Black Girls' Night Out: Lacey Porter

Jesus friggin' Christ.  I cannot believe I'm back here again.

So Amazon.com finally released the winter premiere of Twisted, which had me WTFing from the get...and not in the good way.  Not in the Holy-Shit-House-of-Cards-Frank-what-have-you-done-way.  Noooooo, sirree.

*cue spoilers*

Okay, I don't have Cin's patience, so I'm not going to do an in-depth recap.  I couldn't even if I wanted to; there's no "depth" to recap.

Episode 12 premiered, shocking no one and answering nothing because most of us already figured some of this shit out halfway through the first batch of eps by the first batch of hack writers.  We already knew Vikram Desai framed his son Danny for the murder of his sister Tara.  You read that correctly; Vikram killed his sister, then convinced his own son to confess to the crime and then spend his childhood in juvie, where he soon stopped visiting said son.

After a round of two great actors arguing with some thoroughly bullshit dialogue, Danny accidentally kills his father...while defending Jo.

Where's Lacey through all of this?  Glad you asked, actually.  In the new batch of episodes, Lacey has taken on the role of the Believer instead of Jo.  She loves Danny and believes he's innocent (and yeah, sure, she's right), and she clearly wants to get back together with him.  Since it's Avan Jogia, we can't really blame her.

I hate the new opening title sequence, by the way.

However...Lacey's having these "moments" of bonding with Rico (still no last name, portrayed by her real-life boyfriend Ashton Moio).  Since they're an actual couple in real life, their chemistry shines through quite effortlessly.  But THEN, a new young man tosses his hat in the ring.  A dark-haired stranger, a new boy in town who always seems to follow Lacey around has got folks theorizing that Danny has a half-brother.  His name is Charles McBride, he's portrayed by borderline ambiguous-looking actor Jack Falahee, and he's nowhere as cute as Rico or Danny...so I don't know why the writers are trying to offer up this obvious consolation prize as I suspect they are going to somehow hook up Danny with Jo.  *shudders*

Words can't even begin to express how lame this episode was, particularly in the handling of Lacey Porter.  Once again, all roads lead back to Jo and her hurt fee-fees.  Lacey's scrambling to make piece with that irrelevant twit, and get back together with a boy who's now keeping his distance.  I got the feeling she was begging someone, in some way, in just about every scene.  I started having FlashBackwards to the Zoey/Demetri pairing, where it seemed Zoey was running around town like a chicken with its head cut off trying to save her fiance's life, and everyone's just looking at her like, "Whatever."

I do not like the direction of this at all...but damn, the cast is fine.

Bonus Vids

Lina & Erica Green Talk Twisted


  1. It's ashame how predictable this episode was.

    Even with Lena, Steven and fear sister struggled with talking about it and they're right, its all over the place. I thought that this one was worse than the beginning of the very first series of the premiere of Twisted.

    Though I'm not surprised about it, episode 12 of Twisted was still disappointing and I'll start with Lacey,Danny and Jo off course. Lacey makes up with Danny and all seems sweet but once again Lacey cannot be the good, caring friend of Danny. Lacey still cares for Danny and he about her,yet no matter how on and off Jo is with him,some magical way..Jo and Danny winds up together.Jo could spit on Danny and still producers/writers is going to make sure that they will be together. That is just so backwards.

    I thought that I was the only one who noticed the interaction of Laceys and Charles interaction in the horse shed. I agree, I think that ABCF is trying to pacify their Black female audience with him...so not going to work. In that case, I would rather see Lacey with Rico. Just like Steven was saying on the show, Twisted is a predictable show and you can figure a lot of this show out. Were predicting a lot of things out and I wouldn't doubt if they try to put Lacey and Charles..anything just to keep her from Danny. Just a matter of time before they'll do it.

    I would love to be wrong about Twisted and I promised myself that I would give it 3 episodes to see any differences with Twisted. Strike 1with episode 12 but I'm trying to be optimistic about the next two ones.. which I'm not expecting a whole lot.If not, I'll just read what you guys will say about it or just listen to Lena's show.

    1. I would love to be wrong about Twisted and I promised myself that I would give it 3 episodes to see any differences

      I was thinking that too, especially since it hasn't been renewed, mostly likely won't be (friggin' Ravenswood - the show Twisted's premiere got pushed back for - has already been canceled), so I'm looking at it like I did Deception; just see this one through to the end.

  2. This is pretty much what I expected, hence why I was wary of getting my hopes up. *sigh* Twisted...you're something else. I fell in love with the potential this show had, and I feel like I might have let it blind me to the f*ckery that was to come (and is still coming).

    Is the Narrative planning to keep or drop it?

    1. I'm not sure. While I'm not digging "Jo Hour" as another commenter dubbed it, I still honestly don't know where they're going with Lacey/Danny, Lacey/Rico, or even Lacey/New Guy.
      So I'm thinking I'll drop it on the Narrative, but continue w/ Lacey's BGNO because Kylie Bunbury remains mesmerizing.

    2. Lacey/ Rico isn't going to go very far. Some of the spoilers have revealed that in a few eps (Homecoming I believe) Rico will have a girlfriend played by an Asian actress. I'm kind of glad because I never liked the idea of Rico/ Lacey. I always felt the on-screen chemistry to be stale when it came to actors who were dating irl and their characters also start to date. That's just me though. Lacey it seems, from the spoilers, might be pushed back even further.
      It's weird because she's separated from the main plot, Which Danny and Jo are apart of, she has no friends now and apparently no family, The only time shes mentioned in the spoilers is when it involves Danny.

      I can't help but feel the writers are deliberately doing this. A slap in the face to Lacey supporters and those who loved Danny and Lacey.

    3. Yep. I guess they didn't think that Black women would fawn over Avan like that and don't like the idea that its not non of their White characters getting the love so big like that. It's making them sick.

      What did they expect? when they put an IR/AMBW couple on TV ,people are going to pay attention to the program, especially when the storyline is provocative and/or feature a hot mixed couple like Avan and Kylie are. They are really working hard to put Avan with Jo..which would be a major suckfest right there.. seriously, I just cannot see Jo with him, Rico or the other guys for that matter. She just seem too modest.When Jo's dream scene with Danny came up,it just didn't look right. It seemed as she said on the show ,a girl losing her virginity than about making love.

      No matter how much ABCF want to dismantle Avan and Kylies TV romance, it can never be duplicated. Their chemistry unbelievably incredible. It should tell them something when they made the list of the top 29(they should have the top 10) of the hottest romantic couples on ABCF.

  3. I don't watch this show, but I've read enough here and on Tumblr to have a feel for the show and what people are and aren't feeling. Have the showrunners learned nothing from the first half of the season? Is this what they got a new team of writers for? And for the love of all that's holy, why on earth would they throw always the entire premise of the show? That most of all is what has me scratching my head in confusion. Even if they come up with a new plot point (which I'm assuming they're going to now), that's not why people tuned in the first place. The mystery of whether Danny was a killer or not was what made everyone want to watch. What reason are they supposed to keep wanting to watch now?

    I was on Tumblr and people aren't pleased. People are ready to stop watching. They're tired of #PoorJo (which ABC Family pushing that hashtag), Laeey getting pushed to the side and even Danny getting sidelined so that Jo and her family gets more screen time. I seriously can't understand what the hell is wrong with the showrunners. Seems like they had a good thing going and didn't know what to do with it. They mistook the love the show was getting in the beginning for, "We want more Jo." smh

    1. The mystery of whether Danny was a killer or not was what made everyone want to watch.

      Along with the ambiguity of his nature - sociopath or not?

      Seems like they had a good thing going and didn't know what to do with it. They mistook the love the show was getting in the beginning for, "We want more Jo."

      You think so? Because I was under the impression they got threatened by all the brown love and felt the need to reassert the white girl.


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