Bitchfest: A Donation

So my Eldest Sister (y'all remember her) humbly requested to submit another one of her dating stories.  This shit happened just last week.

My sister will, on occasion, casually date older guys.  She's 38, and was casually (emphasis on casually) seeing a 60-year-old, noticeably wealthy, white man.  Physically speaking, the man in question is no prize (I've seen him), and it's not due to his age.  I personally flirted with W. Morgan Sheppard at a Klingon Feast when he was 75 and lemme tell you...dude is a hoot and a half.

But I digress.

This guy approached my sister (they interact in similar circles), which is an important detail so write that down.  After a few - again - casual meetings, the guy tells my sister he wants to "wait" before having any sexual relations and my sister, quite naturally, was relieved.  And since their thing was strictly casual, she continued to casually meet other guys.  This, of course, made the dude in question insecure.  All the while, the guy randomly tells my sister about his last girlfriend, a white 31-year-old.  My sister notices that even though he's tells a different version of the same story each time, it pretty much ends the same way: the 31-year-old left him (though he frames it as a mutual parting).

So one night, when's she about to go on a date with another dude, the guy tells my sister, "I'm having trouble connecting with you physically because I usually date tall, thin, white women."

Fun facts: the guy in question is 5'5" and my sister is a size 4.

My sister plays it off like she's been blown off (her other date is waiting after all," and then next day, she texts the following:
I want you to know that I was deeply offended by what you told me last night... Your comments were shallow, delusional, insensitive and racist. As a child I was taught that there are certain things we are supposed to keep to ourselves at all costs. Though I was also amused, I feel that I must reciprocate with a bit of my own truth so that you won't get this type of situation twisted again, OK? I would have continued stroking your ego forever, but now it would be a crime not to say this. I am not sexually attracted to men old enough to be my father. It's an acquired taste with benefits-period. My preference for tall muscular men my age is biologically justified. And you've probably noticed that I have no trouble getting men that I'm physically attracted to, because I'm beautiful. When you told me that you dated a woman younger than me, all I wondered was what the financial arrangement was-really-because "white" women here in the West don't do that for no reason. When you told me that you wanted to wait to have sex I was very relieved (honestly imagine yourself with a woman 20 years older). It's not that easy... But there are such things as INNER BEAUTY and EMPATHY/SYMPATHY which allow us to develop feelings for people we would otherwise see through. I'm the kind of woman who will always choose stability and comfort over an orgasm-every time... And if you had really watched me last night you may have noticed that I had other plans. I just wanted you to feel like you blew me off. But the time has come for this ego stoking to stop.


  1. Okay, so why did he even bother? I know Eldest Sis's appearance didn't change at all from their initial meeting. This mofo is fullashit. Bye, boy!!!

    And of course, Eldest Sis was right to enlighten his dumb ass of a few truths. Good for her, and I'm quite certain she hasn't missed a beat.

  2. I wished that I could have shown him the door .

    I guess this man thought that his behind was a prize....that Black women are like Mikey on the Life cereal..that we'all accept anything and that we'll be devasted because we couldn't get the scraps. Oh God, please! I believe every word in you saying that he's not a catch(I picture him looking like Rupert Murdoch.. yuck!)

    I could be wrong but if the man wasn't into her,why did he react when your sister said that she wasn't exclusively? It seems that the man wasn't truly being honest with her ....and to himself. Still, I wouldn't want a trick like him anyway

    1. Which is why I told her that next, he's going to get online and find him an Asian woman who speaks the least amount of English, and then find some way to bamboozle her into marrying him.

    2. Yep! probably one of those chomps who want to take the easy way out......something that your sis can do without.


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