Bitchfest: Monsieur Nov's "A Deux Doigts"

An Anonymous commenter shared this on the Blasian Narrative.  For those of you not knowing, Monsieur Nov is a French-Vietnamese singer who specializes in neo-soul and R &B, and who usually features sistahs in his videos.  All that good stuff being said, he's had...some issues every now and again with some of his decisions.

But this is his latest release.  What do you ladies think?  (Lyrics and translation here, courtesy of Myra).


Blasianism V: The Monsieur Nov Edition


  1. Hm, actually the title" A Deux Doigts" means to be about to do something. Could be translated as "Almost There" (I can't find the proper word now but you get it). He's saying that his girlfriend and he are getting very close to making love (building intimacy, her wanting to go slow and him being fine with it and getting excited about the next step).
    Monsieur Nov never mentions fingering her, he doesn't get graphic about it :)

    It's kinda cute how the Anonymous person who posted it on the BN got it wrong, you guys have a dirty mind haha But I agree that the video and the word "finger" put together could be very misleading.

    I noticed that Monsieur Nov loves feauturing black girls when he talks about lust, sex and "broken" (or complicated) everyday life as a couple. When he features white girls, everything's alright, it's all cute flirting (his song "Jasmine") or the girl is very special (his song "Millions" says she's worth millions...why? He doesn't say).
    How to interpret this...he either thinks black women are the realest or just thinks the stereotype fits his lyrics like black girls show more intensity in their acting in videos. So featuring white girls would be probably like fantasy of being in a perfect happy couple or neutrality, doing the model and that's it.
    Hmm, I'm talking too much, many of his fans don't care it seems, never seen a debate on this in the comment section of his videos. Race issues aren't very hot here anyway so chances are that he might not be doing that deliberately.
    AND I haven't seen all his videos, maybe 6 or 7? If someone disagrees, I'll be happy to be wrong.

    1. Thanks for the correction. What do you think about this video?

    2. You're welcome.
      The girl looks great. I guess the things I like about the video are:
      black& white colors
      slow motion (that matches the lyrics)
      natural background (though could be better like a beach if she's getting rid of her clothes, right?)
      The girl, who's kinda hypnotizing.

      Now, I agree with you ladies, it looks so cheap. I'd have loved it if there were different scenes, maybe with her and a man, and her face should have been shown. The video doesn't look like "wanting to make love" but just "wanting to tap that" :(

  2. I don't care for it. It is objectifying. Black women portrayed again as a piece of meat.

  3. I like her body type and that a thicker woman was chosen this time around because he's been on a stick figure kick. I think her body is amazing.

    As usual...I like the track. He makes good music. Now if only he could redirect that gift into creating the concepts for his videos.

    The video looks like it cost $2.50 to make and is one of the most uneventful music videos of all time. I can't even make it all the way through; I have to fast-forward - it's that big of a snorefest.

    1. I fucks with the song. But like a commenter stated before he does seem to pigeonhole the models. If you're black you don't get cute and sweet videos for the most part. "Fresh Trop" is the only one I can think of that comes close. This video looks cheap as hell and I fast-forwarded to see if it ever got interesting. Nope lol. We never see this girls face. She has long loose curly hair. I guess that's par for the course but still. I do really like the track but he can do so much better with the video and aesthetic.

    2. Lol I fast-forwarded mid-way too. The beginning wasn't so bad, like you're expecting something, but then...nothing happens!
      And I smile when I see you guys getting confused with the French titles, it's cute ;) (it's "Trop Fresh" not "Fresh Trop") I'm French, btw.

    3. Oh I meant "Trop Fresh." Lol. But thanks for the correction.

  4. What, did he have NO BUDGET for this? Man, why even bother?

    1. Video concept meeting. Let's just film some chicks butt for about fifteen minutes and call it a day. O.K. Meeting over.

    2. I hope she got paid a lot. Buffie the Body from back in the day does fitness now and she spoke out on girls in videos today. She stated that because so many are willing to show everything on instagram, twitter, and youtube for free they can't command the money like they used to.

  5. ...and was met with enthusiastic response from all included in said "meeting" of the minds.

  6. Yeah, I've seen no one disliking this video on youtube, even the short reviews on music blogs aren't really negative. They do say that it isn't a real music video, I think that's partly why the response was neutral. On InterludesTV youtube channel (where it was officially uploaded), it clearly says "AUDIO+" so I guess it's not an MV lol Still, Monsieur Nov could have found another way to do this concept for the audio track.
    @Marona, You're welcome :)

    And I love the song! I didn't notice at first LOL (you know why) but yes, after focusing on the lyrics and music, I love it. And I'm even thinking that I was too harsh on him (bad me..).
    I'm feeling good today so here's the English translation for y'all :) (it's my rarely updated blog lol)

  7. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I went to his concert in Paris in January. I hesitated to buy the tickets actually because I only go to concerts if I'm a big fan. But I like what he did, the musicians (most were Black) re-arranged the songs nicely, Monsieur Nov sings well on stage and he seemed like the next door guy when he talked to the audience, he even took his phone out of his pocket to film all of us singing his song "Viens" LOL he was that excited. And he uploaded it on his facebook (too bad I can't recognize my face, low quality video)
    When "My Hoe" was playing I didn't sing though, no way I would have repeated that.

    The first part of the concert was done by a black female singer, Gen Renard (whom I didn't know) but she was decent. He actually did a featuring with her, I don't really like it but here it is (studio version):
    and the live version (just fast-forward to1'33)

    As for the fans, it was diverse, White, Black, Asian, maybe a few North Africans. Most of us were young fans from teens to mid 30s.

    1. Oh, wow! How pricey were the tickets?

    2. It was 40euros, about $38. That's because I wanted a seat near the stage, but there were cheaper ones like €25 for those who wanted to stand up in front of the stage.

    3. The most expensive one was €50 but that's before the temporary discount, so it would have been 60.


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