Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

"No, really though...what was that?"
First of all, is anyone else upset that Hulu pulled the you-have-to-be-subscribed-Hulu-Plus-to-watch-new-eps -of-Scandal bullshit?  Hulu Plus sucks donkey balls...and yes, you can quote me on that.

Secondly...what the hell was that????

First, Mellie had me laughing when she scurried to Cyrus's office and had to flash a quick, tight, First Lady smile en route.  Upon reaching Cyrus's office, she gasps, "She's...running."

After a useless, pointless, inappropriate Olitz moment (read: smooching in the Oval Office while both their careers are going up in flames), Sally Langston's fixer essentially humiliates Olivia Pope by having Sally run as a Third Party candidate while remaining Vice President.

Mm-hm...maybe if Liv wasn't so busy smooching the Prez and dreaming of Vermont, she would've have her wits together and could've foreseen and countered such a move.  But alas, that would be asking too much.

Another critic says it best:
With Sally hanging on like a ginger barnacle, Fitz chooses Andrew Nichols, his old lieutenant governor, as his new running mate, and everyone is freaked out because he seems too normal. When Liv interrogates him about his penchant for dating models, he screams about being married to his job and the one that got away, which seems to appease her, but Nichols is hiding a big secret after all — the one that got away is Mellie, and he’s thrilled to be back in her orbit. I like that Liv’s gut seems to be working again, but this is a potential nightmare scenario because Mellie doesn’t seem to be into this dude at all. Does she have it in her to cheat on Fitz? And if not, are we going to have to watch her fight off another rape-y, insistent dude? The way she was positioned between them both, holding each of their hands high at the end of the episode, makes me think this will play out in deeply disturbing ways. I never watch the previews for next episode because I like to be surprised, so if they’ve already revealed a Grant/Nichols threesome, don’t tell me.

Harrison spent most of the episode shitting bricks because Adnan Salif is back in town. The big reveal is that Adnan Salif is a woman, a beautiful, sexy ninja, and when she finally confronts Harrison, she takes him down with her vagina. Like most Harrison subplots, this one ends with boning, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I am so bored with Harrison having sex. Does he like to cook? What’s his favorite baseball team? We know he has a dick already! Harrison is being objectified out of existence. They’ve built Adnan Salif up like she was a Voltron of murder, so I wasn’t expecting this
Red Shoe Diaries treatment of a supposedly threatening character.

~ Danielle Henderson, "Scandal Recap: The World Is Watching"
So you see our problem.

Daddy Pope has a cameo (in which, as Amanda O points out below, he announces he's going to fuck up Fitz's world); Mama Pope does not appear, in case anyone is wondering.  Jake thinks he won't be destroyed by B613, Charlie and Quinn go "shopping", and Abby, Huck, and Harrison barely have any lines.

James and David decide to join forces and take down Cyrus, which surprised me.  I though James was caught up.  Cool new gig, wealthy influential husband...but I guess when your husband whores you out, then cleans up the murder of the guy he whored you out to, I guess you reach your tether and just have to say, "Enough is enough."  This is very ballsy, very 007 of James, and I'm interested to see how well he pulls it off.  Already he's implanted a mic in the picture of his daughter which sits on Cyrus's desk, so all of Cyrus convos are being recorded.  And James has begun leaking hints about the murder to the press...which could get him killed.

Final verdict?  This episode should've been better.  It should've been so much better considering the hype and the wait, and if Shonda Rhimes is thinking she can hang on with hype and hiatuses, she's wrong.  That's how you lose an audience, especially one that's underwhelmed when you come back from hiatus, and even more so when everyone's comparing your show to the insanely successful, notably hiatus-free House of Cards.


  1. Ankhesen this recap did not do justice. Papa Pope made a cameo but his words to Liv and that scene stole the whole show. He let Liv know that was going to take down the President and would use her if he had to. "Run Olivia Run", the "Grieve now to save yourself time later" all these words were a building up to something deep and serious. Papa Pope didn't just make a cameo he drew a line in the sand, He is going to f**k Fitz world all up including teaming up with Sally's handler.

    1. I'll be honest; I didn't like that scene. I felt it could've also been a lot better. Joe Morton seemed to be rehashing the same tone and phrasing from the speech he gave in the Season 3 premiere. My immediate thought was, "I've seen and heard threats/declarations like these before." Just like with the hypes and hiatuses and hashtags, Daddy Pope is becoming a theme/meme/what have you that Rhimes is falling back on instead of giving us something new.

      Though he has more than enough secrets to bury Fitz, he's not in Command of B613 anymore; his resources and influence have thus been severely depleted. And though the Prez leaves soooooo much to be desired, he was still able to dethrone Daddy Pope, and that is major. So we may very well have reached a point where Daddy Pope's bark is simply worse than his bite.

      Now, a coworker of mine theorized last year that Daddy and Mama Pope may join forces now to take down the Grant Administration. If Rhimes shows me that scene, then I'll have a lot more to talk about.

  2. Yes,this particular episode was a little dull . I was expecting more action and understanding on it. I also will agree with you about Harrison. Though I love his character, he should be more developed. I just felt that love making scene was a cover up to keep us from knowing who the real Harrison. As I once mentioned, we have yet to know to learn about him.Some characters are so underdeveloped that they can be useless but Harrison is the exception. He's interesting and Shonda need to have a storyline about him.That would be good for Scandal.

    When will Olivia be happy? I'm surprised that she haven't had a nervous breakdown. She always seem that way amd it doesn't help if the president constantly stalks her and his order of forcing Olivia to stay on her job..oh no. Everybody plotting and scheming to destroy each other.It was all getting on my nerves. Millie tripped me out trying to find Olivia a fake boyfriend.How crazy is that.

    I'm hoping that next weeks episode will be better.

  3. I'm just angry that, after all of this, Olivia doesn't seem to be too disturbed about the tasting comment. HOW DO YOU IGNORE SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! I'm starting to dislike her a bit.

    1. Oh...for real.

      I've now gone from being annoyed with Olitz to seriously disturbed. Surely, by now the two of them have noticed that when they get together, disaster always strikes. They fuck up their careers and the careers of others with their bullshit "romance" and I'm wondering if Shonda is now just banking on them to keep people watching a little longer. I'm surprised someone hasn't already decided to get rid of both of them to restore some damn order to the universe.

  4. ...and if Shonda Rhimes is thinking she can hang on with hype and hiatuses, she's wrong. That's how you lose an audience, especially one that's underwhelmed when you come back from hiatus...

    People are getting tired of the Olitz fuck shit.

    I'm starting to dislike her a bit.

    I don't like her at all. It's hard for me to like a willing doormat who is losing all of her power and credibility for "love" of a man who treats her like shit. It's hard for me to respect a character who is a deliberately depressed semi-alcoholic who is too weak to stand up for herself and move on. Olivia lives in a dreamworld (Vermont, anyone??? "Don't sell the house." I don't care that I've been shot at, "Fitz and I are going to be together..." DAFUQ???) Shonda can't possibly think people are going to continue to buy into this farce of a romance and tune in, because now it's taking on epically ridiculous proportions. People get tired of the same old same old.

    I wish Harrison would just tell Olivia to get the hell on to Vermont already and take over OPA himself. He runs that damn office anyway.

    I wish Mellie would cheat on Fitz. I wish she would do everything she could to sabotage his presidency and end up with someone who treats her better than that schizoid shitbag.

  5. I don't care that I've been shot at, "Fitz and I are going to be together..." DAFUQ???

    This is another great point which I can't believe I forgot. Or even still...rewind all the way back to Season 1 when Stephen was still in the office and flat out stated, "You can't have him." It was part of a greater, deeper speech (spoken in a lovely British accent), part of a series of speeches which have got angrier and nastier since.

    At this point, the only thing keeping Olitz together is Rhimes, not romance.

    1. and whatever happened to him anyway? didn't they say he moved away with that fiance he cheated on? Nobody called on him for a favor?

      All of this is making me nostalgic for season one. I know that it got really popular when the conspiracies were introduced, but remember when Olivia would save the day at least once an episode? Maybe she wouldn't have such a hard time keeping her lights on if she actually did her job once in a while instead of using her work resources for grant related crap all the time.

      I miss badass fixer Liv...

    2. The writers have gotten so caught up in plot twists they've forgotten about the plot and the original premise. A fixer and her Crew.

    3. Pretty much. And though Rhimes says she envisioned a beginning, middle, and end to "Scandal", I call bullshit. When folks were getting twitchy about Season 1, she smelled which way the wind was blowing and changed her format. So we went from getting to know a fixer and her crew to cleaning up after the White House.

  6. I personally love Olitz. They're dysfunctional as hell but so is everyone else.
    I can't stand Rowan because like so many other characters his monologues are mute, nothing is changing.
    And while Fitz was disrecpectful with the "how she tastes" comment, Rowan got a tape of Olivia having sex without her permission and gave it to people, once again without her permission.

    Side-not : Does she know Jake filmed them having sex??

    1. And while Fitz was disrecpectful with the "how she tastes" comment, Rowan got a tape of Olivia having sex without her permission and gave it to people, once again without her permission.

      Side-not : Does she know Jake filmed them having sex??

      Good points, and yes, because Cyrus shows it to Fitz who tells Liv about it immediately.


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