All Hail the King

I don’t purchase music often.  Mainly it’s because 90% of the stuff on the radio is noise to my o’head ears.  Every now and then, a friend will recommend something and I’ll try it out, but this is not a normal occurrence.  I guess that’s how it is when you get older, but I don’t feel like I’m missing much.  I’ve never purchased an album without hearing a few singles, and with the way music is sold now, you really don’t have to purchase entire albums anymore.  That’s both a good thing and a bad thing, but I digress.

I was never a true Bey fan; I bought Dangerously in Love, but avoided the rest of her albums because they all sounded the same.  I do have some of her songs on my mp3, but that don’t change the fact that they’re similar in style and content.  I’ve always respected her work ethic and the fact that she had the damn sense to not tangle with a fuckton of different men like say, Taylor Swift.  The only man I personally have ever heard of Bey associating with (except for her father) is her husband, Shawn.  I have always appreciated that aspect of her life and career.  Sistahs got it hard enough without all that bullshit. 

Then Beyoncé Knowles-Carter dropped a silent eponymous nuke on the world and within a week, she’d sold almost a million copies with absolutely no promotion.  That’s what you’d call a game-changer.  I was so impressed that I went to iTunes and gave that woman every dime she asked for.  And I’m glad I did.  I haven’t listened to anything else for the past couple of weeks.  The album has 14 cuts and 17 videos.  It is a tour de force; a grown woman’s album.  It is so vastly different from 4 and her other previous efforts that I feel that it can’t—and shouldn’t—be compared to them.  She’s a wife and mother, and that has changed her perspective, and thus, her music.  Bey is all the way live, all the way grown, and all the way independent.  I love it.  I’m so proud of her.  She can count me as a fan.

I enjoyed the entire album and it was difficult narrowing my faves down to five. 

1.  “Blow” 

It’s got this whole 80’s roller-skating thing going on and I LOVE IT!  Makes me wanna head out to the rink and lace up my skates.

Can you taste the Skittles/ it’s the sweetest in the middle/Pink is the flavor/solve the riddle

2.  “Rocket”

I may have gotten pregnant listening to this song.  It gives you the same vibe as D’Angelo’s “Untitled,” but I think it’s way better.

Let me sit this aaaaasssss on ya 

3.  “Superpower” 

This song makes me do everything in slow motion.  DAT BASS!!!

And I thought the world would revolve/without us/When nothing I know/couldn’t slow us down

4.  “Partition” 

This cut will go OFF in the club.  It’s a pole-dancing jam.  ‘Nuff said.

Driver roll up the partition please/I don’t need you seein’ Yoncé on her knees

5.  “Drunk in Love”   

This was blowing up the radio stations when I was home.  My eight-year-old niece was singing this shit…and not knowing what the hell she was singing about.  I gotta admit, Jay’s verse on this track could have been a lot better.

We woke up the next morning wonderin’ how in the hell did this shit happen oh baby

The videos are great; the production is top-shelf and Bey’s front and center, as she should be.  My favorite video is “Haunted,” and that should be of no surprise to fans of the Dark.  Then there’s “Blow,” “Partition,” and “Superpower.”  “Ghost” is also very well done, and “Yoncé” made a sistah want to drop it low.

Good job, Beyoncé.  Well done.  After 2013, which consisted of a 90+ city sold-out world tour and an album with a video for every song plus bonus vids, you deserve to sit at home with your husband and child and do absolutely nothing for three years while every other pop female scrambles to figure out how to resurrect their scalps and careers.  They’re going to need to look in the mirror and rethink their lives after this shit.  You changed the game.

At any rate, I have to take my hat off and give Mrs. Carter some shine.  All hail King Bey.  She DID THAT with this new album.  Four stars.  Get yours and get your life.  And with that, I’ll end it with this:

“Driver roll up the partition please…”


  1. "she had the damn sense to not tangle with a fuckton of different men like say, Taylor Swift."-You have to admit that crap mad her a lot of money! Of course, men will be scared away from dating her seriously in fear of ending up in a song!

    1. But white girls can do that...rolling with 20 dudes won't impact her marriageablity, and I've never heard her referred to as loose. But maybe I'm not paying enough attention.
      I feel like they would get on Rhianna about this but are too busy policing her other choices.

  2. I'm not mad at TS's hustle. Stack that paper. What annoys me, however, is that she's portrayed as a sweetheart, a good girl, yet folks are quick to call Bey a hoe. And I'll leave that right here.

  3. Still can't get into Bey (I actually don't like her voice), but I can get into Bey, if that makes sense. I congratulate her on all her accomplishments...even as I feel that say, Kelly Rowland or Letoya Luckett never got as far.

    1. I personally think Kelly has a better voice, but she lacks the "it" factor. Jennifer Hudson can sing rings around Beyonce, but she also doesn't have "it."

      One might even say this stems from not having a Joe Jackson/Matthew Knowles type driving you to be "it" or to find "it." Remember when Janet got out from under Joe and dropped Control, an album I still jam to? The same could be said of Bey getting away from her father after 4.

    2. I maintain Letoya Luckett had it. Of all the ex-Destiny's children she's very possibly my favorite.

      Kelly started doing 4th-rate music and got implants. Killed it for me.

    3. Not to mention that Project Runway knock-off she attached herself to.

    4. You may as well drop the mic after this...

  4. Bey is alright, her voice can irritate me at times. Sometimes it takes the video to get me into a song but even with the video's to this album I only like 3 songs: Blow, Jealous & Angel. I prefer the performance of Grown Woman than the actual release of the song. I think 4 is her most cohesive album.

    1. I think she has benefitted enormously from the fact that the music industry is largely image driven and the people who have done the best in the past 10 years have been those who are telegenic, photogenic, and charismatic. So I'm not surprised at ALL that you need to see her videos to get into her music. I liked her first solo album but it really could have still been a DC album.

      Her voice gets more credit that it deserves. But it's interesting how she is about are exciting as a bowl of pudding if she is being interviewed or doing nothing, but she can play so many characters and take on so many personas visually and when filmed (but not while acting. Then she's back to pudding).
      I will always be salty about how DC did Letoya and Latavia, and have enjoyed Letoya's brief reappearances on the music scene (although don't know who did that to both her and Amerie's already lovely noses).
      And it's interesting how no one else has really been allowed to break through Beyonce's monopoly except Rhianna, which is even more an indication about how visuals are so important since she cannot sing OR dance (the fact that Matthew Knowles had Beyonce practicing her dancing like a young gymnast prepares for the Olympics is evident).
      I also sometimes wonder what if...since Lisa Lopes was a big personality and creative force, what impact would TLC have been in the music industry had she lived. Ditto with Aaliyah, who although quiet had a very distinct style that seemed very influential during her brief time with us.
      I do wish we had a bit more diversity in terms of the images we see but it's like Beyonce is the one ring to rule us all.

      I haven't seen any of the latest stuff b/c I'm just not a fan and usually find that the stuff that has everyone gushing leaves me flat.


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