Viola Davis and Aja Naomi King in "How to Get Away with Murder"

Viola Davis
So I've already decided that I'll be getting a TV this summer in preparation for this fall because Black Girls' Night Out is going to be busy.  Mind you, this is the first TV I will have ever actually paid for and I'm my in friggin' thirties.

But what can I say?  When you put a bunch of Black women on TV - not to mention the first Asian American family show in twenty years - people like me go out and buy TVs.

First up is How to Get Away with Murder, produced by Shonda Rhimes.
The sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller centers on ambitious law students and their brilliant and mysterious criminal defense professor who become entangled in a murder plot that could rock their entire university and change the course of their lives.

Davis will play Annalise DeWitt, the law professor and renowned criminal defense attorney described as brilliant, passionate, creative, charismatic and ruthless in the courtroom and the classroom. The character is an excellent manipulator of people, particularly her law students -- five of whom she selects to work with her at the firm. Married to a psychology professor and having an affair that no one can know about, she calls her Criminal Law 100 class "How to Get Away With Murder."

1) Black female lead.

2) Viola Davis portraying the Black female lead, this time as a law professor.

3) Aja Naomi King as a secondary Black female lead.

3) Legal thriller, which is a good genre to work in.

4) Darker-skinned Sistah in her forties who's still gettin' it.

5) Darker-skinned Sistah as a secondary Black female lead.

Aja Naomi King

1) Shonda Rhimes, honey...you're becoming the M. Night Shyamalan of television. There was a time when your name reassured viewers.  Now...not so much.

2) This show sounds like a cross between Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.  We've got the ambitious, cutthroat, competitive students who specialize in something really expensive and exclusive.  Last time it was surgery, this time it's the law.  We've the scandalous affair, and the central thriller element of a murder plot.

When you factor in how fast both shows went downhill, I'm not entirely optimistic here.  How much you want to bet that one, Davis is sleeping with two men, and two, at least one of the men is a white guy?  Not Latino, not Asian, not Indigenous - nothing that would branch out and show us something new.  We don't need stuff we've seen before, thank you!

3) I like King; I think she's gorgeous and a talented, eloquent actress.  So how much you want to bet some white girl is going to slowly take center stage?  The network will be comfortable with Viola Davis; she's in forties and not a "threat" per se.  But a sexy young Black woman on TV always seems to trigger "problems."  And these problems are always solved the same way; erode the Black girl's screen time and slowly write her off the show.  Or cancel the show.

Did I miss anything?

What are your thoughts?  What are your predictions?  How many of you will be tuning in?


  1. Hold up.

    YOU'RE BUYING A TV??????

    You mean Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or Netflix can't get it, you hafta buy a television?

    Jesus must be on his way back.

    I HOPE it's worth it...

    1. It's a comfort thing. I want to sit on my couch and all of that. Not getting cable, of course. Who needs that when you can get the Amazon Fire Box.

    2. Amazon Fire Box???? *goes to Google*

    3. Did I mention I got a Chromecast instead?

  2. that annoying person who always seems to know the protagonist's life story and feels the need to preach about it to the noob. we saw that with scandal. don't tell us. SHOW us, and let us decide how badass your character is.

    1. SHOW us, and let us decide how badass your character is.



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