Condola Rashad in "Hieroglyph"

I don't know about this one.
The show begins airing early 2015 with a doozy of a storyline: Master thief Ambrose is taken from prison by Pharaoh Shai Kanakht to find the dangerous and magical Book of Thresholds. The story also incorporates sexual and political scandals thanks to the machinations of Pharaoh Shai’s half-sister Nefertari Kanakht; his advisor, Magister Bek; Ambrose’s lost love and second-rate priestess, Peshet; Vocifer, a peddler and old friend of Ambrose’s; the Pharaoh’s captain of the guard, Rawser and Lotus Tenry, a palace concubine and spy for the enemy kingdom.

Oh, and there are also vampires, for some reason.
Yeeeeaaah...I don't know about this one.

Like the rest of you, I was interested when I first saw Egyptianized images of the very lovely Condola Rashad floating around the nets. But the title of the show is Hieroglyph, and that alone made me raise an eyebrow.

Then the pictures of the rest of the conveniently beige-ish/ambiguously brown cast started cropping up and I knew fail was imminent. My lofty hopes for a predominantly Black historical drama set in Ancient Africa plummeted as I had to the face the fact that this would be yet another Hollywhite-washed interpretation of Ancient Khemet...with a healthy dash of sci-fi mixed in for "insurance".

What do y'all think?


  1. I had enough seeing whitewashed pictures and I will make this no exception. I still respect Condola and wish he much sucess

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    1. The guy playing the Pharaoh is Reece Ritchie and he's mixed (black South African and English). For some reason *wink wink nudge nudge * he looks much paler in the collective cast photos.

      And I agree. I'm passing on Hieroglyph.

  3. I wish I could support it because of Condola BUT I knew this show was going to be a whitewashed mess when Nefertari was described as a "rare beauty" in one of the plot summaries. The usage of the word "rare" tipped me off to the fact that she'd probably be the only one in the show with brown skin.

    Also the trailer looks like they wanted a Spartacus/Game of Thrones type show set in ancient Egypt without people that look like the ancient Egyptians.

    *shrug* Missed opportunity.


  4. Just had to update the picture on this one. Probably the one good thing we're going to get out of this show.

  5. Welp! This show got cancelled before it began. I wonder why... http://blogs.indiewire.com/shadowandact/hieroglyph-canceled-by-fox-before-season-begins-20140701

    "Its trailer didn't look particularly excite me, but I was willing to wait to actually watch a few episodes first before offering any commentary. Unfortunately, I won't get that opportunity, because, in maybe an atypical move, Fox has canceled "Hieroglyph," the ancient Egypt-set, action-adventure drama, before a single episode has even aired.

    The straight-to-series, 13-episode order which was slated to debut in 2015, "wasn’t coming together creatively in the way that executives had hoped," sources tell Entertainment Weekly.

    Set in ancient Egypt, "Hieroglyph" was described as a combo fantasy and reality, ambitious action-adventure series from "Pacific Rim" and "Clash of the Titans" writer Travis Beacham, which was to follow a notorious thief who leaves prison to serve the Pharaoh - a move that places him amid lots intrigue within palace walls; sex, crime, the usual.

    Condola Rashad, in what would've been her first TV series regular role, was to play Nefertari Kanahkt - "a rare beauty who intimidates even the strongest of suitors… and she knows it," as Fox described how the character will be portrayed in the series.

    Too bad.

    Maybe another network will pick it up? Maybe Netflix or Yahoo will *save* it?

    More at 11.."

    1. So I read!!! To be honest, canceling this was a good idea. It could've put a dent in Rashad's career.


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