Melissa Harris-Perry Shouldn't Have Apologized for Shit

For shit.

Oh, my God - fuck the motherfucking Romneys.  Who gives a shit about their feelings?  Did they give a shit when they terminated the credit cards of their hard-working (and very likely underpaid) employees before election night was even over?

First of all, there's this (do yourself a favor and skip the comments):
Though it is a blessing for every child to have a loving and supportive home, white parents that espouse "love is enough" are, in fact, doing Black adoptees a huge disservice, potentially exposing their children to a high degree of racial identity confusion and a poor ability to effectively cope with race-based mistreatment. With an onslaught of racial micro-aggressions such as jeers, looks and slights they will surely encounter, Black children must be prepared to process and counter-frame these hurtful experiences. In predominately white communities where transracial adoptees are typically reared, children are more likely to be exposed to these discriminatory behaviors.

...Although baby Kieran will have the extra protection of Romney class privilege, where he will be afforded the finer things in life to include access to excellent schools, health care and the benefits of highbrow society, at the end of the day, he still has Black skin and the stigma that race carries in a society dominated by whiteness. Distinctly for Kieran, he has the additional layer of complexity of being raised in the LDS Church, a faith that has historically excluded Blacks from liturgical rites and full participation until 1978.

...Kieran Romney, the Black adopted grandchild of Mitt Romney, does not have the freedom to remain unconscious to the denial of privileges based upon race. He must gain the ability to navigate both Black and white worlds with their respective codes of power. Parents Ben and Andelynne have the capability to alter this trajectory by what one scholar refers to as "unhooking from whiteness." This includes initiating the difficult yet unreserved conversations on how to raise their child with a healthy racial self-concept. Additionally, the Romneys can live in a diverse community where people of color reside on somewhat equal status, send their children to school where some level of racial balancing has been attained, attend a multiracial church and significantly increase their personal relationships with friends of color who look like their child. The Romneys put themselves on the color line when they transracially adopted Kieran; now they must redoubled their efforts to disrupt the everyday engagements that reinforce the way they have been socialized to see the world through the prism of awhiteness.

~ Dr. Darron T. Smith "Kieran Romney and the Paradox of Transracial Adoption"
Secondly, Kieran (or Ciarán) means "little dark one" or "blacky" (the feminine form of which is Ciara). You're telling me the only Black grandbaby in the Romney family was named "blacky"????

If the 2012 elections taught me anything it's that is hard, hard, hard to trust a Republican, but straight up impossible to trust a Romney.  And since Mittens made it hard for anyone in that family to run for any office, like, ever again, what do you want to bet that however many years from now, either Ben or Andelynne Romney will try to be President, and they'll use their "little dark one" as some kind of ward to drive away the evil racism accusation spirits?


  1. When I read that she did, I was like :NO!!!!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to write about this. This whole thing has pissed me off and no she does not have to apologize but of course to keep her job she had to.

  3. OMG ...on two issues on here.First I had no idea what Kierans name really meant and secondly, I got sickened when Melissa did that.Why? Mitt....as of this day.... haven't apologized for his 47 percent comment.When will the GOP say sorry to Barack for their constant disrespect for him and other minority communities? I have yet to see them do it.

    I'm with you about the Republican party. The day I will ever trust them is when my nephews become great grandparents and when they are gone. I'm glad that my grandparents switched parties and taught us better,otherwise I couldn't see myself owning up to them.

    The Romneys may have adopted a Black child but I'm not convinced about their brand of multiculturalism. How do we know how that child is being treated behind closed doors? We all know why they're probably are doing it. That child may be Romney in name but that is just about it.Although political parties don't make a person, ideologies do. If John Mc Cains Bengali daughter and his Black daughter was jeered for who they are ,what they think will happen to Kieran? His party is going to spit on that child because of his race.

  4. And notice how the Romneys are already milking this bullshit to the fullest.

    1. Yeah, I was so annoyed b/c I was like, no Melissa, don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong. You know all about being a black child in a white family, and we also get that the giggling is a way of kind of deflecting the cluster of a family that little black boy is going to grow up in.
      I mean, can we say internalized racism much?
      I hate how many people, including supposedly liberal white people, were all jumping on the train that she was mocking a helpless little baby. No dum dums (and fake allies), she is empathizing with the life that baby is about to lead. More so than his clueless, racist grandparents EVER will able to manage.

  5. It is common knowledge among everyone but "color blind" white people that POC adopted by whites feel racially isolated and have identity issues. I read several blogs written by adoptees that state this yet some YT always comes along and tells them they are wrong about their own feelings.

    1. I read several blogs written by adoptees that state this yet some YT always comes along and tells them they are wrong about their own feelings.


    2. "yet some YT always comes along and tells them they are wrong about their own feelings."

      And they have the bare-faced nerve to be upset when POCs flip them the bird and/or shun them altogether. How can you tell someone that they are wrong about their experiences when you have never lived their life?

  6. I've said this a few times (followed you over here from "At The Bar") Rethuglicans can go eat a big honking bag of hypocritical dicks.

    They won't even own up to the fact they did the same damned thing to John McCain when he ran against Bush in the Republican primaries in 2000.

    For those playing the home game, John McCain has an adopted Bangladeshi daughter which the Bush Campaign used to spread rumors that Cindy McCain had an affair with a Black man and were trying to pretend that wasn't the case.

    I actually learned of this after reading Meagan McCain's book about her years following her father on the campaign trail (hey, sometimes you want to understand the opponent a bit better).


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