Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie Mills (Finale - Part 1)

***Warning:  Spoilers ahead!***
Wow, what a finale.  It's hard to believe we've finally reached the end of the line on this season of Sleepy Hollow, but here we are, wondering what the hell we're going to do with ourselves until the Fall. 

Despite a few hiccups during the middle of the season, this freshman outing was mostly very good.  The Adventures of the Crane Family were my least favorite episodes this season, but at least it all paid off in the end. 

Personally, I would've preferred not having to sit through that painfully boring stretch of episodes, but at least they actually ended up meaning something.  With all that being said however, I'm keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that we won't have to go through that again next season. 

Now on to the recap:

We start the episode with a visit from Andy and unlike the millions of fangirls joyously celebrating the return of John Cho, Abbie isn’t as pleased.  She handcuffs him to a radiator in her kitchen and listens unhappily as he tells her that Moloch wants George Washington’s bible because it contains instructions on how to get a map.  He also tells Abbie that he loves her and that he can protect her if she helps him.   

She isn’t very receptive to Andy’s declarations, and as she tries to call Ichabod he pleads with her not to trust Crane as it’s prophesized that he will eventually betray her.  We can see the battle raging behind her eyes as she absorbs this information and a flashback of Ichabod saying that very thing reminds both her and the viewers that whether she wants to believe it or not, it is a very real possibility. 

Shaking off the warning, she calls the station for backup but while her back is turned, Andy breaks his thumbs, slips out of his handcuffs and disappears. 

During all this excitement, Crane is at the Batcave buried nose deep in Washington’s invisible-ink filled bible, trying to figure out what the founding father is trying to tell them.  Cue flashback.  We see General Washington cryptically telling Crane that he could be called upon to continue the fight against evil and when that day came, he could count on good to rise like Lazarus from his grave.  That phrase is Crane’s clue that his friend planned to rise from the dead.  How he managed to jump to that conclusion is beyond me, but okay.  

Abbie shows up and when she admonishes him to answer his phone when she calls, Ichabod laments the fact that it's not a newer model like hers.  He then goes off on a mini-tirade about cell phone companies and their insistence on pushing unnecessary system updates, but is all ears when Abbie suggests getting him a new one.   After he giddily agrees and they shake on it, she tells him about Andy's visit.  Crane's concern immediately turns to hurt disbelief when he learns that Brooks told her that she shouldn't trust him.  Abbie assures him that Andy was only trying to get under her skin, and although it doesn’t look like he quite believes it, Crane reluctantly lets it go. 

Crane informs her of his discovery—that zombie George Washington was able to draw a map leading to Purgatory—sharing his excitement that they can use the map to finally rescue Katrina.  Abbie cautions him to slow down since they know that Moloch wants the map for himself which we all know (except Ichabod it seems) is a bad thing. 

After a little more digging, they discover that Reverend Knapp (the chain-bending, decapitated fellow from the pilot) had a hand in resurrecting Washington, and thinks it would be a great idea to call on Henry Parrish for his help.  Bad move, guys.  Bad move. 

At the cemetery, Team Witness stands huddled around Reverend Knapp’s open casket, staring in at the remarkably well-preserved corpse like they’re wondering as if he's really as dead as he looks.  After his initial attempt at touching the cursed prayer beads yields a badly burned hand, Henry grabs them again and gathers what information he's able to even though he's in a great deal of pain.  And here is where I’ll admit that even though Henry’s burns mysteriously began to heal themselves, I still had no clue that my heart was going to be shattered into a million pieces by the finale's end.  Damn you, writers! 

They go back to the archives and put their heads together, divining the location of Washington’s real resting place (which is conveniently located in Sleepy Hollow, of course) before heading out for their second grave-robbing jaunt of the evening.  Washington’s tomb looks like something I've seen in a video game, but I like it.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.   

Our heroes ponder booby traps and cryptic writing on the walls before they discover Washington’s casket hidden behind a secret panel.  They take a moment to admire the founding father’s false teeth before Crane reaches in, takes the map and tries not to look overly excited about it.  He fails.  Yes, yes, Ichabod, we know.  Katrina.  Sigh.

Being the party pooper that he is in his undead state, Andy shows up ready to rain on everyone's parade.  He looks badass in the new half alien/half arachnid looking form that was given to him after he’d plead with Moloch to stop playing around and use him to help get the Apocalypse ball rolling.   

He grabs Abbie by the throat and begins to choke her, but comes back to himself for a moment when she appeals to his love for her.  He begs her to kill him, and she does, putting poor Andy out of his conflicted misery. 

Trapped inside the now crumbling tomb, Team Witness scrambles to find another way out.  As they frantically search for an escape route, Andy pops up alive and well (yay!) just as they are about to flee through a super secret door they found behind Washington’s casket. 

As Andy stands there watching menacingly, Abbie shoots the lever on a booby trap she’d almost set off earlier, triggering it.  The tomb collapses as Andy finally decides it would be a good idea to actually attempt to go after them, killing him for real this time (or does it?).  They barely make their escape.  Back on the surface, Abbie tells Ichabod that since Moloch wants the map, the smart move would be to destroy it.  In an act of trust we later learn he doesn’t deserve, she leaves the choice up to him.   

After a moment’s hesitation (and a soft musical cue playing in the background that tells us we should feel bad for him), Crane burns the map, telling Abbie that he chooses to forge his fate with her.  Abbie looks as relieved as I felt at his decision, but unfortunately, that relief only lasts the span of one short scene.  Crane is sitting alone at the cabin, head bowed, fingers clutching his wife's necklace (with a soft musical cue playing in the background that tells us we should feel bad for him) as he wrestles with something that we can only guess at.  And I’m sure we all guessed correctly. 

In a moment that probably caused more than a few people to consider throwing their remotes at their TV screens, Ichabod tearfully recreates the map using the eidetic memory that I can't believe I forgot he had.  Sorry, Crane, but your tears don’t move me this time.  Shame on you.
We also get quite a shock when Captain Irving confesses to the killings from the last episode in order to protect his family.  I'm amazed and pleased that there are actually going to be consequences since that doesn't often happen on these types of shows.  I’m not pleased however, that Irving is going to take the fall for them.  I applaud his reasons, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  

We leave this first hour with the Sin Eater himself, dreaming of Moloch raising something gross and disgusting from the ground while the Horseman of War does a slow-mo ride by on his demon horse like a boss.  Henry jerks awake looking decidedly worried, and as we all later learn, we’re the ones that should’ve been concerned.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of the BGNO Sleepy Hollow season finale recap coming soon.


  1. My heart broke when he told her he loved her. But I'm sick of women being paired with half dead, completely dead, demon possessed, full demon, alien, and anything but human men. I know its fantasy, but its sad. Granted a lot of men act less than human. I hope they keep him around. I heard that John Cho was slated to be in a new show, but haven't heard anything more about it.

    I can see why Irving did what he did. It was the only way unless his wife took the blame. He was protecting his kid. Its really hard to say oh my wheel-chair bound kid was possessed and killed a few people. You can see what happened with the recent story out of Gary, Indiana when people did that. Most people clowned them and said they were lying. Granted no one was killed. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2547224/EXCLUSIVE-A-portal-hell-Police-chief-priest-examined-possessed-children-haunted-Indiana-home-official-reports-saying-no-hoax.html

    I can see they drifted away from the actual Two Witnesses story by having one betray the other. And even though we are repeatedly told they are the two witnesses I don't think so. That would be too easy.

    1. My heart broke when he told her he loved her. But I'm sick of women being paired with half dead, completely dead, demon possessed, full demon, alien, and anything but human men. I know its fantasy, but its sad.

      I don't mind it, as long as they make Andy a bad-ass, fire-wielding immortal.

      Granted a lot of men act less than human.

      I know...reality can be strange than fiction.

  2. Excuse me. Pausing in my reading of this article to inform you that, "Zombie George Washington" caused me to spit out my taco. I curse you and hope that your keyboard meets the same fate. XD

  3. Cin, girl...I don't know where you find the time and patience to do these in-depth recaps, but DAMN.

    While I liked the finale overall, this show clearly still has a long way to go before doing damage control, otherwise I'm certain season 2 will be canceled halfway through.

    The cell phone conversation - from his nonsensical texts to bitching about having an outdated phone - was classic Sleepy Hollow. The whole "Witness 1 paging Witness 2" was EXCELLENT. That was precisely the type of ish we look forward to on the show; very Joss Whedon, in fact.

    I'm tired of the writers introducing useless characters and then neutering good ones. Katrina's storyline should've been resolved by the end of the pilot. Jeremy should've never been written. The Horseman should've never been given the backstory he was given. The Sin Eater was just fine being the weird creepy Henry Parrish with his OCD sense of time. He didn't need to be Jeremy and he sure as hell didn't need to become the Horseman of War.

    Moloch has also been defanged; he should've been kept a mystery and we should've never heard him speak a word of English.

    Um, excuse me...why would the Powers that Be send a 14-year-old Abbie to stop Moloch? How was she supposed to accomplish that, exactly? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad 2 extra young Black women are added to the show. They are beautiful and wonderful young actresses, and I wish them long, successful careers. But the revelation they provide as "memories" leaves so much to be desired. I suppose we're going to find out that they knew a lot more as children, but I doubt the writers thought this one through.

  4. The Sin Eater was just fine being the weird creepy Henry Parrish with his OCD sense of time.

    I know right. I had grown attached to him and liked the oddness he brought. They couldn't find someone else to be the son!?!?!?! Or just let him have lived a nice life with his family and died an old man. And if Abby was supposed to stop Moloch wouldn't that make her and Jennifer the Two Witnesses (makes more sense to me) than her and Ichy. And HOW was she supposed to do it!

    1. And if Abby was supposed to stop Moloch wouldn't that make her and Jennifer the Two Witnesses (makes more sense to me) than her and Ichy. And HOW was she supposed to do it!


    2. Right...didn't Abbie turn on Jenny for most of their lives?

    3. Its confusing to me period. I mean I know they are not following the story of the Two Witnesses to a T, because they do not turn on each other in the Bible. So for all we know they (Two Witnesses) may not have turned up yet! Ichy and Abby just assumed they were the chosen. I think they are paving the way.

  5. I need season 2 to find a way to send Katrina the Useless Witch packing...


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