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Viola Davis is Beautiful


Critics are raving about How to Get Away with Murder, and I will be no different.  In the 21st Century, the modern warrior woman who slaughters her enemies in courtrooms, classrooms, and conference rooms is a much-needed sight.  Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating embodies this.

Before, when the premise was released a few months back, we were concerned with her relationship issues.  She was married and sleeping with someone else.  Well, remember that murder plot the series revolves around?  The victim his her husband, a white psychology professor whom her students kill for some reason (it's an arc, so....we have to wait).

The guy Annalise was cheating with is the supervising mocha-skinned muscle-y detective on the case she's working (she's a defending an attempted murdered whom she already knows is guilty).  She uses the detective to discredit video footage of her client.  And Annalise does it slowly, insidiously, casually bringing up the fact that the night of the murder, when he should've been home with his wife (newly diagnosed with cancer), he was off visiting "a friend" (as in, he was on his knees in her kitchen with his face buried between her thighs).

Oh, yeah...she's that ruthless.

Is there anything Aja Naomi King can't do?  The more I see her in stuff the more I turn into a bibbling fangirl.  I really do have such high hopes for her career.  And with the rave reviews this show is getting, I'm hoping she's finally hitched her wagon to the right star.  Already my fanfic spider sense is tingly.

Aja plays Michaela Pratt, a sexy, sleek law student who's bold, brilliant, and who idolizes the ever living daylights out of her professor.  She wants to be Annalise Keating.  She's engaged, but of course...we don't know to whom just yet.  It kmight be sheer hopefulness talking, but in this one scene, she was chatting with this really beautiful, natural, curvy sistah and I think they'd make a fabulous couple.

Moving on....

Michaela is one of Annalise's chosen students who will be working at her firm while completing their studies.  She also helps kill Annalise's husband and torch the body so...I'm sure we're all wondering what brought that mess about.

Verdict: I'm in.  HTGAWM officially has my attention.  What about y'all?


  1. This bitch had better not sink cause I'm strapped in tight. XD

  2. I've been waiting for HTGAWM for months - Viola Davis is flawless! I wish I had a professor like Annalise Keating when I was grad school ;). I'm excited to see how this show will turn out. Let's hope the PoC characters and story line do not slowly crash and burn à la Scandal.

  3. That was why I had to turn to ABC. When they mentioned that Viola was going to be in, I had to look at it. She could be in a show by herself and I still would watch it. I love her acting no matter what. She can do no wrong. So far , so great! I trust that Viola will always hold up for the show,it's the rest of the gang that need to accentuate it even more. I may be going out of town on Thursday,but I'm going to try to watch it on the comp, in case I miss it.

  4. I'll wait. But I'll tune in for the weekly reviews.

  5. I absolutely loved it! There's something that just clicks inside you when you know you're watching some damn good televsion. Viola was excellent as I knew she would be, and I really enjoyed the storyline approach with the flashback and we get to hold our bated breaths each week seeing what in the HAYLE happened to lead up to murder.

    I think the casting was great, and I hope to see even more greatness as things go along and the actors settle into their roles. I really dug the shenanigans the students were willing to go through to have a chance at those top spots, and....
    ....when Officer HawtBody gave his answer on the stand... yes I let out a series of shriek-yelps. Yes I did. Amazing writing on this series, and rendered with absolute perfection and timing by Viola Davis.

    I can't get enough, and I'm willing to throw my hat in the ring, buckle up and go along for this ride wherever it may take us. I'm in.

    A link of interest if it's ok to post it: http://madamenoire.com/473456/get-away-murder-tops-scandal-ratings-become-seasons-1-new-show/


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