Lloimincia Hall: O...M...G

I know I'm supposed to be writing about Olivia Pope and all that jazz but...who cares?
Lloiminica Hall is not your average gymnast. She has thick thighs and brings rhythm, pizazz and straight funk to her routines. Hall, a junior at Louisiana State University (LSU), has helped her team grasp the regional title this past weekend and advance to the NCAA championships which will be held on April 18-20 in Alabama.

Hall is not new to this. She’s a three-time SEC Floor Exercise Champion and ranks as one of the country’s top floor exercise gymnasts. She is also one of six gymnasts in the school’s entire history to score a perfect 10
. (Source)
*shakes head* Southerners.


  1. What is a shame is that with this youth filled society college gymnast never see the Olympics. All because they are "too old". I think they could handle the pressure better than the younger girls.

  2. Girl, this chick deserves ALL DA PRAISE!

  3. So I went back and added more videos. O...M...G. Before she was racking up 10s she was racking up 9.95s year after year. Dis my girl. This is my girl.

    And then her interview...I could listen to her talk for hours.

  4. She brings so much energy and joy into her floor routines. I can't dance to save my life, yet she mademe bounce in my seat.


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