Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie Mills

After a five week hiatus, Sleepy Hollow returned in rare form last week, reminding me why I fell in love with this show in the first place. There was humor, scares and those great Ichabbie moments that prove once again that the show functions best when those two are front and center, doing their thing together. Hear that, show? Together.

The episode opens at the cabin, where Abbie has somehow managed to talk Ichabod into trying on the world's tightest pair of skinny jeans. The shirt he’s paired them with, a sedate blue button-down, may be boring, but at least it’s presentable. But those pants? Um...no. Tom Mison does a terrific job of conveying with body language and his magic eyebrow alone just how uncomfortable Crane really is. He looks equal parts embarrassed and grumpy, and I just want to give the poor man a supportive hug. For her part, Abbie tries to hold back her laughter, but fails miserably. And really, who can blame her?

They bat around the subject of Moloch and the threat he poses for a few minutes before Crane changes back into his period clothes much to Abbie's disappointment and our everlasting gratitude. She does take the time to tell him that he might want to consider dry cleaning if he’s going to keep wearing a pair of clothes that spent nearly 250 years fermenting in the ground. At this point, I might have actually clapped, because it’s about time somebody said it.

At the station, a demon possesses a sheriff’s deputy who puts in a call to Irving and demands Washington's bible in exchange for Macey’s continued safety. He helpfully gives him until nightfall. The demon slyly jumps out of Deputy No Name and into Detective Jones just as Frank tracks him down and pulls his service weapon. As I try to contain my surprise that he's still allowed to stroll around the station like nothing happened, Irving puts in a call to his priest to ask for a little divine intervention.

Meanwhile, down in the Batcave, Abbie and Ichabod are doing a little research on the demon and finds a DVD that may give them a clue on how to stop it. The minute they turn it on however, they’re both suitably shocked into speechlessness by the sight of Corbin trying to exorcize a possessed Jenny Mills. Decked out in all her Linda Blair finery—creepy pale make-up, cracked lips, blank, egg-white eyes and all—Lyndie Greenwood looks positively terrifying. Factor in her wonderful acting in that scene, and she has me convinced.

The real Jenny pops up after the commercial break (yay!), but she doesn’t remember anything, refuses to help them and storms out. After a therapeutic talk with Ichabod in which she admits that she kept getting locked up to avoid harming her sister, she decides to lend a hand after all. With her help and a little audio magic, they discover the demon’s name: Ancitif. While this particular baddie can be held at bay using salt, he can only be vanquished using a blessed lantern (just go with it), and Jenny knows just where to find one (again…just go with it).

It’s off to a compound guarded by freedom fighters brandishing weapons, because what would any compound be without freedom fighters brandishing weapons? After a small verbal tussle between Abbie and Jenny over who would do the actual breaking and entering, Abbie comes up the winner. It’s important to note here that she doesn’t want to take the chance of Jenny possibly being caught and sent back to jail. Jenny seems surprised and a bit touched by the admission, and I can barely keep myself from getting misty. I really love their relationship and the growth we’ve seen between them over the course of the season. Sometimes it’s hard to believe these are the same two women who could hardly stand to look at each other just several episodes ago. Hurray for character development!

Abbie and Ichabod break into the container holding the lantern and finds it perched on the back of a very high shelf. The writers manage to sneak in a height difference joke here that assures me they visit Tumblr on a regular basis. The shelf is too high for either of them to reach, so Crane gives Abbie a boost. While she’s snagging their prize, he gets one of his own in the form of Abbie’s admittedly magnificent ass sitting smack dab in his face. Or rather on his face. (Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Crane has an eidetic memory, folks. This is an experience that he will literally never forget.)

Irving, in the meantime, has spirited his family off to a really nice cabin in the woods in a valiant attempt to keep them safe. Unfortunately, the demon has hitched a ride with them á la Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear, except that he rode inside the car rather than underneath it. The demon jumps from Detective Jones to Luke Morales the minute they arrive, and things quickly go sideways.

It doesn't take long before Luke kills Jones and then jumps into Macey. Macey aka Ancitif kills the Father (which was incredibly disturbing to watch) before proceeding to creep me all the way out with her eerie levitating and crawling all over the place like a hopped up spider. Ancitif demands the bible again in exchange for releasing Macey, and in order to save his daughter, Irving takes them to the Batcave to retrieve it.

Fortunately, it’s all just a ruse and just when it looks like Irving and ex-wife Cynthia aren’t long for this world, the cavalry arrives. Abbie, Jenny and Ichabod trap Ancitif in a ring of salt before Crane brandishes the lantern and exorcises him. In a touching moment that just screams for Full House-type lesson-of-the-week music to play softly in the background, everyone hugs their respective family members while I smile like the sap that I am during such moments.

This seems like a good time to end the episode, but the show has one more trick up its sleeve. We return to the bunker one last time where Abbie and Ichabod discover a secret hidden in the pages of Washington’s bible: the date December 18, 1799. It was written in invisible ink in the forefather’s own hand, but the date can’t be right as it was written four days after his death. Dun dun dunnn.

Hopefully, we’ll get some answers during tonight’s two-hour season finale. I can’t believe it’s almost over already, and unlike just a few episodes ago, I’m actually excited.  Don’t let me down, show.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL - I should've known she would've done some fan art on that scene. LOVE Asieybarbie.

    2. I clicked that link and got my entire life...and almost bust a gut laughing at Ichy's expression of love and worship...

  2. Men do NOT belong in skinny jeans!

  3. It's been so long that SH been until I forgot that it came on. I will be watching the season finale. It looks good, but Katrina will be in it...hmmmm.

  4. Bout time they're getting this show back on track. I literally lost interest. I think the last ep I watched had something to do with a haunted house...

  5. Last night! Dang! I can't wait to see how this plays out.

  6. Okay, I'm going to say that being head of a coven is like being had cheerleader and CLEARLY not baesd on actual skill or talent. I have yet to see Katrina able to pull off anything on her own. I mean, didn't the spell that put Ichabod in stasis a result of the entire coven.
    What is the point of being a witch if you need everyone to fight your battles and get in harm's way for you. She got the owner of the Sanctuary house killed and we keep seeing people risk the entire battle for her. Why couldn't she protect herself and why can't she get herself out of purgatory? And shey does her utter uselessness not bother any of the other characters.
    That character is BEYOND annoying.

    1. Okay I confess I haven't paid attention to her character. Is she dead dead? Or is she like Ichabod? In stasis? If they follow the witch rules she can protect herself which she did with the amulet she gave to Abby that kept Moloch at bay. Powerful spells require a large number of witches (coven) its more powerful than a single witch. I'm wondering how she is in Pugatory. Is she Catholic? I thought only Catholics and a few others believed in it? And if she was a witch/wiccan then she wouldn't have been Catholic or any other religion unless to keep up appearances.

    2. Yes, you are right about purgatory. I'm Lutheran, and we were the 1st group to break away after the schism that divided the East and the West. So we learn about the differences and relics, sainthood, purgatory, are all things that weren't carried over.
      I think perhaps this is mixing beliefs to move the story along b/c there would have been almost no Catholics in the US I think in the days of Washington. The English Catholics didn't come over in those first waves. And since she's not Spanish or French, even less reason to believe she could be Catholic.

    3. I've been saying this. How in the world did she get that position? was it a nepotism thing? if so, maybe the writers could show us that. it's much more interesting than the info we've been getting on her.

  7. I thought the same thing about there being little to no Catholics here during that time. At least not English ones anyway. I still do not believe they (Ichabod & Abby) are the two witnesses. That would be too easy.

  8. @Myra- they want to look lighter skinned...basically, as most will never be able to achieve the caucasian complexion.

    Two words Sammy Sosa! He was a major league baseball player for those who don't know. I always thought was somewhat cute. Fast forward some years after he retired I saw a picture of him. WTF! WTH! This man totally messed himself up! Just take a look.


    1. Oh, he looks so different from the 2nd pick O_O His previous pic was better, indeed. So, yes, some black people use those creams too much, I just haven't met many like him (only 2 were extreme cases, most of the ones I've seen in real life just look like light-skinned black girls or guys).


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