Alfre Woodard in "State of Affairs"

This...*shivers*...this is the one I can't wait to see.

I don't know about the other ladies of the Club, but I'm calling dibs on this one right now.
Alfre Woodard is taking on a presidential turn opposite Katherine Heigl in NBC‘s drama pilot State of Affairs. Directed by Joe Carnahan and produced by Universal TV, State Of Affairs stars Heigl as a key CIA attaché who counsels the president (Woodard) on high-stakes incidents around the world. (Source)
And I...can't...wait.

I saw the previews for this and my jaw hit the floor. This gives me shivers. This is like some shit I would write.  Female leads runnin' shit?  Check.  Fine-ass sistah in charge?  Check, check!

I love Alfre Woodard; I adored her in Star Trek: First Contact where she and Patrick Stewart (I'm onto him) made sparks fly in a very classy, beautiful way.  As always, she is looking fabulous to the point of making me jealous.

I'm also a fan of Katherine Heigl; I like her as an actress and I prefer her in serious roles.  I think Grey's Anatomy screwed her over by making her the unprofessional, overly emotional softie, but...I don't think that's going to happen here.

I am concerned with that Heigl's screen time will outweigh Woodard's and we won't see much of Woodard's personal life, etc.  I have a feeling they're going to make a single President which usually wouldn't bother me, but I want to see who the First Gentleman is and how he rolls (just curious).  Or a lesbian President.  I'm always down for a lesbian President.

This is one of the few shows that I've really been optimistic about for a while, and I want to hope.  I want to hope someone at NBC is reading this blog right now and taking mental notes about my needs and requirements for this show.


What do y'all think?


  1. OH HELLS YEAH! You had me at "Alfre Woodard plays the President."

    Please NBC, don't fuck this up!!!

    1. I'll see your "please" and raise you an "amen." This is has the potential to be at least a good 5-7 years of awesome. A Black female President portrayed by Alfre Woodard pretty much writes itself.

  2. Nothing to do with the Alfre Woodard show, but I did see a HINT of a AMBW relationship last night. One they are NOT major characters and are only briefly seen every now and then. It was on Murder in the First the new Taye Diggs show. I was channel surfing and came across Ian Anthony Dale (reason I stopped!), Taye Diggs, and Ari Nicole Parker discussing a case. Taye Diggs character leaves the office and Ian (he is a lieutenant) and Ari (district attorney) are talking. As she walks away (they haven't put up a new episode so I can't paste it here), he tells her to wait and starts kissing her. They are not main characters so I do not know how much of their relationship will be shown. I'm guessing if its like other shows that are similar it will be kept on the down low due to conflict.

    1. I would not lie to you! Yes! As I said though they are not major characters so who knows where it will go. Ian was my reason for stopping on that channel, but now I have reason to tune in for a little while. Oh and Draco Malfoy (I can't remember the guy's name) is a main character also. Awesome job because you are not thinking about his character from HP. Even though he is the bad guy. They haven't put it on TNT site yet, but you can watch it on Amazon. The kiss is towards the end maybe last twenty minutes I'm guessing. I had commercials to wade through so I'm guessing the last 15-20 minutes of the show.

    2. Here is the link to Afterbuzz TV briefing talking about it. They start talking about the relationship at about 35:55 time frame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlCBxOvXoA0

    3. Yeah Tom Felton aka Draco. He does an excellent job. Even though I associate him with Harry Potter; you TOTALLY forget he even played that character. When I look at actors that is what I want to see. Not the person playing the character, but the character.

      There is an actress Tatiana Maslany that is on a show called Orphan Black. She plays like five or six characters and each one is separate. You forget that its the same person. Angela Bassett is the same. She has been Marie Laveau, Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, and Tina Turner. She WAS those characters.

  3. Can't believe I have to wait until November for this ish.



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