Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie and Jenny Mills

After nine months, Sleepy Hollow is back and so is Black Girls' Night Out.  Let me start by apologizing for not finishing off the season earlier this year.  I was supposed to return to recap the second half of the season finale, but unfortunately, school got in the way. 

In a nutshell, Abbie was trapped in Purgatory (after an ill-advised switch with Katrina), Ichabod was trapped in a coffin, Jenny was in a car wreck, Irving was locked up, John Noble is the Horseman of War aka Ichabod’s long-lost son Jeremy, and Katrina was taken by the Headless Horseman (sigh).

"This is War" (Episode 2.01)

In the season premiere, our heroes find themselves exactly where the finale left off.  I'll admit, I was more than a little confused at the beginning when the writers decided to use some TV trickery and jump one year into the future.  Abbie and Ichabod were a well-trained team wielding machine guns and kicking Headless' ass, but alas, it was all a Moloch-induced hallucination meant to learn information about a key that would release him from Purgatory.

We also learn via flashbacks that Ichabod used to be an apprentice to Benjamin Franklin (because of course he was), and the famous kite and key experiment was really about trying to destroy it. 

Ichabod follows through on his promise to get Abbie out of Purgatory, but our girl doesn't sit idly by waiting to be rescued.  With a little help from a very welcome appearance by Andy, she conjures Ichabod via a demonic mirror in Moloch's lair, they share a rather epic hug and quickly make their plans for her escape.  Crane and Jenny locate Franklin's key, he uses it to rescue Abbie from Purgatory and then it promptly crumbles into dust the second they're free.

In the meantime, we're all relieved to find out that Jenny survived her car crash, but we're less relieved to see that she's in Jeremy/Henry/War's clutches.  But of course, in pure boss fashion, she rescues herself by busting out of her zip ties, head-butting a Hessian and eventually making a quick getaway with Ichabod who's boosted an ambulance for the occasion.  I liked the dynamic between Ichabod and Jenny as they worked together in their quest to rescue Abbie.  Personally, I would have liked to see her get all up in Crane's ass for leaving her sister behind in Purgatory and was disappointed when it didn't happen.  Someone certainly needs to call him out on his bullshit, but alas, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. 

At the end of the episode, Moloch gives a contrite and frightened Jeremy/Henry/War his very own soul-controlled suit of armor.  The Big Bad has another evil plan in mind that I'm pretty sure involves killing the Witnesses and taking over the world.  Let the games begin.

"The Kindred" (Episode 2.02)

I'm not going to lie...this episode was hard to sit through.  It was boring, the pacing was off and watching Headless and Katrina play off of each other was very trying.  Whatever they're going to do with her this season, they need to get to it already.  After the fail of last season, my patience is extremely short.  I'm really not looking forward to sitting through more of Ichabod's manpain, Katrina monotoning her way through dialogue and more Ichabod/Katrina/Abraham love triangle nonsense.  And unfortunately, this episode contained all three.

Abbie and Ichabod track down Katrina, and of course, the level-headed lieutenant has to talk him out of busting in there without a plan.  Cue:  The Plan.  A plan that neither Jenny or Abbie is fond of.  They use the Horseman of Death's severed head to raise The Kindred, a Frankenstein-like monster (or Franklinstein as christened by Abbie) to help them in their quest.  As always, Abbie is the voice of reason, whereas Ichabod is ready to throw caution to the wind.  I thought he was supposed to be the smart one.  Seems he didn't learn any lessons from the season finale.

They succeed in raising the Kindred, it saves the Witnesses and then runs off to who knows where.  I'm sure we'll be seeing him again sooner or later, and I'm actually quite interested to see how the writers are going to weave his presence into the overall mythology of the story.

Speaking of Headless, he lays down some truth by telling Katrina that Ichabod moved heaven and earth to get Abbie out of Purgatory, but left her there to rot.  And speaking of Katrina, after everything Team Witness does to rescue her, she decides to stay with Headless.  After the world's driest kiss, she tells Ichabod that she's choosing to stay behind and act as a spy in the war against evil.  This should be interesting.  Please be interesting.

Meanwhile, Jenny gets thrown in jail when she's caught in the Batcave with a bagful of weapons by the new, tough-as-nails Sheriff Reyes.  This sacrifice was made before Katrina made her decision to stay with Headless, so in hindsight, it makes that outcome all the more maddening.  Jenny also said what we were all thinking when Ichabod was trying to make his case for rescuing Katrina using the Kindred.  And it was the truth: the last time they tried to rescue his wife, it didn't go too well.  Like I said...it's clear that lessons haven't been learned.

Reyes is the complete opposite of Irving.  She's completely by-the-book and doesn't give Team Witness the leeway that Frank did.  It'll be fun to watch them try to do their Witness thing with her breathing over their shoulders every step of the way.  Also, with her telling Abbie that she knew her mother, I have a feeling that she knows more than she's letting on.

We finally get some Irving this episode, and it's about time.  He decides to tell the truth about what went down at the cabin last season so they'll think he's crazy and transfer him to the same psychiatric facility that housed Jenny.  He gets his transfer, but he also gets Henry Parrish acting as his lawyer.  It's clear he doesn't read contracts before he signs them when Henry hands him a pen that conveniently pricks his finger, causing him to sign his name in blood.  We have no idea exactly what Irving is signing away, but I'm sure it's nothing good.

We're off to an interesting start to the season, and I'm curious to see what the writers have in store.  How does everyone else feel about the first two episodes so far? 


  1. Katrina and the Horsemen are boring, but DVR so I can fast forward through their parts.

    I love the new captain and I wondered if she could be Abbie and Jenny's mom. That would be an interesting spin, but I can't remember how old they were when they lost their parents. IF they lost their parents.

    The rest I was ummm okay. I thought Crane needed the key to get Abbie out of purgatory because she couldn't just walk out like he did. So getting in his face wouldn't have done any good.

    1. I thought Crane needed the key to get Abbie out of purgatory because she couldn't just walk out like he did. So getting in his face wouldn't have done any good.

      I was thinking more she should have got in his face about leaving Abbie behind in the first place. I know that technically it was her choice, but it should never have even gotten then in the first place. He did exactly what Moloch said he was going to do.

    2. *gotten that far in the first place

    3. Preach.!

      Jesus! what will it take for the staff of SH to get that Katrina is screwing up the show and we're not the only people who feels this way. I was looking at the ratings and it's suffering. I mean.. I tried my hardest to get into her,but I can't. maybe it's her acting ? I don't know ,but she is boring. If SH isn't careful they're going to end up joining Twisted in the cancelled list.

    4. You know its bad when other white people wonder why she is up there.


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