"Romeo and Juliet" (2013)

The image above seems familiar to me, like someone tried to tell me about it and I probably ignored it.  What caught my attention this time around was Condola Rashad who is slated to portray Egyptian royalty in an upcoming show on FOX (we'll see how long that lasts).  Mind you, there was a time when I would've been elated to see Orlando Bloom kissing a Black woman, but alas.... 

First of all... theater?  I mean, I'm all about live thespians, but come on.  Secondly, Romeo and Juliet?  Seriously?  We're not tired of this one yet?  Thirdly, why does it look like the entire play was done on a $6 budget?  I mean, really?  Isn't Bloom's house bigger than that whole theater?  Doesn't he have LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean money?  Or did something happen which caused him to need a check, regardless of the source?  Or did he want a new kind of role and got into this for the BWWM-that-doesn't-shock-or-really-interest-many-people-anymore publicity?

I mean, I'm just saying, Romeo couldn't have been a Latino brother this time around?  We couldn't get to hear Shakespeare in Spanish?  A Native American brother maybe?  Set in the future and not the dismal past?  How about a Southeast Asian brother for a change?


Anyways...Condola looked fabulous:

Fine, I give; a $9 budget then.


  1. You would think they could have hired a better person to photoshop the top picture!

  2. You would think that being an A list actor and the daughter of a famous TV actress that their accommodations would look more prestigious. God! I've seen far better settings with high school plays.. lol!

  3. Yeah, I've seen middle school productions that look better than this.

  4. Sidebar-Meagan Goode has landed another lead in a tv series. The second resurrection of Babylon Fields. It came on before and is being redone by NBC. http://www.thewrap.com/meagan-good-lead-nbc-babylon-fields-pilot


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