The Face that Launched a Thousand Bitchfests

Yes, ladies, this is the Skinny Yoga Girl of Infamy.

It hadn't even occurred to me to give two shits about what this girl looked like until I read the article linked above.  But now that I've seen her face, I've gotta say a few things.

Firstly, the white privilege component of her faux pas just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I am sick to death of these plain, boring white girls thinking everyone wants to be them simply because they're white, cissexual, and skinny.  At the risk of starting a shitstorm, I'll be very frank: if I woke up in this girl's body tomorrow, I'd want to kill myself*.

Really?  This is the woman looking down on someone else?  This is the woman who thinks she needs to extend a helping hand to someone else because of their appearance?  Seriously?

Secondly, the white apologists have already stepped forward trying to downplay her article and all the truly horrible things wrong with it.  Yoga Girl's essay exemplifies everything women of color (especially us) absolutely hate about white women.  First, you've got the whole staring thing, the whole you're-black-and-in-my-space-and-I-need-to-address-your-blackness thing.  You know how it is, ladies...when you walk into a store, library, restaurant, your workplace, whatever, and white people stop functioning simply because a Black person is present and they suddenly need to focus on that and only that.  Some of them wait for the first opportunity to address you, or more specifically your blackness, and it's like OCD; if they don't stop you at some point and verbally point out in some way the fact you are, indeed, a black person, then they can't move on with their lives.

Then, there's the assumption of what you're thinking.  They assume that you're as fixated and internally disrupted as they are.  They assume that because their world has just come to a screeching halt, yours has too, even though you most likely haven't even noticed they're there, much less actually care.

Then, there's the whole fat-shaming angle.  Believe it; had this been about a heavyset white woman, the essay would've been very similar.  Why?  Because the presumptuous I'm-uncomfortable-with-your-body-ergo-you-must-be-uncomfortable mentality would still apply.


Fourthly (h/t M. Gibson):

So sit down somewhere.

*For those who think this line was extreme let it be testament to just how fed up we are with white female narcissism. Some of these women cannot seem to grasp just how irrelevant they generally are to us.


  1. It wasn't that long ago that Silver Tiger about Korean standards and my thoughts about.

    Well my feelings remain the same. I just love it when White society tries to dictate what the world should look like. I don't know what make this woman think that the Black woman wasn't comfortable in her skin. ?
    Just because she's white doesn't make her god though she thinks that of herself .In general,Black women thinks better of themselves no matter what size we are.

  2. @ M, true that! I agree. It also bothers me when others say that black women (especially those who relax or wear lighter shades of hair dyes) are trying to be white. EVERYBODY in the flicking world has a straighter hair texture, not just white people. And there are dark skinned people who are born naturally with blond hair. (FUCK that genetic mutation bull they tried to feed us.) NO. NOT every WOC wants to be or even feel that WHITE is more attractive. Of course this was a totally different tangent, but one i've bottled up to this point - after reading this article, I couldn't help but state it.

  3. You mean THIS wannabe Hannah Horvath is the one who thinks all Black women want to be HER? She's like a hipster nightmare. Bitch, have a donut and sit down somewhere!

    1. Yes, but to put it in perspective, Lena Dunham had the audacity to say that she'd be hot (or skinny) in Detroit.
      And it's like, no, you're a plain, racist, dumpy bish in any state of the Union, and it just shows how delusional white women are that a homely white chick thinks that putting herself up against the women in a majority black city makes her the hot one.

  4. I bet her body goes straight up and down too, no curves, no boobs, no ass just like a lot of white women. One of the things I love the most about being a black women is we can be skinny, fit, or big and still have a shape to us. I weigh about 85 pounds but I'm not flat chested, I have a waist line and I don't have a flat ass ( having lordosis helps too). People put they way we look down a lot but in my opinion we really do have the best genetics.

    1. As someone who doesn't live around a lot of black people, white people and Asian people covet this flat in all directions body type, as long as it's light enough. I get people who expect me to nod in agreement that people who have Olive Oyl legs and arms had "nice legs" just b/c the legs are skinny. None of their bodies look like anything I would ever be happy to see in the mirror. Not a one. They have a habit of overlooking that fact that many of these women are either bony up and down OR have a big belly or lots of backfat with skinny arms and legs.
      They will NOT compliment a pair of thick, toned black legs. They don't acknowlege the beauty of large breasts (no shade if you don't have them, but how is that not the epitome of "womanliness"?) Or they'll act like it's some kind of anomaly when a woman have a lovely large round bottom on an otherwise small body (so it becomes easy to act like my chest doesn't count b/c I only have it b/c I'm fat-not true, b/c fat white women gain weight on their backs an din their bellies, many willl have a small cup size and a huge band size).

      I'm fat but still think I have a better shape than most of the white women I see. The narrowest part of my body is the middle, I work out a lot so my legs, though large, become more and more toned (and my lower legs are lovely, just want the upper ones as nice toned), if I turn ot the side my butt is really round (and large) and so is my chest. None of this looking 4 months pregnant at all times the way many white girls who can fit into size 6s have.
      I mean, even really skinny black women usually have a nice shapely butt and shapely legs.

    2. Fat doesn't mean whack and this is what White society can't accept. I'm full figured. For some reason if I didn't have confidence in anything else it was certainly my body. It have never occurred to me that I wanted to be to be skinny. I tried it one and I promise you that I looked crappy, especially being big boned.. OMG!

      I look at some of these weight loss commercials and they can be so annoying. Its like they give you the impression that you will look completely different. It's like I'm going to change from myself to Janet Jackson. All of a sudden losing weight will make you shapely and pretty. To me,if you were shapeless and/or ugly when you're big, your looks isn't going to improve if you're a stick figure. Also,they need to stop giving people the impression that looks give you confidence. Confidence from within.

      Like I said I enjoy being who I am. When I look at some really skinny girls,especially those with no shape, how bad it looks. Society may tell us what we should look like but not everybody want to be the status quo. I bet that this chick is shaped like a ruler. I rather be voluptuous than to be a toothpick.

  5. Really bitch? You think that sistah was looking at your bony ass and wishing she could be like you? You need to have a large plate of sitchoassdown along with a big glass of shutdafuckup.

    I'm so glad everyone's been dragging this chick for filth because she deserves it.

  6. Ugh, here's an example of how WW are a bit messed up in the head. This girl looked like a softball player before. She looks like she just got out of a refugee camp after. Just saw this clip on Yahoo and even Bob and Jillian looked stunned in a bad way to see her.
    Sorry, she looked toned and thick before. What a nightmare.

    1. @NIcthommi-She looked sickly and shouldn't have lost that much weight. I don't agree with these shows because unless you are a fitness competitor, bodybuilder or the like you can't workout 24/7 like that. Its overly extreme. What happens when you go back to a life! I think the only thing in her head was the money! I would need to know her height, but she should not have gone below 180 lbs at the most. She looked more like a powerlifter or shot putter to me.

    2. Actually, many of the people have either gained the weight back or wound up with eating disorders. Several former contestants have spoken out about it. It pops up but they seem to do a good job of killing the stories. Plus, most people think it doesn't really matter b/c they are clearly better off being starving and skinny than being fat. Saw some women who was on Oprah many years ago, who was bullied by her dad into gastric bypass (white people), who wound up with severe complications, multiple follow-up surgeries, and now 8 years later still has many health issues from the procedure and is now infertile.

      If you have to eat 1000 calories a day and work out like a full time job than sorry, that is not how small your body wants to be. People don't want to accept that everyone's body has a different set point. If I need to starve and workout 8 hours a day to be a size 6 then I want no part of it.
      I'm okay working out and eating a normal diet and being judged by people who assume I must binge eat and lay on the sofa all day.
      There was a good article about a couple who went on their weight loss journey and without having any medical issues, just turned out to have slower metabolisms. They work out about twice as hard as the average person, eat a good amount less, and are still overweight...no longer obese, but I remember the wife was probably 200lbs.
      Of course they got lots of comments that they were clearly dishonest about their diet and exercise intensity, but it's the opposite end of the skinny person who eats at McDonald's every day and is still tiny. I'm not sure why people can believe in one or not the other, and assume anyone who exercises and is still fat or chubby or thick is just a lying liar and/or delusional.


      But this mindset by white people is one they think we all have, which is what lets this rat-faced girl think that the black girl in class was on her jock.

    3. I just read that article. Its why I hate it. These shows don't teach people crap! If they truly wanted to help people it would not involve getting a large amount of money at the end and they would exercise like normal people with proper nutrition over at least two years. You know it really didn't hit me how much that girl lost. I was thinking she weighed 155 not lost it! She went from 260 to barely over hundred pounds and I bet that was the dress! And I have to agree when someone said she lost all that weight just to look middle aged!

  7. Well I'm not even going to say too much about this woman because that is what media teaches women to be like her. I was surprised that she is being criticized for her weight loss not that I didn't think she looks good being that small but Hollywood sends sends mixed messages.. There are stars and supermodels that physically resemble this woman yet they're called beautiful and sexy for having these bodies. Maybe that is what this woman thought along with wanting to badly winning the contest.

    Shows like The Biggest Loser are dangerous. They're driving people to cause people to do much harm themselves just for fame and money. It also don't help with media telling us that everybody has to look like stick figures. What a shame.

    1. @M-Hollywood sends sends mixed messages.

      I noticed this years ago. They will bash someone for being overweight yet as soon as that person gains weight they get bashed for being anoxeric. Nicole Richie comes to mind. I think because they know nothing will f**k with a woman's mind more than being judged about her looks. Notice how we hardly if ever see men being called too fat, too skinny, too bald, too old or too whatever.

    2. For real. The entertainment media (far too nice a name for them, to be honest) will bash you if you're the slightest bit on the pudgy side, then either crucify you or pretend to be your worried best friend when you look like a dessicated corpse.

      Same if you show signs of aging - damned for your body doing as nature intended, and damned if you do surgery and either refuse to admit it, went way overboard with it, or if you did a botched procedure. You need a diamond skin to survive in the media, that's for sure.

    3. And let's not get into having a relationship. If you take a picture you must be together. Even though you deny it. When you get together then the rumors start about how you are breaking up. And the cherry on top?!?! If you are a woman and a little bit bloated you must be hiding a baby bump! I mean you can't even PMS in peace!

  8. By the way (h/t Dulce):

    Jen Carons account of being made hyper aware of her white-ness and her skinny-ness while in the presence of a big black woman resonated with me because I am in that situation regularly, of course I play the role of the confused black woman who doesn’t understand why people constantly talk about their color and size when they’re around me.

    Can you imagine what it would be like to have people make announcements about the color of their skin or the size of their body every time they saw you? Welcome to my world!

    Like when white men grab me to dance at a bar and then interrupt our fun to announce “I’m such a white boy, right?”

    Or when small white women wistfully tell me how much they really wish they could gain weight and be more “curvy”.

    You see, from where I sit Jen’s sudden awareness of her whiteness was only a reflection of how hyper aware she was of the big black woman in such close, intimate proximity to her.

    ...As a plus size woman of color, people are constantly “telling on themselves” in regards to how they see me. It could be as simple as calling me “girl” instead of my name or being shocked when I sing along to Incubus songs, it could be something as nuanced as mentioning their own appearance in contrast to mine, or as awkward as quoting Tyler Perry to me and assuming I’ll get the reference (I won’t).

    If Jen Caron would like to think about how a big black girl feels, she can think about one of my realities: I’ve come to accept that for many of my associates, I am a big black woman for a very long time and then once they get over their own stereotypical interpretations of what that is, I become a person named CeCe.

    Can't believe I missed this one.

  9. Rose Z says:

    "I bet her body goes straight up and down too, no curves, no boobs, no ASS just like a lot of white women. One of the things I love the most about being a black women is we can be skinny, FIT, or big and still have a shape to us."

    So true. I'm a French black women that goes the gym regularly (since September of last year). I put on around 40 lbs last year due to a medical treatment. When I was overweight I still had curves and a visible, defined waistline.

    Today, I lost weight and went back to the size 8 I was before and I'm pretty happy. I wouldn't consider myself skinny even though I'm not technically "overweight" anymore. I still have a curvy body with a round bottom, defined waist along with full breasts.

    At the gym, I saw a few white women training (trying) HARD to achieve curves like ours with very thick thighs, narrower waists and ample bottoms. More recently, one of them joined my zumba class.
    She definitely turned heads (of the same hypocrits who call black women with a similar shape overweight/obese), but you know on a blond girl, this is different.

    I don't know why, but this girl tries to "flaunt" her body at me all the time. I thought it was my imagination until one day at the end of my zumba class, she skipped the stretching and left the class 2 minutes earlier (right next to our zumba space, there is a space for combat sports so there are generally hordes of men watching us).
    So to go back to my point, she left the class 2 minutes before it ended and when the zumba class did end, she was still there until I pass by to walk RIGHT in front of me and flaunt it (all in front of males' gaze). It sounds crazy, but it was like she was waiting for me.
    A few days ago, at our zumba class, she removed her T-shirt (to be fair it was very hot that day) for the time of a song and she put it back right after she made sure I looked at her.

    I'm going to ask a stupid question but if you already get all the male's attention (by having worked out hard to get a typical black girl's shape) and are the standard of beauty why do you feel the need to compare yourself to me by all costs and have this kind of acting around me?

    *My sister is technically obese BUT she has a waist to hip ratio of 0.69, she did NOT need squats or a special training/diet plan to achieve a curvy figure, she was born like this. I have a similar waist to hip ratio but I'm 2 sizes smaller.

    1. I'm going to ask a stupid question but if you already get all the male's attention (by having worked out hard to get a typical black girl's shape) and are the standard of beauty why do you feel the need to compare yourself to me by all costs and have this kind of acting around me?

      'Cause it's not worth it unless the Black girl cries.


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