretty sure that it was her, but convinced that I had to be wrong.  Because that sure as hell doesn't look anything like the inhumanly gorgeous woman I watch on TV every week.  Or the woman that I've seen in movie after movie or on countless magazine covers over the years.

How did this photo pass from desk to desk and no one saw a problem with it?  How did the editor think this cover was ready for public consumption?  And how in the world does a mainstream magazine make Kerry Washington of all people look bad?  Seems no one wants to 'fess up.  In fact, the buck-passing has already begun:
When Kerry Washington’s Lucky Magazine hit the internet, the criticism was immediate. From the makeup to the hair to the styling, there was no shortage of complaints about the cover and inside spread photographed by Patrick Demarchelier and styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. The criticism wasn’t lost on Lucky EIC, Eva Chen, who received a ton of negative comments when she first posted the cover on her personal Instagram account.

Chen defended the cover in an interview with WWD, revealing that Anna Wintour approved it: “Anna as the artistic director was definitely aware of our cover selection and was very supportive. Anna always provides me with guidance. As editor in chief, it comes down to my decision — and Anna agreed.”

As far as the critical social media comments, she is taking them in stride: “I realize that when you put something on social media, it’s meant to be a conversation. [...] I’m still pretty new to this [being an editor in chief]. It’s only been four months, but I’ve been active in social media for a while now. Anything on social media is up for debate. Conversation is a good thing.”

It was erroneously reported that Eva Chen said the following on social media: “We’re not miracle workers,” and the creative team “did the best [they] could with the subject.” But a screenshot couldn’t be uncovered, and the source eventually retracted.

We’re not surprised about the retraction as we doubt that Eva Chen would ever insinuate that Kerry Washington isn’t a beautiful woman, or blame Kerry for the unflattering cover. We are surprised, however, that the cover made it through the ranks at Conde Nast and everyone signed off on it. [Clutch Magazine]
I know there are more important things going on in the world at the moment, but its not like black women get to grace a ton of magazine covers that aren't named Essence, Ebony or Jet. The least they can do is make an attempt to get it right.

Like these magazines managed to do.  It's really not that hard.



  1. Girl, I didn't even know who that was until I scrolled down. This is karma for all these magazines who constantly feel the need to fiddle with people's images - it always comes back to haunt them.

    And isn't she supposed to be pregnant?

    1. She has been dancing around the pregnancy issue. Scandal will be a couple of episodes short next season supposedly due to her being pregnant.

    2. Why do these celebs always dance around pregnancy? Are they gauging to see who will pay the most for baby pics?

    3. Granted, her Scandal clothes are loose but I thought we'd already seen some episodes where she kept her coat on and wore even looser clothes than we're used to. I felt the way a lot of her wardrobe and also the way the love scene was shot in Vermont is for Lovers was to hide the tummy (I hate the Olitz love scenes).
      She's about half the size she was in Save the Last Dance so it doesn't take much for someone that small to start showing.
      I thought it was pretty obvious on SNL b/c she was looking a lot more ample, esp. in that awful skit where she played the girl from the Bronx.
      Like many of the Hollyweird women who have shrunk to ridiculous sizes, she's going to look the best she's looked in years but I don't know why you'd play coy once the cat is out of hte bag. I know that in real life, people usually wait to announce to make it past the first trimester, which is when a sponteaneous miscarriage is mostly likely to occur, but if we see you, see you've grown two cup sizes and your booty has grown back, there is no point in playing games.
      But like I said, she looks good with the baby weight. Too bad she won't keep it.

    4. but if we see you, see you've grown two cup sizes and your booty has grown back, there is no point in playing games.


      But like I said, she looks good with the baby weight. Too bad she won't keep it.

      *sigh* Sad but true.

  2. I smell jealousy. They will never admit it though.

    1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. White people, esp. white women, do NOT like admitting that black woman have anything that they covet and cannot have/take from us.
      And one thing black women have in spades is decades of youthful looks. Even when they bring themselves to "compliment" us, they rarely acknowledge that truth, and if possible, they'll turn it into an insult. (My favorite example from my real life was being at an scholarship luncheon in high school with my nearly 50 year old mom and one of the white ladies organizing it said "Oh my, you have such a young mom!" I'm pretty sure I said "no, not really" and was thinking "don't hate b/c you are already shriveled and wrinkled and are probably 10 years younger than her).

      Think about it, for all of the supposed love they have for FLOTUS, have you ever heard a white person acknowledge or compliment her flawless, smooth, and constantly glowing 50+ year ols skin? Ever? And yet send out a white botox filled or face-lifted 50 year old and they will gush over her youth non-stop.

      If you go to high school and college reunions, prepare to get similar stares and looks of puzzlement.

      At any rate, Kerry at 35 looks like the child of her 35 year white Hollywood peers and Kerry at 40 and 45 will look the same as she does now. That kills them. They don't have to use filters or makeup or photoshop to make her skin smooth. So the come up with this travesty insteady.

    2. yeah definitely jealously, they rather assume you are some sort of underage teen mom than admit you are 30+ and look better than them

  3. When I first seen this picture of Kerry,I was thinking that she was sabotaged. She looked like a mess on here and they knew it. If this was Julia Roberts (and god knows she isn't a "Pretty Woman"), they wouldn't let her go out like this.

  4. OMG. I saw this one a few days before Christmas and was horrified. They really ought to be ashamed.

  5. I had heard about this when the whole thing blew up.

    Then this month I saw the issue in question on the news stands. If I hadn't already known that was supposed to be Kerry Washington, I wouldn't have known. She is unrecognizable.

    Excuse me, but don't you put a particular person on the COVER of your magazine for the specific purpose of selling more copies? There is only one reason why she was done so wrong.

    And it pisses me off.

  6. When I saw this image, I was like, "Who dis?"

    Imagine my surprise when I realized who it was supposed to be. They need their asses kicked for this travesty.

  7. Wait who is that suppose to be...no like seriously cuz that sure ain't Kerry TooPretty Washington.
    That editor needs to have eye surgery to improve her awful sight if she thought that picture looked right.


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