Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

I was about to stall on this a little longer but then Cece D just had to go and post a Kid Fury video in which he's So Furiously puttin' Liv on blast.  The venom was such that I suddenly got motivated to hop on the hate train.


This season has made me feel like a broken record.  Since you've heard all my tracks before, let's just go down them one by one.

B613 is incompetent

You mean to tell me that the spy organization to which all other spy organizations bow to and beg for mercy can be shut down - and I mean shut down - simply by being hacked?  In what universe does that even happen?  Fucking terrorists even know better than to have a central unit where you store all your shit.  Fuck...any of y'all watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine back in the 1990s (seriously though; what happened to television)?  Remember Section 31?  For those of you not knowing, Section 31 was Star Trek's 24th Century-version of a B613...except they weren't incompetent and didn't suck.  Basically, they operated liked terrorists: lone agents, disconnected cells, no central office.  Kill one and it didn't faze the rest.

B613, on the other hand, in the middle of a terrorist threat to the President of the United States, gets every square inch of its ass smacked because Daddy Pope tells Liv just where Huck needs to hack.  Huck then shuts off the power, the phones, the innanetz, the change, the errythang B613 needs to do their jobs.

Just like that.

Abby, however, is not incompetent, and I don't appreciate the sudden rewrite

I don't give a fuck; I love Darby Stanchfield, I love that she's a ginger, I had high hopes for her on this show where she's been reduced to 3-4 lines per week.  Her character whom I early on dubbed Abby the Red, is a lawyer and a domestic violence survivor, and is nobody's bitch.

And yet, at the beginning of last week's episode, she's Liv's "proxy" because Liv (for some reason) can't go to White House and do her job after Fitz yelled at her (like that's even new).  And here's where we get into trouble.  1) Abby is made to look like a ditzy cheerleader who can't even do Fixing 101, and 2) after her scene's cut short and she's almost immediately forgotten, Liv goes back to White House and into full-on angst mode.  And this is why Kid Fury's video is so relevant: what happened to Liv?  Remember how Liv used to run shit?  Remember how Liv used to tell other people to STFU and how things were going to play out?  What happened to Liv?  Why is Liv crying and whining in every episode?  Why, after everything that's happened, is she still screwing Fitz every other week?

Remember in Season One (back when Pope & Associates was still a fixer company), when Liv was about to send a defenseless woman back to her asshole husband?  It was Abby who went off and reminded her that when a man was beating on Abby, Liv took a tire iron to his knees.  Abby reminded Liv that she does not "get to stop being Olivia Pope."

So WTF happened???

How and why is Governor Reston the villain?

Uh...remember when Liv and Cy and their cohorts rigged the election and robbed Reston of his rightfully earned White House?  Explain to me why he keeps being put in villainous situations, like shooting his wife's lover and letting his wife go to jail because she called "rape" in a moment of panic.  Excuse me...a man died because that heffa didn't want to own up to the fact she was cheating on her husband.  And that was a white dude - how many men of color have killed or imprisoned because a white woman falsely cried rape?

Why is Reston a villain?

Reston found out about the election-rigging and attempted to blackmail Fitz into making him VP - why the hell shouldn't he get in on the action?  He got robbed.  He was wronged.  He is the rightful President after all.  And it's not like Fitz is Presidential material - he's not.  You need an adult to be President.  Fitz is a boy.

And now that Abby's put Reston's business out on YouTube, showing him talking down to his imprisoned wife, he can never run for President again.  Damn, Shonda!

It's a sad, sad day when Quinn is the best thing to happen to B613

Y'all...I like Katie Lowes, but I'm ready for her character to go.  She is one of Scandal's weaker links, so the fact she appears to be the most willing to do her job (and to have the best instincts), is a sign that B613 ain't shit without Papa Pope.  I don't know if Shonda is doing it deliberately to show that Jake can't handle his new gig, or if the writers themselves just don't know how to handle this.  *sighs and waits for Season 3 of House of Cards*

Mama Pope rules

When she showed up at Daddy Pope and Liv's dinner - thus completing the most dysfunctional family reunion ever - my jaw hit the floor.  But then...Daddy Pope reached for a knife and Mama Pope was like, "Do it.  I dare you.  I'm dying to find out which one of us is faster."

Woman needs her own show, y'all.  Fuck a B613 spin-off; Khandi Alexander needs the damn spin-off!


  1. Scandal S3 has been about lifting irrelevant stories and plot twists without developing the plot. Someone called Scandal a snowglobe and it's true.

    I'm tired of B613, Mellie's 'privileged pain', Jake 'keeps putting hands on Olivia' Ballard, I'm tired of all the monologues that don't change anything, I'm tired of Fitz & Olivia getting blamed for everything.

    The writers are retconning all over the place and there's no character consistency.

    This is Olivia's story, that is what I signed up for & OPA. And while Fitz is my boo ( childish, selfish idiot he is ) this whole re-election whitehouse storyline is ssoooo bad and rushed.

    Both Rowan & Maya Pope can kick rocks. Abby didn't come off incompetent to me in fact I thought it was the opposite that the white house was full of children.

    Regarding Reston, He knew that was his wife's lover before he found them and set it up, then killed him and made her think it was her crying rape that made him do it.

    1. Agreed.

      I see several characters on that show that.. like Ankh said... and they would go to be interesting stories. It's like they're trying to do too many stories all at once and you can't really get a full understanding of the show.

  2. If Kid didn't preach the mother freakin' gospel in that video...

    "B613 is incompetent"

    You said in the last update that the writers who were supposed to be writing scripts about political fixers are trying to write political thrillers...and those terms are neither synonymous nor mutually inclusive. They clearly can't give good thrill...which is why they need to abandon this whole B613 storyline and put it back where it was...in the shadows.


    Even though I find Abby annoying as hell, I never doubted her skills. She isn't incompetent in the slightest, and for them to write her that way is ridiculous. Darby Stanchfield should have had words with the writers about that mess.


    I guess they needed a villain and the writers are too in love with Olitz to make it Fitz, even though he's very much a villain in my estimation. And Olivia is a ditz at this point. That storyline needs to die faster than a massive coronary strike.



    "The Popes"

    Now I want to see Mama and Papa Pope in a knife fight. That episode I'll watch.

  3. I guess they needed a villain and the writers are too in love with Olitz to make it Fitz, even though he's very much a villain in my estimation. And Olivia is a ditz at this point.

    LOL...Forget Olitz. We've got "Fitz and the Ditz".

  4. Love this post. I really do want to see the show get back to fixing. i did like tough abby. Quinn and huck (What the Quck?) and I could see a Scandal spin off with the mother or even a prequel, heck a prequel episode about momma and popa pope!

  5. Ohhhhh SNAP! I'm team Papa Pope. I wouldn't be surprised if they (Mama Pope) weren't working together to get back at the president.


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