Meagan Good in "Babylon Fields"

"They better not fuck me over this time."

(h/t Lor)

I'm going to approach this one with a grain of salt, because the last time I got all excited about Meagan starring in a TV role, it ended in utter disaster.

Here's what we know

1) The show is going to be on NBC, the same mastermind behind the catastrophic train wreck that was Deception.  So there's that.

2) Good "will play Janine Beltran, a local doctor with an edge to her" (source), whatever the hell that means. In Hollywhite, a Black woman "with an edge" usually translates to "sassy"/"angry", so...there's that as well.

3) Babylon Fields is a ship that already sank once; seven years ago, CBS turned down a completed pilot.  The guys responsible for the pilot that got rejected are the same dudes now working on it for NBC.  So...there's that.

4) BF will be about reanimated zombies trying to return to the lives they had before they died.  I'll be honest; I'm torn about this.  I hate zombie-related anything, but I've always wondered about what would happen if the undead from, say, The Walking Dead or World War Z were cured one day and tried to go back to their lives.  What would that be like?

5) Though Good has been tapped for this new role, I've noticed there's no confirmation about it being her show, so although she will be starring, she most likely will not be the star.

Here's what we want

1) Don't make her an afterthought.  Then again, Good was treated like an afterthought on her own show, so...there's that.

2) Stop pairing her up with white guys.  A woman or a man of color should do nicely.  But since that's what we want, they'll probably compromise and set her up with a white woman whom we'll either very rarely see or see all the time, possible more than Meagan herself.

3) Don't make her the only person of color on the show.

4) Don't pull a Garcelle Beauvais or Ashley Madekwe on Meagan Good should the show become popular and draw in a following.

5) Don't pull a Lacey Porter/Abbie Mills bullshit love triangle on Meagan Good.

6) Do NOT pull an Olitz either.

7) Don't even think about pulling a Joss Carter.


  1. Is it bad that I have no hope? Not based on the show's premise, but...well, Hollywood.

    1. You're not alone. Once I started the second list, all these people and characters I hadn't thought about in months started coming back in a flood.

  2. The premise sounds interesting to me, so I'll give it a go if it gets picked up. I like zombie-themed stuff so I'm intrigued. From what I read, she's *the* female lead, so I guess we'll see. Taraji was the female lead on her show and we see how that shit turned out. I don't put anything past Hollywood and these showrunners (see Twisted).

    1. From what I read, she's *the* female lead, so I guess we'll see.

      Is she now?

  3. I'm being cautious about this. Like you said when it comes to Black female "leads" it usually equals the the White supporting actresses taking over their roles . With NBC having a hand in this, you really have to question the longevity of this show?

  4. While her skin is lovely (or whatever is put on it is excellent), I think Meagan Good needs a new MUA b/c her makeup looks are always so overdone a bit too "porn star" as opposed to "movie star"...there are outfits where that kind of makeup works but it's like, she'll be in a regular outfit and they still have her looking like Pam Anderson's MUA did her face...and she doesn't need the kind of help Pam Anderson needs to take a picture (or leave the house for that matter).

    1. Megan needs to fire both her make-up artist and her stylist. She's a stunning woman, and it's such a shame that she always manages to look so unfortunately cheap on the red carpet. Too much tight matte jersey and heavy handed make-up.

      Megan obviously prefers a sexier look, and that's fine. I'm not suggesting that she walk the red carpet in an Oscar de la Renta ball gown, but someone could introduce her to better fabrics and pieces with more structure/better tailoring. A crisp, sharply tailored skinny pantsuit, or even one of those form fitting dresses that Victoria Beckham makes, can be just as sexy as a too clingy dress with a belly button plunging neckline. Megan would also do well to inquire into who is doing Gabby Union's and Naomie Harris' make-up. The two of them always manage to appear luminous--never harsh, or overly done up.

    2. I think Meagan is one of those people who either never had much eyebrow or overplucked/waved/shaved them and they never grew back. HOWEVER, I have seen women on You Tube who draw in very realistic looking eyebrows so yeah, she could do a lot better. I sometimes thing they are tattoed on but someone still needs to flesh them out so they look more natural.
      My opinion on looking sexy if your goal is to do it by showing skin, which I think is age appropriate for Meagan Good is to pick what you are going to show/flash.
      The problem is that she always has EVERYTHING out. So she'll have a dress that plunges to her bellybutton but that has a slit up to her crotch. If you are going to show all of your legs, cover your chest. If you want to show your chest, go longer with your skirt or wear pants. Or wear something with the back out but the front coverered.
      Meagan Good looks like she goes shopping with Mariah Carey and Pam Anderson.
      But I feel as if it has to affect her brand.
      Agree. I'd also say, check with whoever does the Nia Long or Queen Latifah b/c they are also women who have a long track record of looking flawless on the red carpet.

    3. Megan needs to fire both her make-up artist and her stylist. She's a stunning woman, and it's such a shame that she always manages to look so unfortunately cheap on the red carpet.

      Thank you!!! "Cheap" is the word - and it's frustrating because we know Meagan's beautiful, and we know she's classier than this. She allegedly has a net worth of $8 million, so it's not like she's on a budget or something.

    4. Like, the lipstick in the video right there looks like she picked it up at Walmart or some shit.

  5. I don't believe this idea has been tried on a US television series just yet. I've seen it in books, movies and there was a UK TV show which featured a white male gay protagonist as the lead (I think the series was rather short, not sure if they plan to renew for another series). It has a lot of potential but I can see how it could easily be messed up.


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