Ladies of the Club, We Have #Blasian Love

Though Lor most assuredly did not lie, and I'm eternally grateful for her alerting us to this gem, I have to dedicate this post to Amaya.  Folks who know her already know why.

Nicole Ari Parker and Ian Anthony Dale (LOL...they both use their middle names professionally) co-star as the DA and Lieutenant respectively on Murder in the First. The show's headlined by Taye Diggs and features our dear Tom Felton as the character "Erich Blunt" in all his stone-cold sociopathic glory.

But this post is mainly about Parker, Dale, and this:

I've watched three eps and have noted that as of now, there's insufficient material for a Black Girls' Night Out feature. But Parker is looking fabulous on this show, not Gina Torres-on-Suits fabulous, but fabulous enough.  And she's the Head Chick in Charge.  And she's got a thing going with Dale.

The presence of lesbians on this show gives it all sorts of additional points in my book.


  1. I told you I wouldn't lie about that! I was surprised. An interracial couple that involved two POC TOGETHER! The only problem I have with this is Nicole normally plays opposite her husband (real life-Boris Kodjoe); so its hard to see her with someone else. I would have loved to see Taraji play opposite him, but I'm happy with Nicole.

  2. Um...that sound you just heard was my ovaries exploding.

    1. I would have boned the shit out of him right then and there. Sorry. My hormones would have gotten the best of me.


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