Black Girls' Night Out: Lacey Porter

I love how active they're making Lacey this season. A lot of the time during the summer, she was a bit too passive and protected for me, so to have her go into Nancy Drew mode and match up with Gloria Crane was fun and felt pretty in-line with the character, since she's become more comfortable with her feelings for Danny and less concerned with her social status.

On the one hand, this is true. Lacey is no longer hanging out with the popular kids and is a lot more fearless. She thinks for herself and isn't afraid of confronting anyone if she thinks they're lying, hiding something, or did something shady. So good for her, and kudos to the writers for doing this.

I wasn't digging the scene at the end where Jo "realizes" Lacey really cares about Danny and says they should be together and not worry about her.  Really?  Really though?  Did anyone ask her?  And is anyone flashing back to what I said before about white girls giving Black girls "permission" to date the dudes they like?   Did we not address this already?

The show tries to disguise it a "support" and "blessing", but any Black girl who's been in similar situations (and I have), know there's nothing supportive or blessed about it.  It's permission, permission that is unnecessary and downright offensive.

Moving on....

I've also noticed that Edward Cullen the new guy, Charles McBride, is still hanging around Lacey.  In order to understand who he is and what he really wants, we have to - ironically, check out the promo for the next episode:

At some point, we were going to have to deal with Danny's stint in Juvie.  I just didn't think it would be this soon, but since I'm pretty sure Twisted's never going to see a second season, the writers probably figured they might as well whip that out now while they've got the chance.

Because Twisted is quite predictable in places, I'm assuming Danny's not going to try to get back with Lacey.  He'll be all tortured and emo over killing Daddy, but he won't man up and tell her what's bothering him. So they'll have a shittily written, soap opera-esque argument in which he'll storm out and she'll be left crying.  Upset and vulnerable, Lacey will turn to the new guy who's (creepily) always around.  We'll randomly find out what he did to get sent away; we'll be horrified into speechlessness, and Danny will try to warn Lacey not to associate with him.  Still bruised from being turned down, she'll tell him where he can go, and then run off to be with the new guy.  The writers will then probably have the new  guy use Lacey in some disgusting way just to get back at Danny for whatever went down behind bars.

And the fangirls will stop shipping Danny with girls altogether now that they have the brooding dark-haired boy he used to cuddle with on the bottom bunk.

Final comment: I hope the writers don't think I didn't notice that God awful acoustic cover of "Hemorrhage" by Fuel at the very end of the episode.  That song is sexy as hell and was not made for a woman's a voice.  Acoustic, maybe, not a woman's voice.

I really don't appreciate the molestation of music from my era to conform it the bullshit of this era.  Thank you and good day.


  1. I know it's a bit of a reach, but this entire episode left me thinking "so... since you claim you're so in love with Danny and it was only you, him and Vikram in the woods, why aren't you taking the fall for him? or trying to? or better yet, why couldn't you just have kept your nose out of his and his dad's meeting? or..I don't know, take Lacey or your dad with you?" Despite the show's attempts at making Jo look like the level head (with her insufferable need to give everyone advice (in the form of blabbering out people's secrets and forcing people to deal with what they're not yet ready to deal with) - Danny, Lacey and Lacey's dad, especially), she just so daft.

    It'll be interesting to see next week, though, whether she or Lacey will play the bigger part in . This is said with the fact that Danny told Jo she's "the most important person in his life" a few episodes ago.

    And yes... regarding the song comment at the end, especially. That was one of my favorite songs so hearing the tune of the chorus gave me this strange combo of heartfelt nostalgia and a perma-grimace on my face. Honestly, they couldn't use a better cover than that?

    Suppose the title of the song's appropriate for the series, either way, though.

  2. (Oops - Correction - didn't realize I'd not finished typing this)
    It'll be interesting to see next week, though, whether she or Lacey will play the bigger part in the plan being brewed up by the guy Danny knew in Juvie - whether or not he'll make a move for Lacey or Jo first, and which he things would hurt Danny most. This is said with the fact that Danny told Jo she's "the most important person in his life" a few episodes ago.


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