Black Girls' Night Out: Lacey Porter

"I'm ready to go."
Y'all...I'm really hoping Kylie Bunbury's collecting a serious check off this bullshit because damn.

***spoilers...deal with it...***

This episode just really irritated me.  As Danny Desai indulges his emo side, Lacey is falls into the role of the Black girl who has to do all the heavy lifting.  She has to "convince" Danny to go to Homecoming, which ends in disaster.  And when they finally do make up at the end of the episode, the audience is left wondering if it actually means anything.

I say this because after watching this particular episode, I was left with the same feeling I got during FlashForward after the Hiatus of Doom.  After that hiatus, the writers on FF moved heaven and earth to break up Demetri and Zoey.

I feel as though the Twisted writers know that if they pull the same shit here, the backlash will be epic, so instead, they've found away to take a sizzling Blasian romance and hollow it out.  The "make up" scene seemed begrudging on the part of the writers.  They clearly want to break up Danny and Lacey, but they're probably afraid the fangirls will boycott not just this show, but every other show on ABCFam.

I want to point out that Lacey's screen time is starting to diminish again, and I'm pretty much done with this.  There's nothing to write, really; we've seen this before and I don't want to deal with this again.  Outside of Danny/Lacey, the writers aren't doing anything with this character.  We haven't seen her family since the new episodes started and Sarita (still no last name) has refused to befriend her again, so she has no social life.

Next week's promo shows almost zero Lacey and once again, I have to call time of death on a potentially awesome Black female character.


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