and this is why the poor can't get ahead


  1. So the students who do want to make something of themselves have to run a gauntlet, more or less? *kmt*

  2. That is some scary crap! You have the decent kids who are trying to do better being targeted by those who are past fixing. Teachers who are trying to make a difference not getting support from those over them. A company that is only interested in a head count to get max profit. It reminds me of people who become foster parents solely to get the money without giving a damn about the kids.

  3. Wow..these days trying to get a good education is becoming more and more harder to find. Whether it's traditional or untraditional education..it's slowly becoming a difficult to obtain. People blame parents for the failure of their child's lack of education,but they should also blame the administration, such as the one mentioned about this Job Corps. The kids are paying for their wrongdoing and it's not right.


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