Black Girls' Night Out: An African City

Can't believe I didn't post this here sooner.  Anyone else impatiently waiting for Season 2?


  1. I definitely liked the first season. Do you know when the second season starts?

  2. It's a pretty old post but I'd like to comment on it since I'm currently watching the season 2. Right now there are 11 episodes, don't know how many there are left. Just saying for those who were skeptical (in the beginning) about paying without having access all the eps at once. To me it's like
    I still like the series, it got better on some episodes, there's more depth, the eps last 24-27min each so there's more time to do that.
    It has kept its silliness and is still focused on sex/relationships besides dealing with life in Ghana as a working woman.
    A few people complained about the sound that is sometimes too low and then too loud, though. But I'm fine with that.

    If you guys have questions, just ask. If some of you are already subscribers, let me know what you think ^^ I'm bad at reviewing series or films.


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