Count the (Race) Fail

You'd think I'd know by now not to click on random videos on YouTube, but I just can't seem to help myself.  Curiosity got the better of me in this instance, and I got exactly what I deserved.  Because I really should have known better.  I was flabbergasted, offended and morbidly curious all at the same time.

While I can appreciate the attempt to discuss race and interracial dating in an honest, straightforward manner, I don't see what's helpful or thought-provoking about this particular discussion.  It seems to want to present itself as an open-minded conversation about what can admittedly be a touchy subject, but it really comes off as uninformative and a bit ridiculous. They don't really say anything substantive unless you include the stereotypes about black men being well-endowed, Asian women being submissive wives, using the word "exotic" to describe non-white people, the hotness of Latin lovers, and a somewhat creepy fixation on AW/WM pairings.  If I could insert a "mind blown" gif here, I would.

And I couldn't help but notice that no black folks were included in this discussion.  But then again, maybe it's best that they weren't.  Because this conversation is filled with all kinds of nope. 

We definitely need to have discussions about race in this country.  Many, many discussions.  But not like this.

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  1. WTF!!! White people should never lead race discussions unless they are talking about their unearned privilege.

    1. And WTF is with that BW/WM image?

      White people should never lead race discussions

      Not only do I agree, but I laughed aloud when I read this. Most white people will get upset at a statement like that, yet look at what happens when they do.

      You've got the bitter white girl who hates AW/WM on sight. And she can chalk up to being concerned for the Asian women involved, but let's call bullshit. She doesn't like seeing WM with brown women period. Notice how when white dude tried to bring up BWWM, they women didn't even pause to address it.

      You've got the Armenian white girl who resents not having her "exoticness" acknowledged, but if you gave a choice of either being viewed as exotic or keeping her white privilege, we all know which one she'd choose.

      Then you have the token Asian girl who's apparently there to defend AW/WM to the death if necessary. While I perfectly understand the concept of the A & B-conversation-so-please-C-your-way-out, I think her sole purpose there was to help defend AW/WM, not to actually promote a healthy conversation about race in America.

    2. And WTF is with that BW/WM image?

      Isn't it funny that they used that as their thumbnail for the video, yet they didn't talk about BW/WM pairings? Dude tried, but the women weren't having it.

      You've got the Armenian white girl who resents not having her "exoticness" acknowledged

      She probably thought she was being complimentary by saying she's jealous that she's not exotic. It's obvious she thought nothing was wrong with it when she said it and only backtracked when Dude called her out on it.

    3. "And WTF is with that BW/WM image?"

      And why in the hell are they naked?

    4. I have seen that image on SOOOOOOO many BW-oriented interracial sites/BWE blogs in the past that I could probably draw it from memory. I wouldn't be surprised if it got bootleged into IR-romance covers. It's pretty much the unofficial logo for BW/WM as far as I'm concerned.

  2. I was about to say that Armenian chick got hella white passing privilege and you know for damn sure in Armenia and everywhere else she is getting treated like a fucking prize. As far as I'm concerned she's white and Caucasian. Other Armenians are browner than her and don't get that privilege of passing for a fucking white girl. All I got to say is if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it's a fucking duck. She's hella white. But you know she fucking jealous. But she would not give up that white privilege to be called exotic. It was funny how they tried to give a quasi-positive spin to the word but we know exotic just means you are not seen as recognizably human. You are a foreign object. You are a fucktoy.

  3. I heard enough from those people on the video. That conversation reeks of white privilege and invested heavily into racial stereotypes. They treat POC as objects not people with lives and personalities of their own.

    When whites talk about Interracial relationships on TV and Youtube, I cringed.

    Stephanie (S,B.)

  4. It is so ironic that white supremacist media scapegoat Black women as being most opposed to IR while white women are given a free reign to hate on WM/WOC IRs and not being taken to task about it. If anything, it's whites who are most opposed to IR and even IRs between POCs because it's all about control and they hate that they're the ones are fading away from the earth.

    What are your thoughts?



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