Black Girls' Night Out: Zoe Washburne Rewatch

To be honest, the Firefly episode "Shindig" is not a Zoe-heavy one.  I figure I might as well get that out of the way.

The episode begins in classic Firefly style: dirty bar, Mal and Jayne getting into a brawl, Mal and Jayne having to make a hasty exit.  Of course, this time the brawl acts as a sort of foreshadowing.

Badger, the back-stabbing douchebag from the pilot, returns in "Shindig" with a proposition (at gunpoint).  Captain Mal Reynolds is to go to very fancy, extremely exclusive party on Badger's behalf and land him a particular client.  If successful, the crew of the Serenity will have a shipping gig and get their share of the cut.

Naturally, Mal says yes, and chooses Kaylee, the ship's mechanic, as his date.

Also attending the party is Inarra, the high-priced courtesan who rents a shuttle from Mal.  And since Mal and Inarra have thing for each other, it doesn't take long before Mal is punching out Inarra's date.  However, this ain't no dingy bar and brawling is most assuredly not allowed.  By punching an aristocrat, Mal essentially challenged the other dude (a prissy little rich boy, by the way) to a duel.  An honest-to-God duel with swords and a 'til-death-do-us-part rule.

Obviously Mal doesn't die (even though he sure as hell ain't no swordsman), but this isn't about Mal.  This blog series is about Zoe and even though she wasn't featured too heavily, I still nabbed some nifty screen caps.

They call me "Perfection" for a reason
Husband and Wife
You know, these two actually grew on me quickly.
Alan Tudyk portrayed a very sincere and charming nerd.
He actually seemed able to make Gina Torres smile.
Jayne...bruh...you're not my type.
This scene wasn't all that bad.
Dialogue was weak, but who cares?
The hell you mean we can't rescue the Captain???


  1. Like she said in the movie serenity, she's not risking her ship to rescue Mal.


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