Elizabeth Price ain't here to play

Her choreographer still needs to take a cue from Lauren Hernandez's, though.


  1. I agree on all counts. She has the skills and the passion. If her choreographer took all that into consideration, her floor exercises would be jaw dropping.

  2. Awesome job! She is also attending Stanford this coming fall and will compete for their gymnastics team! Don't know if she will make the Olympics due to age.

    1. She's 17 so...*crosses fingers*

      Catalina Ponor is 27 and still competing and Daiane dos Santos was 29 when she competed in 2012 so...*crosses fingers again*

  3. Oh she will compete on the college level for sure. If you google college gymnastics the majority of the girls are in their early to mid twenties. Dominique Dawes was 24 at her last Olympics, but THAT is Awesome Dawe-some. It depends on if she has peaked yet, how her body might change, and injuries. The downside of women's gymnastics is their bodies are affected in a way that men gymnasts don't experience. She was an alternate in 2012 and I can see her doing the same thing again MAYBE. Sadly, its a youth filled sport. dos Santos got banned for a few months for doping trying to lose weight for competition. Another bad point about the sport for women. Their bodies mature so they have to go to extreme practices to stay so small.


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